4 Reasons To Get Magna Tiles For Your Kids

Parents these days need to be smart about the toys that they buy for the little ones. It cannot merely be the trendiest items because that typically equates to brand-new game consoles and other gadgets. Thought these things might make your child the coolest kid in class, they are not the ideal learning materials. Not to mention, the price of such items range from 100 to 1000 dollars on a regular basis, and that is more than enough to feed a family for a few days or weeks.

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If money indeed is not a problem in your household – and your only goal is to obtain educational toys for your children – then why not get the Valtech Magna Tiles?

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Take note of the reasons why many parents are putting their faith on Magna-Tiles now.

  1. They Are Safe To Play With

In case you are one of those moms and dads who spend an hour in the toy store, reading every ingredient used to manufacture the item, we understand why you do that. You want to ensure that it does not have heavy metals that the kid might inhale or enter his or her body upon contact. That is a wise tactic, and you deserve an award for being such a hands-on parent.

Nevertheless, the Magnetiles are not what you should be getting anxious about now. The brand crafted every piece out of BPA-free plastic, which entails that toxic chemicals won’t come into play. More importantly, the items passed the usual safety standards for toys; that’s why you can chill and let your youngster’s creativity run free.

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  1. The Structures Won’t Topple Over

One thing that usually causes parents to decide against getting buildable toys that can be as tall as their little one is the fear that it will wobble and topple over to the child.

Although this kind of accident is not unheard of, you need not worry about that when you purchase magnet tiles from the Valtech brand. Each Magnatile is two-dimensional so that any structure that you or your kid wishes to create will remain stable on the floor. The pieces also lock perfectly with one another. As long as you use enough tiles at the base, the toy can hold its shape effortlessly.


  1. The Magnetic Tiles Require Low Maintenance

If your kids have been playing with Lego blocks throughout their lives, then you are undoubtedly aware of how easy it is to mislay those pieces. Some roll and stay under the couch until you decide to turn the furniture over. Others naturally go to different toy boxes when a child tries to clean up in a hurry and are often presumed lost.

What we lie about Valtech’s product is that every Magna tile comes in diverse shapes that are too large to misplace. They are all colorful and have magnetic sides, so the pieces can most likely stick together. For sanitation purposes, you can get wet wipes or a damp cloth to scrub the tiles well.


  1. The Pieces Don’t Break Easily

Moms and dads typically have to deal with tons of chores by the end of the day because they cannot leave the child in the playroom for a while to tackle them. It makes them anxious to think of their baby choking on a little piece of toy once they step away for even a minute.

Well, if you get the Magna blocks from Valtech, you should know that they are not easy to break. While many copycat tiles shatter when the structure falls several feet from the ground, the drop cannot damage this set. So, don’t worry about leaving your kid with these magnetic toys.

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In Conclusion

Magnatiles are the type of toys your kids deserve to play with throughout their childhood. They are colorful; they challenge the little ones to be imaginative with the structures they can create using the magnetic tiles. Even the parents can have fun with the toy; that’s why you can tell that it is worth every buck.

Get your starter set today from the Magna-Tiles website or other online merchants to understand why they are so good for your kids. Cheers!

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