What Are The Features Of A Kids’ Cookbook?

Teaching your child to cook is a good idea. Too many children grow up not knowing how to cook anything beyond a cup of ramen. The reason is that parents don’t cook with their kids and get them interested in cooking.

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A young child should stay away from the kitchen. There are just too many risks. However, if your child is older, consider cooking with them. Moreover, giving them a fresh cookbook for kids is one of your choices for the best books for 5 year olds.

What is the difference between a kids’ cookbook and a regular cookbook? In this post, we will show you some features of a kids’ cookbook.

Cute Illustrations

Most cookbooks have some kind of illustration. It is one of the essential features of a kids’ cookbook. After all, you have to have a general idea of what you’re cooking should look like. However, a children’s book will have much more illustrations. They may show the reader every single step in picture form to help kids who are still learning how to read or to give more guidance. These illustrations may be cartoony, humorous, and make the kid want to read the cookbook just for the pictures alone, which can be entertaining to watch for sure.

Simple Recipes

Your kid isn’t going to be able to create a 4-star meal unless they are incredibly talented. These recipes will usually be quite straightforward. Some may not even require any baking. No complicated mixing, or having to worry about messing one thing up and ruining the entire recipe. Nope. These recipes are uncomplicated for both kids and adults to do, and that’s always a good thing, is it not. Since kids are only starting, this is one of the features of a kids’ cookbook.

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Explaining What Certain Terms Mean

What is the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon? You know what the difference is, but your kid may not. A kids’ cookbook should have a glossary that explains cooking jargon. Your kid not only can learn how to cook but can expand their vocabulary as well.

Fun Activities

Besides recipes, the cookbooks may have fun activities your child can do. From coloring to word seek, these activities can keep your child entertained for a very long time and can be a nice breather for all the cooking they are about to do.

Creative Recipes

Kids like foods that have unique shapes and gimmicks. Heck, even some adults like that, and that’s okay. These cookbooks will come with unique recipes like that. You can expect to bake a cake shaped like a basketball or make a meatloaf shaped like a star. You never know what you’ll find.


Many of these children’s cookbooks may be themed. There may be a cookbook based on unicorns or a cookbook based on the foods of your kid’s favorite cartoon. It allows your child to be more interactive and invested in the recipes because it’s something he or she relates to, and that’s always a plus.

A Variety Of Recipes

Even though the recipes are simple, there is a wide variety of them. After all, your kid may be a picky eater, and a kids’ cookbook should have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, including snacks and other goodies. If it doesn’t, then it may be a bad kids’ cookbook. Lots of options excite kids, and it’s one of the best features of a kids’ cookbook.

Some Examples Of Kids’ Cookbooks

Here are some excellent examples of cookbooks you can buy for your children that they will love.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

For over 20 years, Harry Potter has captured the imaginations of children. Chances are, you may have a soft spot for the boy who lived. Anyway, if you’ve read Harry Potter, you know that they have some unique foods. Butterbeer, chocolate frogs, Every Flavor Beans, the list goes on. Many of the snacks from Harry Potter do exist, but it’s much better to cook it yourself, don’t you agree. You can find this cookbook in Amazon or Barnes And Noble.

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Cooking Class: 57 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love to Make

This one is a fun and educational cookbook that has 50 different recipes available. What makes this cookbook good is that it goes into detail for kids who don’t understand without sounding too complicated or condescending to its audience. It has a variety of recipes and some good healthy options also. Plus, it has plenty of colorful, creative illustrations that your child will love. It’s one class that your kid would like to attend (more about it here).

Better Homes And Gardens New Junior Cookbook

It is a great way to educate your children. Like the previous one, Better Homes and Gardens teaches children the basics of cooking in a way that’s not complex. From measuring the ingredients to getting the right tools and figuring out what they do, this cookbook has a kid covered. It has some unique recipes that your kid will love, and we say it’s worth a shot.

Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Boys And Girls

This one is a cookbook that goes back over 60 years. It is up to date since then, but the feel of the book hasn’t changed that much. This book looks like something out of the 1950s complete with some classic recipes kids love. Pigs in a blanket, ice cream cakes, the list go on. It’s one cookbook that has quite a bit of variety to it, and it holds up to this day.

Because it’s so vintage, grandma and grandpa may love to cook with their grandchild as well. Perhaps they used a cookbook like this a long time ago, and they feel nothing but warmth and smiles as they cook from it.

It’s one great cookbook that you and your kids will love.

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Cooking is a valuable skill for your kids to learn. Cooking your food encourages creativity, it costs less overall than eating out, and one can make a career from being an excellent chef. If you want to welcome your kids to the world of cooking, we say that it’s worth a try. Buy your kid a kid-friendly cookbook today and see what they can do with it. It can be fantastic to try.

FAQs On Kids’ Cookbook

Benefits of Baking With Kids include Bilateral Coordination, Hand Strengthening, Eye-Hand Coordination, Spatial Perception, and Planning Skills, Try Some Great Cookie Recipes, Doing Math while Baking, as well as understanding Baking Resources. And to find some good baking recipes, you can check out the Super Good Baking For Kids book.


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