The Benefits Of Bobbie’s Infant Formula

Bobbie infant formula is designed to provide nutrition and energy for the first year of a baby. The goal of Bobbie is to improve the health and well-being of infants.

Bobbie's organic infant formula, an alternative to breast milk or cow's milk during the first year.

The company was founded by a mother of two from San Francisco who wanted to create a product that would help her children. After years of research, she developed a safe and healthy formula milk that can be used as an alternative to breast milk or cow’s milk. In addition, the company offers nutritional supplements and other products that can be used when transitioning from breast milk or cow’s milk to solid food.

In this article, Family Hype will comprehensively review Bobbie Infant Formulas.

Bobbie Baby Formula: Organic, Nutrient-Rich Infant Milk For 0-12 Months

contains soy components like soybean oil and soy lecithin

For infants 0 to 12 months old, Bobbie Infant Milk is a USDA Organic and non-GMO milk-based baby milk with additional iron. As an organic baby formula, the protein comes from organic pasture-raised cows who spend at least 42% more time in the pasture than what is required. Pasture-raised milk is rich in nutrients. In addition, their products undergo rigorous testing protocols.

Although DHA Omega-3, or essential fatty acids, is present in this formula, it is not the hexane-extracted variety. Instead, water is used to extract DHA from sustainably harvested algae. Therefore, the only US milk having 20mg of DHA per 100kcal is theirs.

There is no palm oil in this milk, which has a fat that mimics the fat in breast milk. Instead, it is made up of organic coconut oil, sunflower, or safflower oil, and organic soybean oil—non-GMO and certified pesticide-free—which are used as essential fats for babies’ growth.

Founders Laura Modi and Sarah Hardy are moms. Tired of the stigma surrounding milk feeding, they wanted a better choice with complete nutrition. So, they created European-style baby milk using high-quality European baby formula. Then, when they needed an excellent alternative to breast milk for their babies, they partnered with food researchers and medical specialists who are themselves parents.

There’s no denying breast milk is the healthiest option for babies, but the Bobbie team understands that not every family or mother can breastfeed due to various factors. Some mothers, even if they mother includes the best milk for pregnancy in their diet plan while pregnant, still cannot produce sufficient breast milk for her child. In addition, feeding is a unique experience for every child and parent. Therefore, the greatest and safest milk should be available to all parents, not just those living in the United States.

In addition to developing great milk, Bobbie has pledged to provide a free year supply to 25 breast cancer survivors and pre-survivors who have endured mastectomies and lumpectomies, getting a green light from parents all over.

What Makes The Bobbie Formula Exceptional?

No Added Sugar

Bobbie Formula contains no additional sweeteners, including corn syrup, sugar solids, or maltodextrin. Instead, it uses organic lactose, a naturally occurring sugar in milk and breast milk.

Bobbie contains no additional sweeteners. It uses organic lactose, a naturally occurring sugar in milk and breast milk

DHA Omega-3

DHA Omega-3 is an essential vitamin that supports brain development. Bobbie employs an algae-based DHA that is extracted without the use of hexane. Water-extracted DHA meets the EU criteria of 20mg/100 calories. DHA, which can support brain improvement and is essential for the growth and structure of the brain, is an omega-3 fatty acid that infants need. Both the retina and the brain require DHA for healthy brain development and operation. During pregnancy, DHA is taken from the mother’s blood reserves and placenta.

European Style

They offer EU-style baby formula based on European regulations and recipes. This formulation is considered the best for breastfed babies. It’s made up of 57 percent carbohydrates, 28 percent fats, 11 percent proteins, and 2 percent vitamins and minerals. The formula is also modeled after breast milk. For a complete list of ingredients and information on why each is necessary to create the best baby milk for breastfed babies, consult their ingredient dossier.

Dairy Raised On Organic Pastures

Bobbie obtains organic milk from USDA-certified Organic Valley farms, assuring that 100% of its milk is derived from pasture-raised organic cows or grass-fed cows. Mamas, that’s peace of mind! Their lactose and whey are obtained from small, family-owned farms in the United States!


The fat in this milk, which is often regarded as the best baby formula for constipation, is made up of high-quality organic soybean oil, organic sunflower or safflower oil, and organic coconut oil.

Is This Baby Milk Formula Substitute Suitable For Most Infants?

Full-term, healthy infants should only use Bobbie, a nutritionally complete, milk-based baby milk (0-12 months of age). As a European-style milk manufactured in the US, their baby milk may be perfect for you and your child. Premature babies or those with cow’s milk or soy allergies are not advised to use Bobbie. However, prebiotics and probiotics are not included. Therefore, this may not be the best option for lactose-intolerant babies or who have known food allergies.

Bobbie, a nutritionally complete organic milk substitute

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Their Products More Expensive Than Other Brands?

The products from this European-style organic milk brand are often priced higher than many conventional infant milk options available on the market. This difference in cost can be attributed to their use of high-quality, organic, and non-GMO ingredients, as well as their commitment to sustainable farming practices. Additionally, the inclusion of premium components like pasture-raised cow’s milk and hexane-free extracted nutrients contributes to the higher price point. However, many parents find the additional cost justifiable for the nutritional benefits and quality assurance these products offer.

Are All Bobbie Products FDA Approved?

The EU inspired their newborn milk, which complies with U.S. FDA requirements for nutritional standards. It also has European milk and certified organic infant milk. As their products are organic, they also include organic nonfat milk and organic whey protein concentrate.

