5 Best Protein Powder For Kids

Children are playful by nature. They prefer physical activities outside the home more than reading books or doing artworks. To perform physical activities like sports, kids need to grow into their full potential by eating healthy food and consuming the right amount of nutrients.

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The common macronutrient that kids need when playing sports is protein. Protein is essential because it helps in the development and growth of muscles in the body. Just like adults, children need protein to regenerate cells, make enzymes, strengthen the bones, and catch up with the ideal weight intended for their age.

Now, imagine a child wanting to play soccer but does not have sufficient nutrients to give his or her best at a sport because he or she is a picky eater. It would be difficult for young athletes to have poor nutrition as they grow. Hence, nutritionists recommend consuming the best protein powders for kids.

What You Should Know About Protein Powders

Protein powders are consumed when the daily protein intake of a child from food sources is not enough. It is believed to provide more than just muscle developer. The most common types of protein powder sold in the market are whey protein, soy protein, and casein protein.

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Nutritionists and doctors recommend whey protein because it has amino acids that assist in breaking down and digesting food in the body. It also has immunoglobulin that strengthens the immune system to avoid sickness.  This type of protein powder is soluble in water and usually in the milk.

Meanwhile, soy protein powder is commonly produced as a genetically modified organism (GMO) product. This protein powder is thoroughly processed since it is harder to digest compared to the whey protein powder. It is the type of protein powder that may cause allergies for kids because soy is among the primary foods that stimulate the allergy.

Last but not least is the casein protein powder. Just like whey protein powder, you can also get it from cow’s milk. The only difference is that most casein protein powder lacks the right amino acids needed for easier digestion. Children may feel full for a more extended period due to difficulty with digestion.

Selecting the best and most nutritious protein powder for kids is meticulous work, especially for first-time parents. There are a variety of choice brands that offer different levels of benefit. But you should not be stressed. Instead, look for a safe protein powder that best fits your child. You must always keep yourself knowledgeable.

Best Protein Powder For Kids

The best protein powders for kids are the ones that can supply the needed nutrient requirement upon growing. It should always be safe to consume since the wrong choice of protein powder for your child may lead to kidney damage. Also, it is better if it contains less amount of artificial sweeteners to avoid obesity in the future. Thus, here are some of the best-recommended protein powder brands for kids.

  1. 100% Whey Gold Standard (Optimum Nutrition)

This brand is the best protein powder for kids because it contains 100% whey protein that can promote muscle development and regeneration of body cells. You do not have to worry because it provides low consistency of lactose, fats, and carbohydrates, which are considered factors in unhealthy gaining. This brand will 100% give your child the full energy needed for his daily activities. It is also lactose intolerant-friendly.

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  1. Pro JYM

Pro JYM is included in the list of best protein powder for kids because it contains clean and high-quality protein. It is a combination of milk protein isolate, egg white, and whey protein isolate, which make the powder suitable for consumption at any time. Pro JYM is also packed with calcium content, which is suitable for the strengthening of the bones.

  1. Paradise Herbs Orac Energy

Among the list of best protein powder for kids, Paradise Herbs Orac Energy is the only powder made organically. It contains no artificial content and only offers the best, which is suitable for kids. One of its good effects on kids is faster recovery from fatigue. They won’t feel heavy when drinking pure protein powder like Paradise Herbs.

  1. SYNTHA-6 (BSN)

This protein powder provides children with different options of flavors that they would enjoy. Aside from protein, it also contains essential minerals, amino acids, glutamine, fibers, and healthy fats that contribute to growth improvement. It promotes the development of endurance in a child.

  1. Combat Powder (MusclePharm)

The last brand of protein powder is the Combat Powder from MusclePharm. This product contains a mixture of protein blends that you can easily make into a shake. Aside from that, it offers excellent taste resulting from high-quality supplements that children would love drinking, making it one of the best protein powder for kids.

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There are a lot of formulated protein powders in the market, but it is always good to seek for clean, safe, and natural ones. Before incorporating protein powder into your kid’s daily diet, you might want to consider first the best sources of protein that doctors recommend, which includes egg, tofu, milk, fish, meat, beans, and yogurt. There are a lot of options to choose from as the best protein powder for kids. So, which one of these powders will you have? Let us know!

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