Best Underseat Subwoofer

Underseat subwoofers come in many different sizes, so even if you have a large or small vehicle, you can still find one that will work. In this situation, the best way to go is to purchase the best under-seat subwoofers. These subwoofers were made to fit into small vehicles. This article will tell you what the current top-powered speakers are out there.


We also included a list of the highly rated under-seat subwoofers and their features from Amazon. You can go through the list of best under-seat subwoofer to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.


The Best Underseat Speaker Benefits

  • Saves space.
  • Easy to install.
  • Produces a unique sound.
  • Consumes low power.
  • Improves the audio quality of your music.

Cerwin Vega VPAS10 Underseat Speaker

The VPAS10 is a small under-seat speaker that sounds great and packs a powerful punch. It produces solid and great-sounding bass and it has an innovative design as bonus. It is one of the good under-seat subwoofers.

This under-seat subwoofer peaks up to 550 watts and features a PWM MOSFET power supply/thermal protection circuit remote subwoofer control, including low-level RCA input and high-level inputs. This measures 13.6 x 9.6 x 2.6 in inches and weighs 13.05 pounds.


  • This underseat-powered subwoofer is easy to install.
  • This underseat-powered subwoofer is extremely small and slim.
  • This underseat-powered subwoofer delivers stunning quality sound.


  • This underseat-powered subwoofer is extremely pricey.
  • Sometimes, this underseat-powered subwoofer has longevity issues.

Kenwood KSC-PSW8 Underseat Speaker

The KSC-PSW8 is and under-seat subwoofer designed specially to deliver an impressive variable bass boost without being big and bulky. This is a compact subwoofer and it can fit below the seat in the majority of vehicles. Thus, it is one of the best under-seat subwoofers worth considering.

This powered under-seat subwoofer can produce a bass response like a large subwoofer. It’s the perfect option for those looking for a space-saving solution to their low-frequency woofer needs. The 8-inch Kenwood KSC-PSW8 woofer has a single harness with ground/turn-on wiring and RCA input connections.


  • The underseat-powered subwoofer has good sound output.
  • The underseat-powered subwoofer has a great warranty.


  • The underseat-powered subwoofer has fluttering and popping sound reports.

Vega Mobile VPAS 10 Speaker

The Vega Mobile VPAS 10 provides an all-in-one bass solution package while saving you space in your trunk. It is also one of the great under seat powered subwoofers available on the market.

This under seat powered subwoofer produces rich sounds and it is a very slim subwoofer, which makes it a good choice for people who are looking to get a better remote speaker without compromising their trunk space. This 10″ Active Subwoofer also has adjustable input sensitivity.


  • The underseat powered subwoofer offers good sound quality.
  • The underseat powered subwoofer is less expensive.
  • The underseat powered subwoofer is easy to install.
  • With remote bass level control that allows the subwoofer to adjust the output level conveniently from the driver’s seat.


  • The bass of the underseat powered subwoofer drops when the volume is turned up.

Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO8 Speaker

THE SSL LoPRO8 is compact in design, high quality, and convenient to use. It can fit below your seat and features a Variable Low Pass Crossover, Subsonic Filter, Variable Phase Control, and Remote Subwoofer Control for easy customization of sounds. Hence, it is one of the best quality under-seat subwoofers out there.

This Sound Storm Laboratories only measures 15 x  9. 75  x 3 inches, perfect for smaller spaces. This under-seat speaker is perfect for a car that needs bass.


  • The underseat-powered subwoofer is easy to install and mount.
  • The underseat-powered subwoofer has a wired remote control.
  • With remote bass control


  • The underseat-powered subwoofer is expensive.
  • The underseat-powered subwoofer has longevity issues.

Alpine Electronics PWE S8

The Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 is a compact powered under-seat subwoofer system manufactured by Alpine Electronics, a well-known brand in the automotive audio industry. The PWE-S8 is designed to enhance the low-frequency performance of a car’s audio system without occupying a significant amount of space.

Here are some key features and characteristics of the Alpine Electronics PWE-S8:

  1. Compact Design: The PWE-S8 is compact and slim, making it easy to install in various vehicle types, even those with limited space. Its shallow-profile design allows flexible placement options, such as under seats or small compartments.
  2. Amplifier and Subwoofer Combination: The unit combines a built-in amplifier and a subwoofer, eliminating the need for separate components and simplifying the installation process. The amplifier is designed to work with the subwoofer, ensuring optimal performance and power delivery.
  3. Power and Performance: Despite its compact size, the PWE-S8 is engineered to deliver powerful bass reproduction. It features an 8-inch subwoofer driver with a reinforced cone for improved durability and performance. The built-in amplifier provides ample power to drive the subwoofer effectively.
  4. Control and Adjustments: The PWE-S8 includes various control options for fine-tuning the bass response. It offers adjustable controls for gain, low-pass crossover frequency, and phase, allowing you to customize the sound to match your vehicle’s preferences and acoustic characteristics.
  5. Connectivity and Compatibility: The unit features multiple input options, including speaker-level and RCA inputs, making it compatible with many car audio systems. It also includes a remote bass knob that enables convenient control of the subwoofer’s output level from the driver’s seat.

