What Are Some Of The Cool Tricks You can Do On The Trampoline?

You just got a trampoline, now what?  Jumping on it can soon lose its novelty once the newness wears off.  Now it’s time to learn new trampoline tricks you can master and show off to your friends with self confidence.  Not only is trampoline fun to learn new things, but it provides you with new skills, including body awareness, that you may be able to use outside of just the trampolines!

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Let’s start with some basic trampoline tricks for beginners. You’ll want to begin your trampoline training with the easiest challenge first, then you can make your way from an easy trick to more advanced trampoline tricks. Many of these extremely easy trampoline tricks will help you improve your best tricks even better by serving as transitions between multiple tricks in a series. Before you start practicing, though, check the trampoline weight capacity so you understand your trampoline can hold up for your tricks.

Trampolines And Trampoline Tricks

There are many trampolines of different brands sizes that you can choose from, which makes buying difficult, especially if you do not know what to look for in a trampoline. We created a list of the highly-rated trampolines from Amazon, and we highlighted their unique features to help you narrow down your options. We also included more based information about the fun activities to do on the trampoline, which you will learn from reading the article.

Skywalker 10-Foot Round 


  • In terms of what to look for in a trampoline, the one from Skywalker Trampolines will pretty much include all that you have in mind in its list. These trampoline maker vowed that safety is their number one priority hence they made sure that their trampoline is wide sized and made with durable materials. Skywalker trampolines used rust resistant long steel for its frame and they included an enclosure net as part of the accessories the trampoline comes with. These trampolines are best for family fun and experience time.

FDW 10FT with Enclosure Net Ladder


  • The 10 FT trampoline from FDW is made with high quality materials such as galvanized stainless steel, 60 high-tension spring and high elasticity padding. These trampolines are surrounded with durable nylon fence to ensure safety. FDW Trampolines claim to be a safe certified trampoline and they assure quality by providing a sturdy design such as their U-Shaped solid foot which extends the life of the trampoline.

Skywalker 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk


  • This 12 foot jump N’ Dunk trampoline is affordable, safe to use and easy to assemble. According to some spam but reputable trampoline reviews, the trampoline has a good bounce and lasts a long time in terms of wear and tear.  These basketball trampolines have hoop and ball for a more fun activity with the family.

Skywalker 8-Foot Jump N’ Dunk 


  • All products from Skywalker including the 8-Foot Jump N’ Dunk trampoline have passed the safety and durability requirements from all ASTM standards. These trampolines pretty much have the same features as the trampoline mentioned above and the only difference is its size. This trampoline a great addition to your backyard and a fun outdoor toy for your kids. Skywalker trampolines are one of the most innovative trampolines in the market.


Front Drop Trampoline Tricks

To develop your front drop on the trampoline, you can either bounce a few times or simply fall forward. A little bounce momentum on the trampoline will help you with this one. When you’re ready, you’ll perform a belly drop, falling forward with your body laying out flat on your stomach. Then the trampoline will help you in bouncing back on your feet. When you first try the front drop on the trampoline, you may find that you get stuck on your stomach where you landed. That’s ok. It won’t take long before you’re completing the entire front somersault, also known as the front drop trampoline trick, by landing back on your feet.

You can do this same trampoline trick in the opposite direction. Then it becomes a back drop.

Front Flip

Front flips are one of the easiest to learn.  It is often the first trick someone learns on their new, cool trampoline.  If you have ever completed a front flip on the ground, it is sort of like that, except you are now doing it in the air from the trampoline.  Remember this feeling because it will help you with the front flip.

First, you need to get a good bounce in.  Find your bounce and then complete the flip in the same direction you would have if you were just doing a tumble on the ground.  Make sure to tuck in your knees to get a faster spin.  The further you can tuck your legs in, the faster you will flip. When you first start doing front flips, you may land on your back.  This is normal.  As long as you aren’t landing on your head, you will be fine.  The trampoline mat is designed to provide you with the suspension you need to be safer when you’re trying different trampoline tricks. Eventually, as you get better at the front flip trick, you will land on your feet in a standing position.  Once you succeed at this trick, you have reached your ”ta-da” level (in a sense).

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Front Handspring

Front handspring is a lot like the front flips but you will be using your hands instead.  The easiest way to do one is to jump or hop and plant your both hands on the ground and then bring your legs up and over.  You can combine this front handspring with a front flip to make it snazzy.

