The Snugride SnugLock 30

The world of infant car seats and carriers is a large one. There are countless brands to choose from. This Graco’s Snugride 30 LX review will hopefully help to narrow down the options you have to steer you in the right direction.


This Graco seat review will go over all of the features, and whether or not, this is the baby trend you should be watching for.  If you’re looking for a new car seat that fits with the current baby trend for safety, then this car seat review will highlight some of the top features of this seat as well.

To also give you an idea of the best selling new car seats online, we created a list of the highly-rated new product car seats from Amazon, and we included their unique features so you can choose which one ticks all your boxes. The Compressive review of this article will also give you a better understanding of what it offers, so keep reading to learn more.

The full name for the new product is the new product click connect car seat. The new Graco product click connect car seat is one of the new infant car seats that you can choose from. The new product click connect car seat has a minimum weight of 4 pounds and a maximum weight of 30 pounds. The new product click connect car seat can only be used in the rear-facing position.


Graco SnugLock 35 Elite Car Seat (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


SnugLock 35 Elite Infant Car Seat

  • Safety is one of the key features to look for when buying an infant car seat and the product Snuglock 35 Elite from Graco gives you exactly that.
  • The Graco SnugLock 35 Elite is ideal for infant up to 4-35 lbs.
  • It has Graco SnugLock Technology features that allows 3 step installation using vehicle seat belt or Latch.

SnugLock 35 Elite features that allows 3 step installation using vehicle seat belt or Latch.


Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Platinum Infant Car Seat | Baby Car Seat, Spencer


  • The Graco Snuglock 35 Platinum is the cheapest among the new products on the list but it has almost the same features as the others.
  • It comes with a silent shade canopy to protect the baby from the sun.
  • This Graco makes a perfect 1st infant car seat for your little one.

Snuglock 35 Car Seat


Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX Infant Car Seat, Baby Car Seat Featuring TrueShield Side Impact Technology


SnugLock 35 Infant Car Seat

  • Graco SnugLock 35 features a TrueShield Side Impact Technology which is believed to be effective in keeping the baby safe during accidents.
  • This Graco has a 4 position adjustable base that allows you to customize the fit according to what will work on your vehicle.


Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Platinum XT Infant Car Seat | Baby Car Seat, Bryant


  • The Graco SnugLock 35 Platinum XT car seat is highly recommended for parents who are looking to create a travel system
  • Using either the car seat belt or Latch, it offers a hassle-free installation
  • This Graco SnugLock 35 is made of premium fabric with a removeable all-weather boot that keeps the baby comfortable in all temperatures.

Understanding The Snugride SnugLock 30 Click Connect Technology

What makes the new product click connect car seat stand out is the click connect technology. The Graco click connect car seat will click one it is secured into the case seat base or the stroller. It only takes one step and with the click technology, the new product click connect car seat is in place. This gives parents the confidence that their child is secured.

This is a convertible car seat as well, and it will stay in car base.  It comes with the infant insert, and the infant insert can be removed too. The infant seat is good for small babies, and the infant seat is rear-facing too, so with the infant seat, you’re getting protection from the way it sits, along with the quality of the infant seat. The car base is equipped to stay in car, but you can take out the infant seat over time, and with the Graco click connect, you can convert it to a seat belt to use when a child is older. The product car seat click is rear facing, but later on your child can use the seat belt to stay in there. it has the latch equipped stay seat belt, so when your child clicks it, it will stay in place.


The Graco click connect car seat baby is a big deal because it is so easy to install, and with the new car seat click, if you have to put it in another car or travel system, it doesn’t involve a lot of actions like other car seats.

It does come with the ability to be used with the click connect stroller. The Graco click connect is easy to move to a travel system too.  Just click and remove it, and you can use the seat belt for this on the stroller as well. It comes with the classic connect features too. You can remove cover to use it, and with a simple remove cover, you can change this too.

This does work with other classic connect systems, so if you have something other than the new car seat click, you can use the classic connect to put it on there. The classic connect means it’s a very easy car seat to use, and one that will last a long time once you’ve done the base installation.

When it comes to car seats new product knows safety and protection. This comes with a rethread harness to help secure the belt, and the belt path is hard to take off the path.  The belt path is pretty secure, and once you have the baby in, you can adjust the belt path in order to give your child the best comfort. With an easy-to-use belt path to adjust, this grows with your child.

SnugLock 30 Car Seat

The Graco Snugride 30 car seat is lightweight and easy to carry because it only weighs 7 pounds. In addition to this feature, the new product click connect car seat has a 5-point harness that holds your child in place. This 5-point harness features a front-adjust that allows you to easily put your child in and take him or her out of the new product click connect car seat. It is also easy to install too.

