Best Probiotics For Toddlers And Kids

Many are confused about the concept of bacteria. Did you know there are families of bacteria that are good for our bodies? There is such a thing as “good bacteria.” One class of gut bacteria are tiny living micro-organisms called probiotics. Let’s review the best probiotics for toddlers and kids.

Parents should give probiotics that best provides good bacteria for their growing kids.

This article introduces probiotics that are known for providing the good bacteria that healthy families need to take as a daily supplement for providing a multitude of health benefits, including improved digestion, brain health, healthy immune system and immune function, and overall well-being.

Keep reading to learn more about the top probiotics for kids and toddlers.

Probiotics Defined

Probiotics are a class of healthy gut microbiome and colony-forming units that support GI tract health, immune health, and fighting off harmful bacteria. The gut microbiome found in live microorganisms is instrumental in supporting immune and gut health.

Healthy gut microbiome and colony-forming units found in live microorganisms support immune & gut health of kids.

These healthy bacteria are introduced to the body by way of probiotic foods such as infant formulas, milk, yogurt, and yogurt drinks. They are also available to be taken as daily probiotic supplements in liquid and pill form.

Are you a health-conscious parent looking for the top probiotic powder and organic probiotics for your kid or teenager if they don’t want to eat probiotic foods? You’re a savvy parent, as introducing this friendly bacteria into your child’s diet, along with dietary supplements like vitamin C and prebiotic fibers, goes a long way towards improving the overall quality of their health compared to other probiotics.

Benefits of The Best Probiotics For Toddlers And Kids

Probiotics already exist naturally in the body in small quantities, so taking probiotic supplements and introducing it into your child’s diet as a dietary supplement should yield positive results. Also, they work in balancing the good and bad bacteria in your body. Always check with your family child’s pediatrician or other qualified health care provider before introducing new foods containing gut microbiome and essential vitamins and nutritional supplements into your child’s diet for preventing adverse effects.

Find top ranking kids probiotic supplements for your growing toddler.


Best Probiotic Benefits On Kids

Probiotics can shorten bouts of diarrhea in kids, support immune health, and enhance gastrointestinal wellness. These beneficial bacteria aid in easing digestion and reduce episodes of gastrointestinal-related symptoms, offering a comprehensive approach for maintaining a healthy digestive system in young ones.

Best Probiotics Brands

Many supplements make all kinds of health claims, so let’s look at brands that actually offer health benefits. Following is a list of the best options for kids, teens, and young adults.

Let’s get started by taking a look at Culturelle’s brand of popular kids probiotic.

Culturelle Kids Probiotic Packets

This Culturelle brand of kids probiotics for all kids ages is designed to support a healthy digestive and immune system. This specialized formula contains none of the typical allergens that may affect little tummies. Culturelle excludes lactose, milk, soy, and dairy to make digestion easier.

Active Ingredients: Lactobacillus ramnosus (LGG)

Where to Buy: Company Website, Online Retailers, Health Food Stores

NOW Foods Berrydophilus Chewable Tablets

This is among the nicest supplement brands offering the top chewable kids probiotics that provide gastrointestinal support for kids in its popular and budget-friendly probiotic formula for all ages of kids. The Now Berrydophilus Chewable tablets are sweetened with Xylitol to prevent any damage to little teeth and are also safe for adults to take. This probiotics blend in the chewable tablets boasts 2 million active bacteria and ten probiotics strains with a generous dose of friendly bacteria, without added sugar or artificial sweeteners. This is a great option to keep your child’s intestinal flora balanced.

Active Ingredients: Lactobacillus ramnosus (LGG)

Where to Buy: Company Website, Online Retailers, Health Food Stores

FloraTummies Probiotic Sprinkles For Kids

This is a powdered probiotics that contains 5 billion active bacteria and is non-dairy, gluten-free, and sugar-free. It comes without added sugar and artificial sweeteners. The Flora Tummy Kids Probiotic is designed to promote and support healthier digestion and healthier immune systems in kids and young adults. It is one of the best probiotics for kids that moms love to give kids. It can be mixed into cold food and beverages.

Active Ingredients: Lactobacillus ramnosus (LGG)

Microorganisms: 5 Billion Friendly Bacteria

Where to Buy: Company Website, Online Retailers, Health Food Stores

Toddler's probiotic supplement

Now that you have some idea of what the benefits of using kids probiotics are, you should feel more confident in deciding to add these friendly bacteria into your child’s healthy diet or daily food regimen. Be sure to check with your family physician, child’s pediatrician or primary care provider before introducing probiotics into your child’s diet to prevent possible adverse effects like allergic reactions or sensitivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Most Recommended Probiotics For Children?

