3 Benefits Of Playing With Magformers

When kids reach the age when they are curious about stacking and building stuff, the parents tend to wonder about the toys they should get for them. The easy pick is the Lego since those little pieces have been around for ages. Some adults who like to play with the toy also lean towards Jenga. These are rectangular blocks that you need to place on top of each other strategically. Others stick with the good old puzzles in different designs to help with the kids’ brain development.

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Now, what if we tell you that there is a new toy in the market that can practically do what all three products at once?

That happens to be the Magformers. Categorized as educational toys, the magnetic blocks that Magformer sets have can bind together upon contact with each other. Playing with Magformers becomes excellent for creativity. The size of every piece is typically not much bigger than a toddler’s palm, but it isn’t hard to find mega formers, which are the XL version of the regular ones.

Nevertheless, here are the benefits of playing with magformers.

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They Are Child-Friendly

Young kids, to be honest, rarely appreciate two-dimensional knickknacks. They love dollhouses, robots, dinosaurs, and stuffed toys. In short, things that they can look at and touch from all sides. They also like toys that do not come with complicated instructions so that they feel independent enough not to ask mommy or daddy to explain how a particular item works.

Well, your children can undoubtedly feel confident while playing with mag formers as the pieces only require putting two shapes close enough to stick together. Every side has a magnet, so even a toddler can figure out how to connect them. The hollow interior also makes the parts effortless to hold for their tiny fingers.

They Help Develop Reasoning Skills

When you open a Magformers set for the first time, you will notice that there are triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, and other shapes in every box. You may not think much about them as an adult, but for kids who are still trying to learn and earn necessary skills, the idea of building something out of these pieces can be interesting for them.

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In the beginning, a child may only play with two bits. He or she may put them together and pull them apart for some time. If you show your kid that two can be three and that they can all create a single form, it may allow him or her to start analyzing what other pieces can be useful for making a box or a pyramid. While he or she may ask for your opinion on the matter at first, your child will be able to reason on his or her own eventually.

Magformers Toys Are Unisex

If your son and daughter are merely a year or two apart, it is likely for you to buy playthings that are either for boys or girls. When the former tries to play with the dollhouse, however, you or your spouse might tell the little boy that he should only mess around with trucks or animals. That is when the kids tend to stop playing together, seeing that they are of different genders.

The truth is, doing so prevents the siblings from bonding. You should at least have gender-neutral toys like megaforms in the house to strengthen their brother/sister relationship and not make them feel like two mismatched children who happen to come from the same set of parents.

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Magformers sets are essential for your kids’ brain development. With every structure they manage to create, their interest in constructing Ferris’ wheels, boats, and buildings out of magforms grows. Aside from improving their artistic and reasoning skills, that can undeniably help them find their true calling in the future.

So, there is genuinely no reason for you to not get Magformers for your children now.

Good luck!

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