Front Pull Over

This is a fun little trampoline trick to add on once you have mastered the front flip.  There are two types you can do.  First off, you begin by getting some height on your jumps.  Then you do a flip and land on your back.  Instead of stopping your trick there, you continue by pulling your body into another flip.  If you can get into the groove, you can continue this trampoline trick over and over again without stopping. It’s best to start the whole series with a jump as high as possible to give you the momentum you need to keep it going.

The second type of pull over, you can either land on your butt with your legs straight and stretched out in front of you (this is a seated drop) or land on your stomach (this is a front drop) and then pull yourself into a front flip.  While these are both basic tricks for beginners, this front pullover is sometimes easier to start off compared to the first one described.

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Knee Drop

This trampoline trick is super simple. You simply jump on the trampoline, land on your knees, and then pop back up to your feet. The more you practice it, the higher you’ll be able to bounce when you’re on your way back to your feet. One note to make here is to keep your back as straight as you can to avoid and protect yourself from any injury.

Tuck Jump

This is the simplest move you can learn that will be used for flips and other cool challenges.  All you have to do for this trampoline trick is start by jumping straight in the air and pull your knees into your chest.  You are “tucking” your knees.  This is where the trampoline trick name came from.

The tuck jump trampoline trick is also a move that’s incorporated into a lot of exercise programs. This is a trampoline trick that can definitely be used for good outside of just playing. You can tuck jump your way through your workouts with ease after practicing on the trampoline.

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Full Twist

A full twist trick, also known as a full spin or a full twist trampoline trick, can also be called a half twist trick, sometimes. Most people will be able to perform a full twist right away. This is one of the tricks that are pretty easy to do. However, with practice, you can add another full twist to the end of the first one, which is ultimately much more impressive. As you learn to jump higher and higher, who knows how many full twists or half twists you can string together before landing again? With each jump, you can challenge yourself to increase the number of twists, relying on the power of your legs and the control of your hips to execute precise and impressive rotations. The possibilities are endless as you push the boundaries of your trampoline skills and explore the world of twisting flips.

No Hands Cartwheel

The “no hands” cart wheel is the best trampoline trick for beginners.  This trampoline trick is really simple and doesn’t take a lot of practice.  If you are not great at cart wheels, then the trampoline is the best place to better yourself.  First, you need to practice a regular cart wheel.  You’ll just rock sideways onto your hands, kick your feet up into the air in a windmill like fashion, and then land on your feet on the other side of your hands. Now, if you already have mastered that to at least an average level then you can move onto the next step.  Take your less dominant hand or the hand that hits the ground second during your cart wheel and put it behind your back.  Complete a one handed cart wheel and master this before moving onto the no hands part.

It’s time to take that leap.  Get a good bounce in.  Once you find your bounce, tuck away both those hands and perform a cart wheel: hands free!  If you have practiced quite a bit, your core muscles will remember the way you did the previous cart wheels.  It may take you a little time to stop using your hands.  Instinct will tell you to put those hands on the ground.  Don’t do it! This is a cool trampoline trick you can learn fairly quickly if you just keep trying.

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Once you’ve had all your fun with the more basic trampoline tricks, it’s natural you’ll probably be looking for more advanced to try. This is where it gets even more important that you adhere to general rules of trampoline safety. The best trampoline will have a lot of safety features, but you still want to look out for yourself so you don’t end up getting hurt or hurting someone else. One way to do that is to only try performing a cool trampoline trick when you’re alone on it. That way you don’t inadvertently hit or kick someone else while you jump. Now, check out these challenging trampolining tricks…

Challenging Moves

Pike Jump Trampoline Tricks

A pike jump trampolining trick is something you may have seen a cheerleader do. A trampoline is, quite possibly, the place he or she learned to do that pike jump. For this one, you’ll jump as high as you can and pull your legs out straight in front of you. At the same time, you’ll fold your body in half, bringing your outstretched arms down over your legs and reach to touch your toes before falling back down to the trampoline.

The best place to start learning the form of a pike jump is in the sitting position. Sit on the trampoline with your legs together and straight out in front of you. Raise your hands up straight above your shoulders. Then perform the folding motion and bring your upper body down and forward over your legs to touch your toes. This starts teaching your muscles what they need to do once you get up in the air. When it’s easy for you to touch your toes in a pointed position, you should be able to perform the trick reasonably well in the air.

