6 Best Books For 4-Year-Old Boy

Little boys around the age of four are less stressful to buy presents for than their female counterparts. Most of them practically want the same things, e.g., toy trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, and action figures. They may not even think of asking for clothes because they merely want to play all day long.


As effortless as it may be to give in to your son, nephew, or godson’s simple wishes, though, you should look at a bigger perspective. The child is no longer a toddler; he may even be going to pre-school now. Playing may be vital to him at the moment, yet it’s your duty as the adult to make reading and learning enjoyable for the kid.

Hence, instead of solely buying toys in the coming holiday season, you should find the best books for a 4-year-old boy. Below are a few suggestions on that.

ABC’s For Boys – Michael Kracht

One of the fundamental reading materials to introduce to a child is an alphabet book. The best choice for your kid at this point is the ABC’s for Boys by Michael Kracht as the objects on the front cover – planes and trucks – can hook him instantly. Every letter inside has different kinds of vehicles as an example too, which can be fun to look at for young boys.

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Touch And Teach Word Book – VTech

In case the little man you want to gift the book to is excellent at remembering visuals and imitating sounds, you may consider getting a sound book for him. It looks like a regular picture book with various images of items that are often seen in parks and houses, as well as flowers, animals, and toys. The main distinction is that kids can press one photo in it and hear the name of the object pronounced clearly. One of the best books for a 4-year-old boy indeed.

Go, Dog, Go – P.D. Eastman

Assuming your four-year-old boy loves your family dog more than anything in the world, he may appreciate a reading material that focuses on dogs of all shapes and sizes. The pets in the book act similarly to humans, in the sense that they drive a car, strike a conversation with someone, and ride a bicycle. It is one of those books edited by Dr. Seuss, so you know that it’s among the best Beginner Books out there.

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What Should Danny Do? – Adir And Ganit Levy

Getting your son to love book series may not be so difficult once you show Adir and Ganit Levy’s literary piece called “What Should Danny Do?”. This one contains nine different stories, which all aim to make its young readers feel empowered and realize that their choices in the future will matter for everyone. Growing up with that type of book may shape your kid up to become a leader years later.

I Love You Because You’re You – Liza Baker

If you want to introduce a book that the entire family can enjoy, you may obtain Liza Baker’s I Love You Because You’re You book. The story revolves around the love of a mommy fox to her baby and the things she can do for him. It has been written in a poetic format, and so when the little boy is old enough to read it, he may learn how to rhyme as well.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? – Jane Yolen

A fantastic bedtime story for kids who love the enormous reptiles that are now extinct can come from the How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? By Jane Yolen. In this reading material, the reptilian animal acts similarly to a human child when the parents ask him to go to sleep. It is quite interactive, too, considering every page has a question that your little boy can answer instead of a statement. One of the best books for a 4-year-old boy that he will truly enjoy.

Final Thoughts

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These are merely some of the best books for a 4-year-old boy. For sure, you can find a thousand more online and offline. The most practical advice we can offer when searching for one is to associate it with the child’s interests so that he won’t feel bored while flipping through it.

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