5 Best Vitamins For Teenage Athletes

Studies show that more than any age group, teenagers are more inclined to indulge in fast foods most of the time in their diets. They choose to grab the most accessible food to eat because of the convenience that it brings. Hence, the average diet of teens is often unbalanced and lacks food with proper nutrients and minerals such as fruits and vegetables.

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This kind of diet is a big no-no especially for teenage athletes whose daily physical routine demands that they should have the proper diet that would supply them the right amount of nutrition levels they need. More so, teenage athletes need to take care of not only their physical health but also their cognitive development and mental wellness. Vitamins and supplements are a big help when it comes to addressing this nutritional gap among teenagers.

5 Best Vitamins For Teenage Athletes

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  1. Rainbow Light

It is among the best vitamins for teenage athletes basically because it is organic, coming only from plant-based sources instead of synthetic materials. Rainbow Light is free of additives, artificial food coloring, gluten, and preservatives. As such, it can be absorbed by the body quickly, and it is also stomach-friendly. It provides the full range of vitamins that a teenage athlete needs everyday, particular B vitamin complex and probiotics support.

  1. Power Teen

What brought this up to the list of the best vitamins for teenage athletes is it is effortless to take. It is true most especially for teens who have a hard time swallowing hard tablets or capsules. Not only that, but Power Teen is also complete with amino acid and zinc magnesium aspartic acid complex which boost strength and endurance for teenage boys. For the female ones, it also has vitamins which protect urinary tract and breast health, as well as hormonal balance.

  1. GNC Milestones

If Power Teen won us as a chewable, GNC Milestones appears similar, but only as a gummy. And it tastes good too. This vitamin focuses on boosting a teenager’s immunity through its reinforced vitamin C and vitamin B-6 contents. It also allows the body to absorb even more calcium than before. In effect, raises the levels of vitamin D which in turn helps in the healthy development of the bones. With better immunity and bone development, an athletic teen is armed to face the day stronger than ever.

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  1. Smarty Pants

The unique thing about this that made it one of the best vitamins for teenage athletes is it does not necessarily have the full range of vitamins; but, it focuses on a few ones which are hard to obtain from a teenager’s regular diet. Smarty Pants contains omega-3, which is in charge of boosting a person’s brain activities. It aids the proper development of the brain cells to make the cognitive function sharper and more effective. Aside from this, the vitamin remains safe for consumption.

  1. MegaFood

The fifth best vitamin for teenage athletes in this list is unique because it is made directly from fresh and raw food types. These raw foods include cabbage, broccoli, cranberries, and other nutritious fruits and vegetables and even organic whole grain. This combination makes a complete multivitamin that offers 100% whole food goodness, hence its name, MegaFood. It also boosts the body’s resistance to diseases through the antioxidants found in every pill of this vitamin.

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Aside from this list of recommended vitamins for athletic teens, it is essential to look for products that have been tested by credible third parties, manufactured using high-quality ingredients, and—most importantly—safe for consumption of teenagers. Also, it is always smart to consult a doctor for the best vitamin for teenagers.

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