Bumblebee Transformer Toy Sets That Are Like The Classic Ones


With the release of a new Bumblebee movie, transformer playsets are super fun, and they give the child endless hours of fun. But, what are the best Bumblebee transformer playsets that kids of all ages will love? What are some factors to consider when choosing these? Well, read on to find out.

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Robots In Disguise Power Surge Bumblebee

This is the perfect play set. for any Bumblebee lover that’s in your house. it’s a power surge Bumblebee, and it’s an action figure that’s similar to what the Optimus Prime model of the same name does.  The Power Surge Bumblebee comes with a weaponizer figure, and you can use this to make sounds, and even transform into the iconic car that you know. It comes with two figures and is compatible with other figures, and you can even scan figures to unlock content in the app for more fun. The one downside is this does require a battery, and it has no voice control whatsoever.

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Knight Ammo Turbo Charger Bumblebee

This is similar to the Bumblebee that you see in the Transformers movie called “the last night” and this is one where Bumblebee is powered up whenever he is under attack from enemies.  It offers the power-up in toy form. With this, Bumblebee transforms from a figure to a Camaro where he can drive over all kinds of land. it’s designed for older kids that enjoyed Bumblebee from this, and it also includes on-box instructions and transforming.  The yellow, however, are two different colors, and the joints may need to be oiled since they are a bit awkward and do require some effort when it comes to posing these.

Transformers Playschool Heroes Rescue Bots Heatwave And Bumblebee Git Set

This is a great gift set for those that love these rescue bot heroes. Each of these fit into a small console, and you can use them to play little games.  The system console is sold separately, but if your child loves these two characters, this is the perfect play set. for them to enjoy. And plus, it’s not super expensive either, so you can get your child the Transformers toys that they love, and ones that provide endless hours of fun too!

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Transformers Rescue Bots High Tide Rescue Big Play Set

While this playset. does come in simple brown packaging, this is pretty easy to open up. It’s a playset. that actually can convert from a submarine to a robot. It includes a rescue rig with a claw, buoy, a capture cage, a couple of cutouts, string, and some instructions, and it’s perfect for if you already have the rescue bots toy and your child wants to have another extra fun play set. that they will enjoy.


Transformers Age Of Extinction Bumblebee figure

Bumblebee is one of the most popular Autobots in this series, and while in the original cartoon he was a VW bug, in the movies, he became a Camaro that was upgraded to a new model. This new toy is easy to transform, and it goes from the Camaro version to a robot with literally just one switch. That means, it’s easier to put together than some of the models that are out there. In robot form, it’s about 10 inches tall, and it features a disc launching set that first at different enemies. it’s got a solid and durable construction to it, and since it is bigger, more children can play with it.  it’s easily one of the easiest Transformers to transform. One downside to this is that if the wheels are lost, they can’t be replaced, and unfortunately, the back wheels fall off too easily, so make sure you tell your kid about that before they begin to play with these.


Transformers Rescue Bots Energizer Bumblebee

Bumblebee is super popular in the Rescue Bots series. This toy allows for Bumblebee to transform easily using two levers that are on there. It includes a jackhammer that the child can use with Bumblebee as a weapon, and if they’re in car form, the child can mount this to the hod area of the car. The Energize figure also has some blue styling, and if your child likes the Rescue bots figures, this is a great option. It does look like a classic Bumblebee, and it is pretty nice, but it does feel a bit flimsy, similar to how some of the other Rescue bots toys are.

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Bumblebee Movie Toy Figure

for those that love the movie, this Bumblebee figure is just like the one in the film, and it’s ready for battle. It comes with an Energon inside of the armor, and with this, the child can imagine charging up the core against the Decepticons. By spinning the core, it powers him up, and you can change this between the VW Beetle form, or the high-powered robot form, and it only takes about 17 simple steps.  


What To Look For In A Bumblebee Toy

When you choose a Bumblebee toy, there are a few things you should consider, and they are as follows:

  • The age of the kid, younger kids love the Rescue bots ones
  • The small parts, lots of the bigger toys have smaller parts and many other actions
  • How easy or hard it is to assemble and disassemble
  • Whether it transforms from the classic VW form or the Camaro form

All of these factors play a part on what type of Bumblebee toy you get, and if you’re curious about the different types of toys you can get, you can use these options to figure out what toy is best for you.

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Transformers are super popular, and Bumblebee is the poster child next to Optimus Prime in terms of popularity. If you’re curious about the best toys that your child will love, and ones that make them feel like they are really playing with Bumblebee, then consider these toys, and you can get the playsets as well for even more fun.

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