Is Bobbie Formula Similar To Cow’s Milk?

This milk is intended to closely mimic cow’s milk because its ingredients come from organic, pasture-raised cows on USDA-certified organic farms. Following the strict guidelines established for certified organic infant milk ensures that it maintains the nutritional integrity of ordinary cow’s milk. Additionally, it conforms to European formula standards, which are recognized for their superior quality and exacting regulatory requirements. As a result, a product that has the nutritional profile of cow’s milk and all the benefits of organic farming practices is produced.

What Makes Bobbie Formula Different From Others?

The distinctiveness of this infant milk lies in its commitment to using only lactose, the natural sugar found in milk, avoiding any artificial sweeteners or alternatives common in other infant milk. This makes it a nutrient-dense option, free from corn syrup, sucrose, maltose, brown rice syrup, maltodextrin, palm oil, or glucose syrup, which are often found in other brands. Eliminating these additives offers a purer, more wholesome nutrition profile, stands out as a healthier choice for infants, and aligns with the nutritional essence of natural breast milk.

What Other Baby Formula Brands Are Similar?

Fe-fortified, lactose-based, and containing DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA, Bobbie and Similac are comparable in these aspects (arachidonic acid). They diverge in the following ways: Bobbie is maltodextrin and palm oil-free, organic, using non-GMO ingredients, gluten-free, and has no corn syrup.

Is Bobbie Safe For Newborns?

Bobbie organic infant milk is intended for healthy babies aged 0 to 12 months. This European formula uses USDA organic ingredients, is modeled after breast milk, and is safe for newborns. It’s a great first infant formula to give your child.

Can The Formula Cause Constipation?

Bobbie infant formula does not contain palm oil, which has a fat modeled after breast milk. However, palmitic acid causes constipation in infants. Since plant-based milk does not have palm oil, it does not cause constipation. Also, it does not have corn syrup. Consult your child’s pediatrician if your baby’s constipation persists. But most babies love it, parents adore it, and they include this brand in their feeding journeys.

Are Their Products Safe For Infants?

Yes, if you’re curious, here is a list of their primary ingredients: organic whey protein concentrate, organic nonfat milk,  organic canola oil, organic high oleic, organic canola lecithin, folic acid, and organic lactose. Their secondary ingredients which are 1% of vitamins and minerals: ferrous sulfate, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), potassium citrate, potassium phosphate, potassium hydroxide, potassium bicarbonate, sodium selenite, vitamin E, manganese sulfate, potassium iodide, thiamine hydrochloride, cupric sulfate, calcium pantothenate, and more.

Can I Sign Up For A Subscription Plan?

You can make a one-time purchase or sign up for a subscription to Bobbie Infant Milk. You can have 2, 4, 8, or 10 cans delivered to your house. To help determine how many cans of food you’ll need each month. Subscriptions renew each month automatically, but you can change the frequency to suit your requirements. Changing your mailing address if you’re taking your infant on a trip is free with subscriptions. It’s also possible to cancel at any point. Subscribing is a terrific way to ensure that you always have the milk you need on hand at all times! It’s nice to cross another item off your to-do list as a parent. You can contact them on social media @Bobbie via text, phone, or email from 7 am to 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday.

Do Their Products Contain Soy?

Regarding soy content, Babbie products do contain soy components, specifically soybean oil and soy lecithin, but these are organic and non-GMO, ensuring safety and quality. The soy lecithin used is extracted without hexane, a chemical solvent, and soybean oil is not the primary fat source. Instead, the formula emphasizes organic coconut oil, avoiding palm oil, which aligns with the preferences of parents seeking natural and sustainable options. This formulation strategy results in an organic, gentle milk product that accommodates the nutritional requirements of young children, offering a wholesome alternative for their growth and development.

Is Bobbie Formula Considered Gentle?

Bobbie formula generally has a 60:40 whey-to-casein ratio in regard to digestion. Hence, this European milk does not offer gentle digestion or is not a gentle milk brand. However, they do have a Bobbie Gentle Organic variant that is good for more sensitive tummies.

Is It Easy To Digest For Sensitive Tummies?

The whey-dominant protein content of this European-style milk brand, which comes from cows grown on pasture, makes it especially suitable for babies with sensitive stomachs and mimics the nutritional profile of breast milk. It is a great option for boosting breast milk and meeting the nutritional demands of babies because of its 60% whey to 40% casein protein ratio, which makes digestion easier and less taxing on the stomach.

Who Manufactures Their Products?

Even though it was interested in developing a product for millennial parents, the manufacturer Perrigo, which creates store-brand formulas and child nutrition drinks, turned down a cold email request to make Bobbie’s formula months earlier. Perrigo is also an infant mil company with plants in the US. It sells its products, like the Bobbie infant powder with organic ingredients, in Europe and North America. It is a USDA organic-certified formula.

Which Brands Are Closest To Bobbie?

Similar brands include European-style organic infant milks, such as HiPP, Holle, and Lebenswert, which are known for their natural, high-quality ingredients.

What Countries Are Their Products From?

These products typically originate from countries with stringent organic certification standards, like Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, ensuring their purity and nutritional value.

Is Bobbie’s Formula Close To Breast Milk?

The mentioned brand’s infant milk closely mimics breast milk, offering a composition rich in essential nutrients and fats vital for an infant’s development. This makes it a suitable alternative for parents seeking organic options.

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