Lasso For Starters To Use In 2023

There are many reasons why you may need to purchase a lasso rope for your collection. You could be wanting to pick up a new hobby that involves performing tricks, Or you could be getting ready to be with experienced users. With both of these activities, you do not start out being able to do good cardage on your first time successfully. You have to practice and gather the necessary skills and equipment that will set you up for success. One such piece of equipment is a good lariat cardage.

There are many reasons why you may need to add a lasso rope to your collections.


This article will tell you all you need to know about lasso ropes and what the best beginner’s lasso is.

There are many different types of lariat ropes available, but not all are going to be beginner friendly. There are also things that you should take into consideration before you purchase your beginner’s lasso.


Before you run to the store and purchase the first lariat that you see, you should make yourself aware of some of the different available options. First, lasso ropes come in different lengths. What you plan on doing with the lariat will determine the good length that is required. Think of this, if you will be getting into the hobby of trick roping, then it is great to start with a lasso rope that is 13 feet long. You can also use a 15-foot lasso rope if you have a long arm span. If you are going to be using your lasso to rope cattle then start with a lasso that is 25-30 feet long.

Another thing to consider before you buy your beginning lasso is the material. Consider the type of rope (super soft, medium soft, or softer ropes), weight, and intended use for roping (ropers or live cattle) when buying a lasso rope or lariat rope. In today’s world of lariat ropes, they are available in numerous materials. When first starting, you will always want one that is lightweight, yet durable. Starters tend to go with lasso ropes that are made out of hemp or nylon because of their performance value. Although these are all made of durable material, there are just other options out there. If your favorite thing is trick roping, you can consider a lass made out of cotton or synthetic. For roping cattle, a soft lasso rope made from either synthetic, nylon, or hemp is a good choice. Many ropes also have a poly/nylon mix, which is a better rope option.

This is the great lasso rope or lariat rope.

Trick Lasso Or Cattle Lasso

How do you choose the appropriate lariat rope?

Kids roping can either be in the form of using it for tricky rope, or for roping on a cattle farm.  The top choice, when working with trick rope, is usually short. With this, the better choice is usually smaller so that when working with trick rope, it doesn’t get tangled up.

When roping cattle, a roping practice steer head is a focal part of it, but the top ropes, in that case, are something that is nylon or cotton. A  great lariat rope is one with the appropriate diameter and strong, durable material.

But, the right one, especially when working with a roping practice steelhead, is easy to work with. With kids’ roping practice, they need to spend time learning the well, ropes, and for kids’ roping practice purposes, those which offer more pliability will be better. They are also known as the appropriate lariat for starters in that case.

Then there is the head rope. Head ropes are better to use when tying and securing, and usually, the head rope is not the number one choice for those starting, so it’s recommended that it gets avoided if at all possible.

Consider A Leather Burner

Some of the great lariat ropes come with a leather burner. The leather burner protects what’s called the Honda, or the knot used for a rodeo lariat, from wearing and tearing. To those who are serious about rodeo lariat learning, you may want to consider a leather burner. The AJ Tack Wholesale models come with a leather burner, and they’re some of the great ropes for beginners since it’s a rodeo lariat that’s good not just as trick rope, but also in roping cattle.

The AJ Tack Wholesale models wearing a leather burner.

Appropriate Lariat For Beginners

So when considering all the above information, the appropriate lariat for beginners is the AJ Tack Wholesale Adult Rodeo Lasso Lariat Leather Burner rope. This one features a high-quality twist that is perfect for learners. The burner is made of leather to allow the Honda to keep its shape and the rope can easily slide through.

Another great feature of this is that it is lightly hand-waxed. The wax will protect the lariat and make it weatherproof. One thing to note about this lariat is that it starts stiff. You have to work with it to loosen it up. But once that has been achieved, this one will last you from your first day to years down the road. It also comes in at about $45. The AJ Tack Wholesale Adult Rodeo Lariat is probably the greatest choice to help you get a feel for this.  It’s one of the #1 choices and is great for not only trick roping but also a great lariat for use.

The AJ tack Lasso Lariat is both a kids’ and adult rodeo lasso lariat. AJ  Tack Wholesale lariat is also made with nylon and is the top-notch lariat for beginners because, with the tack wholesale rope, you can get a feel for how to use it. The AJ Tack wholesale lariat also has a hand-sewn leather burner and is great for learning trick rope and how to rope cattle.

The one downside to the AJ Tack Wholesale is it has a medium lay. This medium lay does make it better for kids roping, since with kids roping they’re not working with bigger cattle. But, it is the great lariat for kids roping when it involves trick roping since it is small and easy for you to use.  This is probably great to get started with, but there are others too. Although this isn’t an in-depth buying guide to purchasing the perfect rope, these brands we’ve mentioned are worth the try.

The Colorado Saddlery Lasso Rope Brand

While this company is known for their adult rodeo lariat lariat types, these are the great lariat if you want something simple for kids, and effective. This is a great lariat if the price is a focus.  It is hand-sewn, so it tends to be better for cattle, but understand that this type of adult rodeo lariat is not ideal for trick roping, and is better for cattle.

The Colorado Saddlery is a good choice for kids and adults, and it isn’t too long or too short. The Colorado Saddlery is hand-sewn for quality.