Another safety feature that you will find included with the product click connect car seat. is ESP. ESP is an energy-absorbing foam that was designed to effectively take any energy that may come from an impact. This foam is all around the product click connect car seat so your baby is protected at all times. The product click connect car seat has been crash tested and is made to hold up in an accident where the impact may have come from the front, side, or the back. When it comes to car seats, new product is one of the best infant car seat options, since the EPS foam offers high quality protection for the baby. The EPS foam is on all sides, so the new product car seat for kids will protect your child better than other car seats which don’t have the EPS foam in it.  That means, if you want a safe and secure infant car seat, the new product Snugride Click Connect by Graco will give your child the best protection on the market.

The product click connect car seat comes with head and body support that can be used to protect your smaller baby. The support will give you peace of mind in the fact that there is extra support surrounding your baby, holding him or her in place. In addition, the covers of these supports and other covers can be removed to be machine washed.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is The Difference Between The Snungride 35 Car Seat And 30?

  • There are a few main differences between the new product click connect and the new product click connect car seat. The first one is that the new Graco Sungride click connect car seat has six reclining positions for your baby. This gives more ways for your baby to get comfortable in the carrier. The second difference is the Graco Snugride click connect car seat has a pendulum level indicator that makes it easier for you to ensure that the reclining positions are level and in the correct spot. A third difference is that the Graco Snugride click connect car seat comes with an infant body support to make your infant more comfortable. The last difference between the Snugride 30 and 35 is the price. The new product click connect car seat is slightly more expensive because it has these added features.
Graco SnugLock 30 infant car seat in grey and orange color

Is Snungride 30 Car Seat FAA  Approved?

  • Yes, it is FAA approved so it is safe to fly with this carrier.

How Do You Install The Snugride 30 LX?

  • When you purchase a new product Snugride 30, there will be an instruction manual provided by Graco with it. In that Graco manual, you will find instructions on how to install the new product Snugride 30 from Graco with the base or without it. The first step is to place the base or the product click connect carrier in the rear-facing position and then put the seat belt through the hooks. Next, tighten the belt as much as you can to create a safe and secure setting. Then you will check the level on the product click connect to ensure that it is even and properly installed. For in-depth instructions, always refer to your product click connect user manual.
Graco features and warranty information

Is This Graco Car Seat A Click Connect?

  • Yes, the new Graco Snugride has the click connect technology. Another name for the new car product is the new car product click connect. The car click connect technology gives off an audible click to let the parent know that it has clicked into place. The seat click connect will sound when the carrier clicks into the base and also into the stroller.

How Long Can The Snungride 30 Car Seat Be Good For?

  • The Snugride 30 car seat click connect product is good for 7 years. This is the limit that the manufacturer has set so to ensure that you are keeping your baby safe, do not use a new car click connect product that is more than 7 years old.

Can You Use The Snugride 30 Without A Graco Base?

  • Yes, you can use it without a base. In order to do so, follow the instructions given in the manual. This will ensure that you are able to safely secure the product click connect carrier onto the seat. The fact that you can use the product click connect without a base also helps while traveling because it is one less piece you have to carry with you. You can use the Graco new car seat as a convertible car seat too if you decide to use this without a base, and the new car seat click infant car seat also offers a means to be a travel system that you can enjoy, and is also an infant car seat that will help too.

What Is Graco LX?

  • Graco seat is the name for the upgraded new product click connect. The brand came out with a new and improved version of the new Snugride click connect so they named it the Graco product click connect car seat. The Graco product click connect car seat has several new features that the original does not have.
Graco car seat


Does The Snugride 30 Fit In The 35 Base?

  • Yes, it will fit in the new click connect 35 car seat base. The new click connect product will also fit into the bases of the car seat and the 40. So if you were given one of these bases then it is safe to use with your new click connect product.

Are The New Seat Bases For These Car Seats Interchangeable?

  • Yes, the new Graco car click connect bases are interchangeable. You can use new Snugride click connect bases 30, 30LX, 35, 35LX, and 40 all with the same new product click connect carrier.
Infant car seat base

Is The Graco New Car Seat Compatible With The Click Connect Technology?

  • Yes, the Snugride is compatible with the click connect technology. This technology is the one-step secure attachment feature that gives parents peace of mind because they know that they have successfully attached their carrier. The product Graco click connect can be heard when the carrier is attached to the car seat base or the stroller.
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