Best Convertible Car Seat Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss

Have you heard of parents who avoid going out in public until their baby reaches a particular milestone?


They are not as sporadic as you think. However, it is only understandable during the first two or three months since the infant’s arrival because their body parts – especially the head and back – are still very fragile. You cannot risk the baby’s welfare at this point for the sake of family bonding.

In case the child starts to crawl or eat soft food already, you may want to stop limiting yourself when it comes to the places you can visit with your baby. If their comfort while traveling is your concern, you can undoubtedly find the best convertible car seat that meets your budget.


Let us share the top convertible car seats that have been in the market since the year 2016.

Disney Baby Apt 40RF Convertible Car Seat

Based on various convertible car seat reviews that we have seen, many have fallen head over heels for Disney Baby’s Apt 40RF. Perhaps it’s because your child can use it right after birth until his or her weight becomes 40 pounds. It can also be because it comes with a five-point harness and side impact protection, which keeps the baby from danger even if a mishap occurs on the road.


Cosco Scenera Next DLX Convertible Car Seat


The Scenera Next DLX by Cosco is one of the best car seats out there too. It has a minimalistic vibe that appeals to parents who don’t want their kids to grow up knowing flashy stuff. The seat practically looks like a regular part of a vehicle’s interior, although there is a five-point buckle on its front. If the toddler gets thirsty, the mom and dad can put a sippy cup or bottle on the side holder.


Britax Allegiance Convertible Car Seat

Britax’s Allegiance is among the best convertible car seats 2016 has to offer due to its ability to adjust as your youngster grows up. In truth, it has a ten-position harness, which means that you can extend the straps in ten different ways. The buckling process won’t take forever, thanks to its built-in lock-offs. For added safety, the brand has a patent for SafeCell Impact Protection, so there’s no need to worry about your baby during a – knock on wood – collision.


Safety 1ˢᵗ Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

This 3-in-1 Grow and Go from Safety 1st may not be in the convertible car seat reviews 2016, yet it does not entail that it isn’t a treasure. The product merely came out a year or two after that, so it is a brand-new design. You probably can tell by how innovative the car seat parts look. The thick side foam ensures that your child’s head stays protected all the time. The straps of the five-point harness are padded, so they won’t make even a fussy kid irritated. More importantly, you can use it until the kid reaches 100 pounds.


Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Car Seat


A little upgrade from the previous convertible car seat comes in the form of Graco’s 4Ever. It is a 4-in-1 item, which entails that your offspring may be able to use it from the day they arrive up to when the child enters elementary school. The seat can undoubtedly last that long because of its steel-reinforced frame and shock-absorbing foam. Apart from that, it has already gone through and passed side-impact and crash tests that follow the US safety standards; that’s why you can be confident that your little one can survive any vehicular accident.


To Summarize


The best car seat is not something that we can specifically recommend to you. Your convertible car seat needs may be different from ours. You may or may not want a cup holder or are looking for a side panel that has a specific thickness.

Nonetheless, the products above should serve as an excellent guide when you go to the department store. Good luck!

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