What Are The Perfect Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls

Buying a 10-year-old girl something that they like can be a little bit hard. they’re kind of past that age where they want “kids toys” but sometimes getting them items for older kids might not be the best choice either. However, we’ll discuss here the best gifts for 10-year-old girls that they will love no matter what.

Owl String Art Kit by Craft-Tastic

This is a gift that is educational, yes, but girls will love it. It comes with three canvases and patterns along with foam. They can make three different owls, but loads of different designs that can be made. It looks a little bit complicated at first, but once you read the instructions it’s the perfect way to get creative.  You essentially put pins in the middle and then use your strings to create art. It comes with 60 years of thread and over 170 pins, which allows for hours of fun, and it’s a good gift for older children.

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This is another educational toy that’s good for exercising your brain. It’s essentially a memorization game, where you memorize the sequence of light, and you want to follow along as much as you can without messing up the pattern. Your child can work on this themselves, or she can work with a sibling in order to bring forth hours of fun.

Klutz Clay Charms Kit

If your child likes to play with clay, but you don’t want them to work with any toxic materials and glazes, then this is for you. It allows for your child to get creative, allowing them to create over 30 different types of charms that they will love, including puppies, kitties, and donuts.  It comes with a variety of clay, and the cool part is a little goes a long way with it, so they can make a variety of different items. It also comes with glaze to give it a shiny finish, and instructions on how t start making jewelry as well.

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Cursive Script Name Necklace

Lots of girls like jewelry, and for 10 year olds, they often like it because it makes them feel more grown up as well.  It also is a good item to have for years to come, so it builds sentimentality. You can get custom necklaces in either gold, rose gold, or silver, and they can be personalized.  Your child will love these, and if they are good with jewelry and want it to last, you can get them a more expensive one to keep as a sentimental item.

Shopkins Party Pack

Some young girls grew out of Shopkins, but if they still enjoy it, then this party pack is great for them. It involves the season 7 party pack, and comes with 12 new Shopkins, and also some topkins that they can stack.  You also get two glittery lights that they can use with other sets and be able to display their favorite shopkins items.

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OurLife Pink Sports Camera Camcorder

Some girls get really into taking pictures, and if you want to get them one that works for them, this is a great one.  It allows for girls to take photos and videos, and they can feel more grown-up with their own camera. It takes pretty good video quality and some high-res images. It also gives the child the option to put frames on their photos, and if they’ve been left on the camera, you just take the photos out and then put the frame on, allowing for more customization. it’s also waterproof, which is perfect for beach trips, and it can be mounted to different places for immense recording possibilities, and it can record up to 90 mins of continuous video.

Aquabeeds Beginners Studio

This is another fun art and crafts kit that allows your girl to bring out her artistic side, allowing your daughter to create some wonderful pictures without being too messy. The process is simple, and it involves putting beads over a template, spray some water on top, and then, you’ll watch as the beads stick together, creating a picture. it’s simple, and you can create some amazing art with this that your daughter will love.

Source: pxhere.com

Oonies Starter Pack

Oonies are litter rubberized animals, and f you’ve ever been curious about this collection, this is the one for you. It contains materials to make 23 different oonies, and they stick together without glue or water, and it is super fun to start with. They allow you to have hours of fun with your friends and family, allowing you to create and make some interesting and fun items that they will enjoy.

Klutz Make Your Own Soap Kit

If the girl you’re buying for is interested in science, then this is the DIY kit that they will enjoy, allowing her to make different soap bars, and it also teaches her some cool chemistry lessons.  There are some easy science experiment ideas that your daughter can try out, including making her own soaps with a fragrance to it, and it’s pretty amazing what you can do with this.

Alex Toys Do It Yourself Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry

Jewelry kits are really good for girls who want to be creative, and this allows your girl to make 30 different bracelets in different styles that they can share with friends and siblings, and you can even make matching bracelets. It comes with twine, bangles, feathers, and charms, and comes in a removable storage kit.  

Reflections Engraved Mirrored Jewelry box

This is a personalized jewelry box that you can get for your child. it’s a sentimental piece that’s perfect for when they get older, and who knows, they could keep it around for wedding jewelry when the time comes.

Source: flickr.com

Buying for a 10-year-old girl isn’t as hard as you think, and you’ll be able to create a great mindset with these items, and if you’ve ever wanted to encourage your daughter to be creative, these gifts are the way to do it.

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