The most recommended probiotics for kids and toddlers is often a product like the OLLY Multivitamin Gummy Supplement, which is tasty and kids eat with ease due to its natural berry flavor. These gummies support digestive health and also include essential vitamins and are free of artificial flavors. These gummies are loaded with probiotics (inc. Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, and Lactobacillus plantarum) plus several vitamins that help keep your child strong and healthy. There are also no artificial flavors in this supplement, making it one of the tpo probiotic gummies.

Are Yakult And Similar Probiotics Good For Kids?

Yakult is a well-known product containing Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota, which can support digestive health. It’s a popular choice among other probiotics and is considered to have a natural berry flavor that children eat happily.

Should Kids Take Kids Probiotics?

Health professionals generally agree that probiotics are beneficial to maintaining digestive and immune health in kids, but it’s important to choose the right strain, especially if they include the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus plantarum.  Consult with a pediatrician to ensure they complement your child’s health needs. However, parents must learn and be well-informed about the appropriate strains to give their kids, as they may not be as potent as they are when adults take them. A balanced diet is also key to keeping your child healthy.

What Can Probiotics Best Do For My Children?

Probiotics help by providing good bacteria that support digestive health, especially for children who have digestive issues from antibiotic use. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional on the best children’s probiotics.

How Do I Choose The Best Probiotics For My Kids?

Consider powders and chewable probiotics that contain multiple strains of bacteria to support digestive health. It’s also wise to look for products from reputable brands like Lovebug Probiotics, which health professionals often recommend.

How Do I Best Know If My Kids Need Probiotics?

If your kid has digestive issues, such as irregular bowel movements or antibiotic-associated diarrhea, probiotics might be helpful. Health professionals can help determine if adding a probiotic strain like bacillus subtilis is appropriate for your child’s health.

Are Yakult And Similar Probiotics Best For Kids With Diarrhea?

Yakult, which contains Lactobacillus casei, may help kids eat better by supporting their digestive systems, and some health professionals recommend it for babies and young kids experiencing mild diarrhea.

What Are The Side Effects And Advantages Of Probiotics In Kids?

Side effects of probiotics in young kids and bigger kids are rare, but they can include mild digestive discomfort. Always choose probiotics like kids probiotics that are age-appropriate and consult with a pediatrician, particularly if your child has a digestive disorder and immune system issues.

Are Probiotic Gummies As Effective As Other Best Forms of Probiotic Supplement?

Probiotic gummies are an effective and palatable option comparable to other forms of probiotic supplements. They offer a convenient way to obtain beneficial bacteria, especially for kids who have trouble with pills. As with any supplement, checking the strains and CFU (colony-forming units) is important to ensure efficacy and suitability for your child’s health requirements.

Do They Make Babies Poop More?

Yes, probiotics can make babies poop more by aiding digestion and can be given as probiotic powder or chewable probiotics. Parents should ensure that probiotic products are suitable for babies, and sometimes a mild banana flavor can make them more palatable.

Can They Supplements Upset The Stomach?

While there is not enough research to conclusively state if probiotics can upset a toddler’s stomach, product manufacturers addressed safety concerns and generally, probiotics are considered safe with potential benefits outweighing risks.

Do These Supplements Help With Gas?

Research indicates that probiotics can help alleviate gas in kids by balancing the digestive systems with beneficial bacillus subtilis and other strains.

What Are The Ten Best Supplements For Kids?

They include Culturelle Digestive Health, Schiff Daily Probiotic, and Garden of Life Ultra Probiotic Formula, which often come in chewable probiotics and probiotic powders with flavors like berry flavor or natural berry flavor to make them more appealing.

Do Pediatricians Recommend Them?

Pediatricians may recommend probiotics to support a child’s digestive health, especially if the child has had digestive issues. If your child has specific dietary restrictions, always look for probiotic products that are USDA-certified, organic or dairy-free.

What Benefits Do These Supplements Offer to Kids?

Probiotic supplements can offer numerous benefits to children, including aiding digestion, enhancing the immune system, and helping to maintain a balanced gut flora. It’s important to consult a healthcare provider before starting any probiotic supplement to ensure it’s appropriate for your child’s age and health needs.

Are Probiotics Bad For Kids?

Probiotics are typically not bad for kids and can actually be beneficial, but it’s crucial to consult with a pediatrician, especially when considering probiotics with certain strains for cchil with dietary restrictions and health concerns.

What Are The Top Probiotics For Kids To Take?

Culturelle Daily Probiotics are what most health websites prefer as their top choice. It contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, which has been utilized in many clinical studies that focus on alleviating abdominal diseases and allergic reactions. It is also one of the top probiotic supplements to take for boosting one’s gut in aiding digestive systems

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