Choosing The Best Milk Brand For Pregnant Women

As a pregnant woman, you might be overwhelmed by the various do’s and don’ts you have to comply with during your pregnancy journey. Also, you have to schedule monthly doctor’s appointments, buy clothes and gear for your baby, adjust to your hormones, and more. The list seems to be endless!


However, one of the more important aspects of pregnancy is taking care of your body for your baby’s nutrition. Many women are advised to drink milk specially formulated for pregnant women. Still, there are many soon-to-be moms out there with no idea about milk brands for pregnant women. How can you choose the best milk brand for pregnant women? Selecting the best milk brand for pregnant women can be relatively simple. Read up on this article to find out!

Look For High Vitamin And Mineral Content

The most important reason why pregnant women are advised to drink milk while pregnant is that milk helps build up minerals (especially calcium) stored up the body. When pregnant women are already in their last trimester, they tend to experience backaches because of the baby’s rapid growth inside the belly. Pregnant women need the calcium boost to support their growing bellies. Moreover, babies get their calcium requirements from their mom. Pregnant women, therefore, should have more than enough of it for their babies as well.


In addition to calcium, the best milk brand for pregnant women should have additional nutrients such as protein and vitamin D to help prevent abnormalities in the baby’s growth inside the womb. Specifically, having the right amount of protein and vitamin D in the body can lower birth weight deficiencies in babies. Studies have shown that pregnant women who have more protein and Vitamin D in their bodies during pregnancy have delivered babies with a healthy weight.


Having a pleasant taste is a big deciding factor, especially for pregnant women. Pregnant women have to deal with a lot of hormones during the first trimester, while some women, unfortunately, have to deal with raging hormones throughout their pregnancy. These hormones may include wreaking havoc on a woman’s taste buds, including the taste for milk. Thus, choosing the best milk brand for pregnant women should also take into consideration the woman’s current palate.


In choosing the best milk brand for pregnant women, you also have to consider its cost. Better known milk brands for pregnant women are not cheap, because they also contain more nutrients and minerals than other commercially available milk. However, it is still considered prudent to look for economical prices even when buying the best milk brand for pregnant women. Pregnant women should consume at least three cups of milk a day, according to the USDA. If a box of milk already costs a hundred dollars, imagine how many of these will you have to consume in the course of your pregnancy? The better option is still to weigh the cost with quality.

What Are Some Of The Best Milk Brands For Pregnant Women?

  • Anmum Materna

Anmum Materna is formulated to include fiber and added DHA for your baby’s brain development. It also comes in two flavors (plain and chocolate) to accommodate various taste palates. In terms of the price, Anmum Materna is relatively easy on the budget as compared to other milk brands. There are also several sizes of boxes available to choose from.

  • Prenagen Series

There are four kinds of Prenagen milk, from pre-pregnancy up to the lactation stage. Each type of Prenagen milk provides the essential nutrients for the specific phase. For example, the Prenagen Mommy Emesis focuses on the early stages of the pregnancy. It reduces the likelihood and occurrence of nausea and vomiting for pregnant women.

  • Organic Valley Whole Milk

For pregnant women who want to stick to healthier options, Organic Valley Whole Milk is also a great option. This milk is organic and gluten-free as well.


When it comes to selecting the best milk brand for pregnant women, possible choices are endless. Bear in mind these tips in deciding for your best buy.

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