A Steer Head Dummy To Practice On

Another great thing to learn about kids’ roping is to get a practice steer head toy dummy. With a practice steer head dummy, you can teach different rope tricks to help get the cattle.  This is good to use while learning how to use a lariat since it does come with the ability to use the Honda knot.  These kids’ roping practice steer head dummy options are pretty easy to use.  The head dummy on this usually looks like a steer head, and the steer head has horns for the child to use.  The head dummy is great for kids and adults alike, and even though you may have the great ones out there, a roping practice steer head helps you learn how to use it.

  • Some practice steer head dummy options come with a whole body, so you should figure out if you have room for the roping practice steer head dummy.
  • Kid’s roping practice is usually what children need before they go out and use this, and if you don’t have a roping practice steer head dummy, you won’t be able to get your boy/girl the practice they need before using their lariat.
  • A kid’s roping practice steer head dummy is usually good for their size, but a practice steer head dummy is pretty good to use too if you can’t find a kid’s roping practice steer head dummy.
  • Your child can use the practice steer head dummy toys to learn different trick types.  If they’re using a rodeo lasso, a practice steer head dummy is a good place to begin. But, before you get your child a practice steer head dummy, make sure they understand how to use the lariat since it can be awkward.

What Material Do Heel Twine Use?

Hemp and nylon are the most common choices by ranches today. These materials are more durable than the older lassos that were made from hair or cowhides. Being made from hemp or nylon allows the user a wider range of use.

Perfect durable material used in making a lariat rope.

What Is The Top Lasso Starter Option?

The great lasso rope starter option depends on factors like roper preference, slack management, tip performance, stiffness, wear resistance, and the specific sport or use.

In addition to the one discussed above, another good lariat for starters is the Colorado Saddlery The Kid’s Lariat. This is made out of nylon and has a wax finish. It also features a Honda knot. This lariat is between 25 and 30 feet long, so both kids and adults can use it to practice and train.

What Is Breakaway Lasso’s Top Choice Brand?

The Striker breakaway rope from the Rattler brand is the top choice for breakaway roping.

  • This is a four-strand calf rope that has a CoreTech core made from synthetic polyester.
  • Even though this is made from polyester, it does not stretch so the result is long-lasting. Another feature of this is that it can rebound quickly back to its natural state. This comes in adult and junior sizes. You can also pick from right-handed or left-handed.

What Is The Difference Between A Calf Twine And A Ranch Twine?

Both of these can be used in calf/cow and ranch roping. The main difference is what they are used for. You use a ranch rope to herd the cattle or even during a rodeo perform. The calf rope comes into play afterward to tie down the calves.

A cowboy is using a lariat rope while riding a horse.

What Is The Difference Between A Lasso And A Lariat?

The difference between a lasso rope and a lariat rope is regarding the loop.

  • In a lasso, the rope is stiff and sturdy so the loop stays in the noose shape when the rope is thrown. To make the lasso rope effective, it should be high-quality to ensure better handling. The lariat has a small, reinforced loop on the end in which the rope is looped through.
  • This reinforced loop is called a Honda or Hondo.
A lariat rope in its storage place.

How Much Does Lasso Cost?

Depending on the size and the material, if it is for an adult or junior, lassos can range anywhere from $15 to $60.

How Long Is A Starter’s Lasso?

Lasso ropes that are made out of nylon or polyester can be found in lengths of 28, 30, or 35 feet. When it comes to area roping, these lassos can be anywhere from 40 to 70 feet long.

How Long Is Wonder Woman’s Lasso?

Wonder Woman’s lariat is 150 feet long and is known as the lasso of truth.

wonder woman with her lasso of truth

Break In A Lasso Tips

When you purchase a brand new one, you have to take time to practice with it and break it in.

  • The first step is to test the feel if it’s in good condition. When a lasso has been packaged for a while, it will be very stiff when you first open it. It is best to start by throwing at a practice dummy to see what changes need to be made to loosen the lasso up.
  • The next step is to stretch the rope to make it more flexible.
  • You should tie one end to the saddle of your horse and the other to a post and back your horse up until it is completely straight. Hold it in this position for a few minutes and then test the flexibility. Repeat this process until it is at the flexibility that you want. The last thing you can do is cover it in baby powder to make it slick.
Many cowboys are using their lariat rope while riding their horses

How Do I Start Roping?

  • The great way to start roping is by starting on the ground and then working your way up to roping on a horse.
  • When on the ground, you can practice your swing and your aim with a practice dummy.
  • Once you have this down then you can begin with timed drills.
  • The next step is to have the dummy move in zigzag patterns to simulate the erratic movements of a calf. Once you feel that confidence you have these things down, then you can begin to practice on a horse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you lasso with any rope?
No, you can’t lasso with any rope; it’s recommended to use the lariat rope for beginners.

What rope do cowgirls use?
Cowgirls typically use the best lariat rope for beginners.

How far can you throw a lasso?
The distance a cowboy can throw a lasso depends on skill and technique, and choosing the best lariat rope for beginners can aid in learning.

Is a lasso special rope?
Yes, a lasso is a special rope, and choosing the best lariat rope for beginners is important for effective use.

What is the difference between a header and a heeler rope?
Team Roping is a two-person team. They compete to catch a steer, the first person is known as the “header” and uses a head rope. The second person is known as the “heeler” who uses heel ropes to steer by their hind feet.

Why is my lasso so stiff and thick?

Who makes the best ranch ropes?

How do you choose a ranch rope?

How do I choose a lasso rope?

What is the rope called that cowboys use?

How do you use a quick release Honda?

What is the standard  width of a lasso?

What does lariat stand for?

What rope is used to catch donkey?

What is the best beginner cattle rope?

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