Overall, the Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 is a compact and versatile powered subwoofer system that offers enhanced bass performance for car audio enthusiasts who desire an easy-to-install solution with space limitations.

The Best Under Seat Subwoofers

One of the best under-seat subwoofers on the market today is the Kenwood KSC-SW11. These 150-watt peak speakers are low profile, so they can fit almost any seat, yet they can still pack a punch when it comes to the extra bass you seek. Made out of an encased aluminum enclosure, an 8-inch subwoofer is connected to a built-in amplifier.

The bass created from it will not shake your bones but will provide depth to all the music you listen to. These are recommended for people who own small trucks, small SUVs, and hatchbacks. This compact under-seat speaker is made by a well-known company in the car audio industry and comes in at about $140.00.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is An Underseat Sub Any Good?

Yes, under-seat powered subwoofers and car speakers are good. They are perfect for people who do not have that much space in their vehicles since they fit under the passenger seat or back seat. They won’t be as loud as full-sized amplifiers, but they will be loud enough for the compact space that is in. Companies in the car audio market know that not everyone who likes loud and thumping music drives large cars so they have learned to also customize their speakers for those with smaller cars.

What’s The Best Under-Seat Subwoofer?

The best under-seat subwoofer is the Rockville RW10CA. At its watts peak power, this car amplifier reaches 800 watts. This compact powered subwoofer packs a punch when it comes to the base delivered. It is a small unit with impressive bass. It is also easy to install and has an auto turn-on technology and off feature.

This under-seat speaker includes a Wired remote control to allow for easy bass boost control. Another great feature of this compact-powered subwoofer is that it can easily fit below the seat. So if you prefer a slim yet powerful type of speaker, Rockville 10-inch RW10CA is a great choice. Its average price is around $130.  bass is impressive for such a small unit.

What Are The Hardest Hitting Subs?

The hardest-hitting car speaker is the JL Audio 10W3V3-D4 10-inch speaker. Featured with this subwoofer is a Dynamic Motor Analysis system designed to reduce any disturbances that could occur in the frequency. Another feature that this powered subwoofer has to offer is an elevated frame cooling basket design that the speaker itself sits in.

This frame reduces heat by exposing the voice coil to a great amount of airflow. JL Audio 10W3V3-D4 is best used with amplifier power in the 150W – 500W range. This car speaker should only take about 30 minutes to install.  After that, you will have powerful, quality sound and thumping bass that will not shatter your eardrums. This car speaker is about $300.


How Do I Connect My Underseat Sub?

Every subwoofer comes with an easy-to-read instruction guide. Installation of your under-seat subwoofer should take less than 30 minutes. Remember that before you start installing your sub, you want to ensure that your vehicle is turned off. This way there is no chance for your powered sub to electrocute you.

Can You Put A Subwoofer Under The Seat?

Yes, you can put powered subs under seats. There is now an entire category of subwoofers that have been designed to fit below a majority of car seats easily. These are perfect for those who want quality sound without taking up space in the trunk. They work just as well as the full-sized subwoofers. The main differences are the amount of space they take up and the price.

Are Powered Subwoofers Good?

Yes, powered subwoofers are good. They are easy to use. Powered subs do not require as many plugs and cords as other slim car subwoofers so they offer a more organized look. In addition to this, powered subwoofers are easy to move around. It does not take that long to uninstall them so they can be moved from vehicle to vehicle easily. Lastly, they are a great value for the money. These subwoofers are not the most expensive option, but the quality of sound they deliver keeps them competitive.


What Is The Best Underseat Subwoofer For Deep Bass?

The best for deeper bass is the JL Audio 12W7AE-3 12-inch subwoofer. These 25-pound subwoofers are slightly larger than the other JL Audio subs model discussed above. With these subwoofers, there is no chance of frequency range interruption or distortion in the playback. Its peak power is 2000 watts.  It is also named an “addictive” subwoofer with nearly limitless dynamics. They are made out of durable polypropylene that is covered by polyester foam. They come in at just over $1,000 for the quality of sound they produce.

What Is The Best Subwoofer Brand?

The best subwoofer brand that makes 12-inch subwoofers is Rockford Fosgate. This brand has been around for close to 40 years so they have had the time to perfect the sound quality that comes out of each and every one of their subwoofers. Rockford Fosgate specializes in amplifiers, speakers, and all the accessories you need and want for your sound system. You can choose your subs from its Power T1, Punch P1, P2 and P3, Prime R2 and Punch P3S 12″ inch series.


Which Underseat Subwoofer Has The Best Quality?

