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Here are the most popular and the amazing graphic novels for teens you can give to teens to read as decided by readers worldwide. This list helps to give parents of teens or 15 year old guy of perspective. Check for the following list to have more ideas. 

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15 Greatest Books For 15 Year Old Boys

For a year, getting a kid 15 year old to read books, specifically a teenage boy, can be quite frustrating for many parents. However, for some teens, many books are becoming more and more appealing for young guys to read – those that have unique characters and stories that tell about history, old magic, or the future.  So, encourage your child.

15 Years: Cool Boys

Some 15-year-old kids can already be a wide reader and hope to explore as many books as he wants. For 15-year-olds, different genres like romance, thriller, fantasy, or sci-fi are just perfect. If you’re child is interested in literation or graphic novels, then you can opt for it. Don’t worry if your kids or other kids don’t like books.  It doesn’t matter because it’s only in the beginning. We have book recommendations for unwilling kids.

Malice By Chris Woodling

It is one of the good mystery books for kids as it does blur the line between reality and fiction. Your kids might feel intrigued or surprised. What’s cool is that it’s written both in the form of a graphic novel but also in traditional print, so it’s like also reading comic books in a sense. The writer is awesome! It is comic novel-focused content, which is perfect for your son. This is a great read for them

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower For Boys

This is written by American novelist Stephen Chbosky. If your son likes realistic fiction, this is one good material to read. It may sound like your average teenage girl’s novel, but in truth, it’s not the case. If you’re child is interested in literation or graphic novels, then you can opt for it.

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Leviathan By Scott Westerfield

This is an award-winning novel that is good for those who like a different take on major historical events, but it creates an interesting tale of biology versus technology. 

I Am Number Four By Pittacus Lore

This is another fast-paced action and adventure novel that your son’s little sister might also get to enjoy. It also has a lot of science fiction elements, so if you want your child to be reading something engrossing and different,this one is for them. The story involves nine teens from a planet called Lorien who come to Earth and train and help develop their powers to get the planet back from the Morgadorians.

Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

I’m convinced that almost every teen will enjoy this one. Essentially, the story revolves around the pilot of a plane that crashes and gets lost in the wilderness. One of the passengers has to survive with just a hatchet and his wits. Brian will be alone, and since he is, he struggles to learn to rely on himself. It’s the right book for all ages and college.

  • This is one of the celebrated ones because of its poignant depiction of character growth as Brian changes from a city guy overwhelmed by despair into a resourceful and resilient survivor.
  • Gary Paulsen’s portrayal of Brian’s emotional and physical journey resonates with readers, leaving a lasting impact on those who appreciate stories of resilience and self-discovery.

Gone By Michael Grant

This is one of the interesting post-apocalyptic books that involves a mysterious issue where people over the age of 15-year old are disappearing, and the ones that are left need to find help. The story involves teens who are looking for ways to unite together and rule while trying to battle the supernatural elements and find out why all this is happening. 

  • Compelling Premise: “Gone” by Michael Grant captivates 15 readers with its unique and intriguing premise. The sudden disappearance of all adults in a small town, leaving only the children behind, sets the stage for a suspenseful and mysterious narrative that keeps readers eagerly turning pages.
  • Complex Characters: The book introduces a diverse cast of characters, each grappling with the challenges of survival and the emergence of supernatural powers. Michael Grant skillfully develops these characters, making them relatable and engaging as they navigate the complexities of their new reality.
  • Exploration of Power Dynamics: One of the strengths of “Gone” is its exploration of power dynamics within the group of children. As they discover and grapple with their newfound abilities, the book delves into how power can both unite and divide, creating tensions and alliances that add depth to the storyline.
  • Unpredictable Plot Twists: Michael Grant keeps readers on the edge of their seats with a series of unexpected plot twists. The narrative is full of surprises. Readers find it hard to predict the outcome and ensuring a thrilling and suspenseful reading experience.
  • Social Commentary: Beyond its thrilling plot, “Gone” incorporates elements of social commentary. These books explore themes such as leadership, morality, and the consequences of unchecked power, inviting 15 boys to reflect on broader societal issues within the context of a gripping and fantastical story.  Your son will truly love the team that these novels convey. It can bring out pure emotion and  fun at the same – definitely something that friends can share with each other.

Pluto By Naoki Urasawa

If Your Child Likes Anime, this might be for them. Naoiki Urasawra has created many interesting stories for kids. Essentially, this is a darker version of the comic “AstroBoy,” and it is a fictional story that is loosely based on the original comic. It’s about a man who has a machine, and there is a detective who’s looking to solve robot murders. It’s so thrilling for teens!

At what age should you start encouraging your child to read? You can start them young to encourage reading, which will enhance their brain development.

“The Hate U Give”

Written by Angie Thomas, this is a well-plotted and brilliant novel for kids with a great pace and one of the most fast-paced books out there. It’s about a girl named Starr who lives between two worlds, and she witnesses the shooting of her friend. While it does have a female lead, it’s a thrilling, engaging novel that many teenagers won’t want to put down.  Kids age fifteen also love team survival stories. Pick the right author and test reading one page before giving it to your child.

At what age should you start encouraging your child to read? You can start them young to encourage reading, which will enhance their brain development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Long Should Teens And Kids Read A Day?

Determining how long kids should read can vary, but considering reviews and the writer’s style can help parents gauge the appropriateness of the material. It’s crucial for parents to strike a balance between fostering a love for reading and ensuring that kids aren’t caught up in texts that may not align with their age or the values of the country they live in.

Does A Teenage Kid Or Voracious Reader Read Novels Everyday?

True story, kids don’t read book every day. Some are forced, are struggling, or they simply forget. Even so, even when you give them great books some love to draw or do some art and make a note.

Should You Force Teens To Read Or Not?

Rather than forcing kids to read, it’s essential to recognize the individual appeal of literature. Encouraging children to spend time with reads that match their interests, be it a hilarious story or an exciting biography, allows them to develop a genuine love for reading that goes beyond a bit of coercion from a well-intentioned mother or any other person.

How Can I Encourage My Teenager To Read?

To encourage your teenage boy, you can bring him to the local library. Expose him to freedom and literature. Life is not boring with books.

Do books have age limits?

How Do I Choose The Books Teenager Should Read?

Selecting the top reads for boys involves considering titles that captivate the imagination of teen boys and young readers, such as the adventurous Time Machine or the vivid historical narratives by Charles Dickens, like Two Cities. It’s about finding a balance between classics and contemporary works, ensuring teen boy readers are exposed to a variety of genres including nonfiction, from the detailed biographies of Steve Sheinkin to the creative realms of writing. For young adults, good reads often create links between the world of movies and literature, offering them a diverse reading experience that enriches their understanding and appreciation of storytelling.

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