Straddle Jump

The straddle jump is another jump you may have seen a cheerleader do. It’s best to start by increasing your flexibility so you can do a side split. Once you can, or if you already can, you’ll simply jump as high as you can, lift your legs out straight into a wide straddle position, hence the name straddle jump. Then with arms straight, reach to touch your toes, and then fall back to the trampoline, landing on your feet.

A straddle jump requires that you be able to do a full side split in mid air. At the peak of the straddle jump, your legs should be either parallel to the trampoline or higher than parallel. The straddle jump is certainly one of the more advanced challenges, as it involves a full split.

Back Hand Spring

Before attempting to do a back handspring, you will need to begin stretching your back out and making sure you can bend backwards with an arch in your back.  One way to start this trick is to start doing a back bend and then do a walk over.  This gets you used to doing a back hand spring in slow motion.  As you excel at the back bend walk over, start trying to do a back bend from the upright position.  Eventually, you will be doing the back hand spring once you put a hop into it.  To make this trick even cooler, add a back flip at the end of it.  Remember to know the distance of your trampoline trampoline mat because you can over jump your cool trampoline and either find yourself wrapped in the springs or on the ground.  The best tricks are ones that are well-thought out so they can be executed in a safe manner. You’re not going to impress your friends by injuring yourself or anyone else.

Back Pull Over

The back pull over is very similar to the front pull over.  There are two ways of doing the back pullover, depending on the person.  One, you can land on your butt with legs stretched out (the seat drop again) or on your back and then do a back flip from there, or you can do a back flip, land on your back, and pull yourself into another back flip.  This will be difficult because you will be using a lot of your core to continue the pull over from lying on your back position.  It will take a lot of practice.  This is probably one of the harder trampoline tricks to perform.

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360 Back Flip

The first thing you will need to do is master the tuck jump trick.  Once you have done this, land on your back first with your knees tucked into your chest.  This will get you used to falling backwards.  Instinctively, we as humans do not like to fall backwards unless we know for sure we will be caught.  Once you become comfortable with this, get a high jump and push off to flip backwards.  You may start out by landing on your stomach but that is okay.  Try to refrain from landing on your head or neck.  It will take you a few tries before you get it down but keep practicing and it will come to you. This is what many people consider to be, one of the best trampoline tricks you can do on a trampoline. Trampoline enthusiasts everywhere try to master how to flip backward, finding the perfect balance between height and rotation. It’s all about achieving the right angle and maintaining proper balance throughout the flip to execute a smooth and controlled backward flip.

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Side Flip

The side flip trick is much like the front and back flips. It’s a little more difficult though. You’ll do the same thing to start by getting a good bounce going. Then, you jump high, tuck your legs in as far as you can, you can even touch your toes if you want, and then propel yourself either to the right or to the left while you’re in the air, as you do with Propel trampolines. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to land back on your feet over to the side where you started.

What Trampoline To Choose?

It is best to get a bigger trampoline with netting if you plan on learning all these cool trampoline tricks.  The longer rectangular trampolines are a great one to do if your goal is to mainly learn other tricks and do gymnastics.  You also want to make sure you’re getting one with a good trampoline weight capacity for doing tricks. If you are just wanting to get a trampoline for fun get at least a 10 or 12 foot trampoline.  With younger children, netting is a great safety measure especially if they are outside attempting all these trampoline tricks.  It will keep kids from falling off or over jumping the trampoline trick and landing on the hard ground.

Some people have found a ground trampoline to be the best option for doing tricks on. A ground trampoline is sitting on the ground, rather than above it. To properly install a ground trampoline, you have to dig out a hole underneath it to allow for the bounce of the mat.

Reading User Reviews

You can do a little research to find the best trampoline by reading a trampoline review for each one you’re considering. Often, reading Youtube user reviews best provides you with what you need to know. You’ll find information about the quality of materials, the durability of the equipment, the set up of the unit, the trampoline weight capacity, and the performance in a trampoline review. You can also find out about some good trampoline accessories this way. And with further research, you will be able to know too some of the best trampoline tricks you can do with your preferred trampoline.

FAQs for Trampoline Tricks

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