Magformers Magnetic Tiles – One Of The Best Toys You Can Give To Your Tots

This is a picture of kids enjoying Magformers magnetic tiles in their playroom. Magformers magnetic tiles are one of the best toys you can buy for your kids! Buy these magnetic toys today!

When kids reach the age when they are interested about stacking and building stuff, the easy pick for parents to buy is the Lego since those little shapes and pieces have been around for ages. Others stick with the good old puzzles in different designs to inspire and help with the kids’ brain development when they play and have fun.

Magnetic Construction Toys

Now, what if we tell you that there is a new, safe toy in the market that can practically be fun and educational at the same time? Have you heard about magnetic toys that stick together to create different things? How do magnetic construction toys interest your child in terms of play? What about educational magnetic tiles? Do you think these will inspire your child to use his or her imagination?

That happens to be the Magformers. These Magnetic tiles basic set is a fun, educational toy. Magformers can stick together upon contact with each other because, well, they are magnets. They’re sure to enjoy these versatile quality toys!

Nevertheless, here are the benefits of playing with Magformers.

Magformers magnetic tiles are one of the best toys that kids can have to enhance their creativity, and this is toy is educational and fun to play with. Magnetic toys like these can be a great choice as a gift for your kid.

They Are Child-Friendly And Good For Your Toddler

Young kids, to be honest, rarely or sometimes are unable to appreciate two-dimensional knickknacks – not their idea of fun. They love pink dollhouses, robots, dinosaurs, and stuffed toys. They also like toys that do not come with complicated instructions so that they feel independent enough not to ask Mommy or Daddy to explain how a particular item works. The colorful shapes of the Magformers magnetic tiles are so catchy too and they think it’s fun playing with them! Plus, they get to improve their creativity skills and expand their imagination!

Your children can undoubtedly feel confident while playing with these quality building blocks as the magnets only require putting two shapes close enough to stick together. The hollow interior of Magformers magnetic tiles also makes the parts effortless to hold for their tiny fingers – plus these are high-quality and non-toxic too.

They Help Develop And Enhance Reasoning Skills

When you open Magformers magnetic building blocks for the first time, you will notice that there are a lot of differently-shaped magnets in every box. Kids, at their age, are still trying to learn and earn necessary skills, and the idea of building something out of these Magformers magnets can be very much interesting for them.

Magformers Magnetic tiles is best for children's little hands. Get these Magnetic tiles for your kid and see how much improvement it can do for them.

The child can start playing with one or two Magformers magnetic blocks and put these building blocks together and pull them apart for some time. If you show your kid that two can be three and that they can all create a single form, it may allow him or her to start analyzing what other pieces can be useful for making a box or a pyramid. While he or she may ask for your ideas first, your child will be able to reason on his or her own eventually.

These Magformers magnetic construction toys in different Magformers shapes with rainbow colors provide endless possibilities to spark curiosity, and thus, make them good toys to develop their mathematical and scientific thought process.

Magformers Toys Are Unisex

If your son and daughter are merely a year or two apart, it is likely for you to buy toys that are either for boys or girls. When the former tries to play with the dollhouse, however, you or your spouse might tell the little boy that he should only mess around with trucks or animals. This can affect them in a way – the kids tend to stop playing together, seeing that they are of different genders.

You should at least have gender-neutral toys like Magformers magnets to not make them feel like two mismatched children who happen to come from the same set of parents. 

These are Magformers pieces - magnetic tiles.

Why Playing With Magformers Are Good For Your Kids

Magformers sets are essential magnets for your kids’ brain development. With every structure they manage to create even with the basic set, their interest in constructing Ferris’ wheels, boats, and buildings out of Magformers grows. Aside from improving their artistic and reasoning skills, as well as their spatial awareness, these toys can undeniably help them find their true calling in the future.

So, there is genuinely no reason for you to not get Magformers for your children now.

Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Magformers And Magnatiles?

Magformers are hollow, unlike Magna tiles which are ‘filled-in.’ They are also merely outlines of different shapes compared to others that are plastic solid tiles. Nevertheless, both Magformers and Magnatiles are made to inspire children, even with their little hands, to build, learn, and create.

Can Babies Play With These And Magna Tiles?

These beautiful magnetic toys, the Magformers with colorful shapes are a no-no for babies. Magformers are recommended for children 3 years old and above to help develop creativity and imagination as well as their scientific thought process and deductive reasoning.

Is Magformers Good Magnetic Tiles And Are They Really Safe For Kids Of All Ages?

Yes, this quality play product made to create different things from different shapes has passed safety standards, although it’s good for kids 3 and up.

Can They Go In The Water?

Will It Be Damaged If It’s Submerged In Water?

Magformers will not be damaged if submerged in water. The magnetic attraction between the magnetic shapes remains intact even when they’re wet. However, it’s important to note that while Magformers can withstand water exposure, it’s advisable to avoid leaving them submerged for extended periods to maintain their quality. Magformers, available in various sets and themes, encourage imaginative play and creativity in both adults and toddlers alike. With favorable reviews highlighting their durability and versatility, these magnetic constructions offer endless possibilities for creating unique shapes, characters, and structures that can be built and rebuilt in any place.

Can You Use Picasso Tiles With Magformers Magnetic Tiles?

Why Are They So Expensive?

What Do Children Learn From Magnetic Tiles?

Children can learn various skills and concepts from playing with magnetic tiles. These tiles often come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, providing opportunities for exploration and creativity. Through play, children can learn about spatial awareness, geometry, and basic engineering principles as they manipulate the tiles to build structures and creations. Additionally, magnetic tiles can foster problem-solving skills as children experiment with different arrangements to create stable structures. They also promote fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as children grasp and connect the tiles together. Overall, playing with magnetic tiles encourages imaginative thinking, fosters creativity, and enhances cognitive development in children.

What Are They Made Of And How Do You Make A Ball With Them?

What Are The Benefits Of Playing With These Magnetic Toys?

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