Getting the Best Vitamin D Supplements: 2023’s Recommendations

Fact, most people don’t get their recommended dietary allowance. And if there is one extremely important nutrient that most people don’t get enough of, it is Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays multiple crucial roles in maintaining overall health, from calcium absorption, to bone health and bone strength. With that said severe vitamin D deficiency leads to loss of bone density, which increases the risk of fractures. Severe vitamin D deficiency in children can even lead to a medical condition called rickets, a rare condition that causes the bones to become soft and bend. In adults, low vitamin d levels can lead to weakness of bone, bone pain, and muscle weakness, also known as osteomalacia.

Sunshine vitamin D also has an important role in reducing inflammation, protecting against certain types of cancer, and helping with depression.

While the human body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, getting enough vitamin D in a regular basis can be difficult. Natural sources such as egg yolks, beef liver, cod liver oil, and fatty fish, aren’t always readily available in most people’s diets. This is why it is common for a healthcare professional to high quality supplements, such as vitamin d3 supplements, to help maintain adequate levels of this essential nutrient. But what are the best vitamin D supplements out there? How much vitamin D do you actually need?


Higher Vitamin D Doses Don’t Mean Better

While vitamin D is an important nutrient, it is important to only take appropriate levels of vitamin supplements.  The adequate dose of vitamin D per day is 400–800 IU, or 10–20 micrograms. While some people may need to consume more, it is important to consult with your doctor about your appropriate dose so as not to have excess vitamin D in your system.

While rare, excess vitamin D can lead to toxicity from the buildup of calcium in the bloodstream. too much vitamin D can also raise blood levels, and cause digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting. Not to mention it can also lead to dizziness, nausea, confusion, or even hallucinations,

If you’re not getting enough vitamin D from natural sources or sunlight, vitamin D3 supplements can help. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. That’s why it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if you need a vitamin D supplement and if so, what dosage is right for you. It’s also important to choose high-quality supplements that provide adequate levels of vitamin D without any unnecessary additives or fillers.


Understanding Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for human health. It has been shown that vitamin D levels can help prevent many chronic diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Below are the benefits of high Vitamin D levels in the body.

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However, most people deal with vitamin D deficiency because they either can’t or don’t spend enough time outside. This is where maintenance dose supplements come into play. Vitamin D supplements are a good way to ensure you can prevent vitamin D deficiency without having to go outside or eat foods with high levels of it.

Benefits of Best Vitamin D Supplements

  • Builds teeth and bones.

Because of its involvement in the maintenance of strong teeth and bones, high vitamin D levels aids in the control and absorption of calcium.

Calcium is the most prevalent mineral in the human body. The skeleton and teeth contain the vast majority of this mineral. Your teeth and bones will be healthier and you’ll be free from bone fractures if you eat a calcium-rich diet, whether it’s a vegan diet or not. Early osteoarthritis and tooth loss can both be triggered by a diet deficient in calcium.

Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption for stronger bones and teeth.Source:

  • Boosts immune health.

The most critical immune function of vitamin D is nourishing and improving the immune health. Having a good immune function is a good response to bacterial agents, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi, such as the common cold, flu, and other community-wide diseases can be boosted by this supplement, which increases the generation of T-cells.

  • Lowers the risk of cancer

Some kinds of cancer can be prevented with the use of vitamin D3. According to epidemiological data, people who reside in southern/equatorial settings and are more exposed to the sun are less likely to develop certain types of cancer.

Vitamin D deficiency may play a role in the development of cancer, according to a number of studies. Tumor growth can be reduced, cancer-damaged cells can be stimulated to die, and tumor blood vessel formation can be reduced with vitamin D’s help in cell repair and regeneration.

  • Enhances brain function

Vitamin D has been linked to several key bodily processes, such as how the brain works. In the brain and spinal cord, there exist receptors for Vitamin D. By promoting the growth and repair of nerves, vitamin D aids in activating and deactivating neurotransmitter production.

Vitamin D has also been shown to protect neurons and prevent inflammation in the brain in animal experiments. All of these elements are believed to enhance the general brain function, promoting alertness and a faster response time. Another study looked at the influence of Vitamin D deficiency on the mental abilities of a group of volunteers. Those with Vitamin D deficiency fared worse than those with optimal vitamin D levels, showing that the vitamin increases mental sharpness.


Best Vitamin D Supplements In The Market Today


  • Pure Encapsulations D3 10,000 IU

This best Vitamin D supplement helps the body absorb calcium and keep it in the bones, which is important for maintaining good bone health.   Promotes healthy breast and prostate function by assisting in the maintenance of healthy blood vessel function, normal blood test results, normal sugar intake, bolstering immune cell activity, and preserving healthy cell metabolism.   Works by binding to receptors on immune cells, particularly lymphocytes and macrophages, thereby supporting the proper operation of the immune system. Pure Encapsulations states that all of its supplements are third party tested by organizations.

  • NOW Foods D3 10,000 IU

Every single soft gel pill of this particular product contains 10,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D3.

In addition to that, it does not include any dairy, sugar, eggs, sugar, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or corn and is non-GMO and kosher. However, be mindful that even though this product may be suitable for some users, and is third party tested, it is imperative to see a medical expert before taking high-dose vitamin D supplements. Even though this product may be suitable for some users.

Now Vitamin D supplements.Source:

  • HUM Nutrition Here Comes the Sun

A daily dose of this life extension vitamin improves mood and naturally helps the immune system in three different ways even without sun exposure: the skin barrier, the innate immune response, and the adaptive immunological response.

HCTS offers 30 vegan soft gels for 30 days, whereas Air Patrol offers 30 vegan capsules for the same amount of time.

It doesn’t have artificial colors, flavors (like wild berry flavor), or preservatives of any kind. All high dose supplement HUM products are made with components that have been demonstrated to be effective in third party tested clinical studies and allowable health claims. In addition, these products do not include any GMOs, soy, or gluten, and they have been third party tested to ensure their purity and efficacy. When we talk about a product being third party tested, it means that another company, aside from the supplement company, evaluated the product. It can be hard to see products being third party tested due to its cost. Which is why you can tell a product is tested carefully once there is a third party tested claim from the manufacturer.

  • Thorne Vitamin D/K2

Life extension Vitamin K2 is included in the liquid form of vitamin D supplement sold by Thorne. Vitamin K2 is an essential nutrient that promotes synergistic effects with vitamin D and is essential for maintaining healthy bones and the heart.

Thorne goods have gone through third party testing and are produced at a facility that has been granted certification by NSF International. Additionally, these products are put through four rounds of tests in the company’s in-house laboratories.

In addition, this dietary supplement does not contain any artificial ingredients like wild berry flavor or fruit and vegetable juice or any soy, gluten, or dairy products. It is also third party tested and has no GMO and gluten.

  • Designs for Health Liposomal D Supreme

In a gluten free nutritional supplement, vitamin D and other fat-soluble elements are transported in tiny spheres of fat called liposomes. Liposomes are made up of fat.

Interestingly, studies have shown that the body absorbs liposomal versions of this vitamin more than tablet forms of vitamin D supplementation.

Both vitamin K and vitamin D per pill operate harmoniously in your body, which means that their effects are enhanced when taken together. According to some research, taking calcium and vitamin D together may be more beneficial to your bones and heart than taking vitamin D on its own (even if it’s from a gluten free supplement vitamin).

In addition to not containing any dairy, gluten, or genetically modified organisms, the dietary fat supplements sold by Designs for Health are manufactured in a facility that adheres to the current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs) established by the FDA.

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