The best sound-quality subwoofer is a subwoofer from the JL Audio W7AE series. The W7 series has been around since 2001, but every year JL Audio comes out with an upgraded version. JL Audio takes that time to ensure that their subwoofers are the best option for quality. These subwoofers come in 4 different speaker sizes to fit all users’ needs. Each subwoofer has the Dynamic Motor Analysis system that reduces sound distortion and runs system analysis. It also features a W-cone assembly and a floating cone attachment method. Both allow for the best sound quality and the least wear and tear.

What Is The Loudest Underseat Subwoofer?

The loudest seat car subwoofer is The Hooligan, with an RMS of 4,000 watts and peak power of 6,000 watts. By far, this is the loudest subwoofer available on the market.  It has quad magnet technology that gives amazing, powerful tones and loud bass even in the highest volume.

A variable low-pass filter is a type of electronic circuit or signal processing device that is primarily used to attenuate or reduce high-frequency components of a signal while allowing low-frequency components to pass through with less attenuation. In simpler terms, it selectively filters out high-frequency signals and permits the passage of low-frequency signals.

Variable low-pass filters find application in various fields, including audio engineering, telecommunications, and electronics. They are commonly used in audio systems to control the frequency response and remove high-frequency noise or unwanted harmonics from an audio signal. By adjusting the cutoff frequency of the variable low-pass filter, one can tailor the audio output to emphasize or de-emphasize certain frequency ranges.

In telecommunications, variable low-pass filters are utilized to eliminate high-frequency interference or noise that may be present in the signal. This helps in improving the quality and reliability of the transmitted information.

Additionally, variable low-pass filters are employed in electronic circuits for tasks such as smoothing or shaping signals, extracting specific frequency components, or preparing signals for further processing. Their adjustable nature allows for flexibility in customizing the filter’s behavior according to the specific requirements of a given application.

How Many Watts Of RMS Power Is Good?

The best number of watts RMS (Root Mean Square) power for an external amplifier depends on various factors, including the specific audio system, speaker sensitivity, listening preferences, and the desired volume levels. When considering the power output of an external amplifier, it is important to find a balance that provides sufficient power for the speakers without risking damage due to overpowering.

A general guideline is to match the amplifier’s power output to the speaker’s RMS power handling capabilities. Choosing an amplifier that can deliver approximately 75% to 150% of the speaker’s RMS power rating is typically recommended. This range ensures the amplifier has enough headroom to handle dynamic peaks in the audio signal while avoiding clipping or distortion.

However, it’s worth noting that higher power output doesn’t always equate to better audio quality. Factors such as speaker efficiency, speaker impedance, and the overall system design should be considered. It is important to consider your audio setup’s specific requirements and limitations to determine the appropriate wattage for optimal performance.

Ultimately, finding the right amount of watts RMS power for an external amplifier involves considering the compatibility with the speakers, the desired volume levels, and the overall listening preferences. Striking a balance between providing enough power for satisfactory performance and avoiding excessive power that could potentially damage the speakers is crucial.

There are several factors to consider to achieve crisp bass on a subwoofer in a car sound system. By paying attention to the following aspects, you can optimize the bass performance:

  1. Subwoofer Placement: Proper subwoofer placement within the car can significantly impact bass quality. Experiment with different locations to find the spot that produces the best results. Common options include the trunk, under seats, or custom enclosures. Ensure the subwoofer is securely mounted and properly sealed to avoid rattling or vibrations.
  2. Enclosure Type: The type of subwoofer enclosure used can influence bass clarity. Different enclosure designs, such as sealed, ported, or bandpass, have distinct characteristics. Sealed enclosures typically offer tighter and more controlled bass, while ported enclosures can enhance low-end extension and output. Choose an enclosure type that complements your preferences and the subwoofer’s specifications.
  3. Crossover Settings: Set the crossover frequency correctly on your car sound system. The crossover determines the point at which the subwoofer starts playing, and the main speakers stop. To achieve crisp bass, ensure that the crossover frequency is appropriately chosen, allowing the subwoofer to handle the low-frequency content effectively.
  4. Gain and Level Adjustments: Adjust the gain or volume levels of the subwoofer to achieve a balanced blend with the rest of the audio system. It’s important to avoid overpowering the bass, which can result in muddiness or distortion. Fine-tune the subwoofer’s output level to match the desired bass intensity without overwhelming other frequencies.
  5. Sound Deadening: Reduce unwanted vibrations and external noise that can interfere with the subwoofer’s performance by implementing sound-deadening measures. Use materials like damping mats or foam to minimize vibrations and ensure a cleaner bass response.
  6. Source Material and Equalization: Utilize high-quality audio sources with well-recorded bass tracks to maximize the potential of your subwoofer. Additionally, consider using an equalizer or digital signal processor (DSP) to adjust the equalization settings specifically for your car’s interior and acoustics. This can help optimize the bass response and overall sound quality.

Remember, achieving the best bass on a subwoofer in a car sound system involves a combination of proper installation, appropriate enclosure design, thoughtful tuning, and high-quality source material. You can enhance your car audio experience with clean and impactful bass reproduction by paying attention to these factors.

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