The Best Books For 5 Year Olds That They’ll Want You To Keep Reading

Children love books. If you have a five-year-old, you’re probably reading them books every so often, or they’re learning to read on their own.

Storytime is an excellent time to bond with your kids. They’re great for bedtime, for school, or any other occasion. However, if you find yourself reading the same book over again, there are “guidelines” in choosing the best books for five-year-olds.


What To Look For In A Book For A Five-Year-Old

If you’re curious about what book to read to your child, here are some factors to consider.


At five, kids love books with pictures in it. Look for books with colorful, imaginative, or funny illustrations that they will love. Chances are, you can find a good book with all of those.


They Can Read it Themselves

At five, your kid may be starting to learn how to read. Give them a book that is easy for them to practice their reading skills on. Simple words, context clues, and a story they can understand even if they don’t understand every word out there.

A Great Story

Finally, give them a book that has a fun little story they can read. A silly tale yet has a fun adventure to it. A story that is goofy, but has an excellent moral. If your kid is mature for their age, they may be able to handle a chapter book with a long story to it. A bigger book is primarily useful, as you can read a chapter to them every night and get more use out of it.


Some Books To Read

With that, let’s look at the best books for five-year-olds.


Harold And The Purple Crayon

This one is an absolute classic and one that your kid will love reading. This book has a boy named Harold. And he has a purple crayon. With the purple crayon, he can create many drawings and scenarios that come to life. It’s a great little book packed with adventure, and it encourages your kid to be creative. At five, they are starting to learn how to draw and color, and this book could be some inspiration.

Maddi’s Fridge

Sometimes, you want your kid to learn about giving to the less fortunate. At five, they are in preschool or kindergarten and may have seen a kid who doesn’t have it as well off as other kids. This book is about two girls who are friends. One friend is more unfortunate, so the other gives her some food and helps her out. It’s a great story with an excellent little lesson your kid is going to love.

The Baby Tree

At five, your kid is starting to think more critically, and they may ask you questions that you may not have the right answer for yet. One of the questions may be where babies come. The Baby Tree is a whimsical tale explaining the origins of babies. Do they grow on trees? In the Baby Tree, one kid tries to find that out.

The Snowy Day

Winter is a time for many kids to play, especially if there is good snow outside. This book describes one boy’s fun time during a snowy day. It comes with some beautiful illustrations to tell the story. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, your kid is going to have a fun day with The Snowy Day.

Any Of The Berenstain Bears Books

Is it Berenstain or Berenstein? Whatever you think, this is a classic book series that teaches kids many lessons. Books about what happens when you’re too stressed out, watch too much TV, overeating junk food, going to the doctor, and more. There are plenty of life lessons to be found with this family of bears, and generations of kids have loved it for a good reason. This one of the best books for five-year-olds.


Mog, The Forgetful Cat

Every kid loves a story that stars an animal, and Mog is one cat that doesn’t scratch. As the name implies, this is a story about a cat who is always forgetful and suffers its consequences. Chances are, your kid forgot about something before and suffered some results so that they can relate to Mog’s adventures.

Super Mario Brothers: Trapped in the Perilous Pit

Does your kid like to play video games? Books starring video games can get your kid interested in reading. Mario has been a character in gaming for over 30 years and thus has had plenty of picture books. One of them is this tale. It has colorful illustrations that feel like the real game. Your kid is going to love every bit of it as Mario and Luigi use their jumping powers to get out of that pit. If you played Mario games, you know how bad holes can be.

Everyone Poops

It is a book published in Japan under the name Minna Unchi. It’s a story that bluntly describes how animals and everything else uses the bathroom. It’s great for a kid with a gross sense of humor, and it’s good for a laugh as well. It’s a classic that only Japan would think about writing.

Amelia Bedelia

It is another classic book series starring a maid who takes everything too literally. She gets told to draw the drapes, and she draws a picture of it. English can be hard sometimes, and this fun book series teaches kids about how phrases can have different meanings. Five is the perfect age to learn about all of this, after all.


Any Dr. Seuss Book

Finally, you can’t go wrong with the Doctor. Dr. Seuss’s stories contain bright lines, rhymes, and iconic illustrations. He has longer stories and shorter stories your kids can read on their own. Great for kids of all ages.


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