Comotomo Bottle Reviews: Does It Really Make Feeding A Baby Easier?

They say that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. You may think that baby bottles are something you shouldn’t have to fix, with the design being so simple, and yet the Comotomo baby bottle promises to make the baby bottle experience so much better. What is the problem with baby bottles to begin with, and how does the Comotomo help?

Check out the Comotomo bottle reviews below.


What Does The Comotomo Bottle Do? 

The Comotomo bottle is to imitate the feel of breastfeeding. Many babies who breastfeed have a hard time switching to a bottle, and the Comotomo bottle promises to fix this by having a bottle with a nipple that feels just like a breast. It’s a bottle that is squeezable like a breast. 

Also, it’s quite simple to use the bottle that’s easy to clean, and its vent system allows your baby to keep their airflow going. This one is great for babies with colic or just fussy babies in general.

With that said, this bottle is pricier than the usual bottle. Is it worth the price? 

Unique Features

The bottle and the nipple itself are from high-quality silicone without any harsh chemicals. This bottle is suitable for breastmilk, formula, or any other liquid. 

With any high-quality bottle, it’s tough, too. It can safely be microwaved, boiled, and go through a dishwashing machine without any troubles. 

You will also be surprised by how realistic it feels. Most babies should not be able to tell the difference between this and a breast. 

Finally, it’s also easy for your child to hold, as well. As your baby is learning to hold their bottle, this is an excellent first bottle to hold, if we do say so ourselves. 


How Durable Is It?

We should mention in Comotomo bottle reviews that this bottle is very durable. You don’t need to worry about breaking it or it damaging in a machine. Some bottles crack after too much use, or with too much abuse, but not this one. 

Ease Of Use 

Switching the nipples on the bottle is smoother too. You can put the nipples on a five or eight-ounce bottle, making it much easier to change. Some bottles make this process a little bit of a hassle, but not Comotomo. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

A baby bottle, either in 5 or 8 ounces, goes for about $13 on Amazon as of this article. While not a price that will break your bank, it’s more expensive than the average bottle, and some parents who are counting every penny will have to put that in mind. This bottle, however, is well worth the price, and because it lasts so long, we say that it’s well worth the money. 

What Are The Reviewers Saying?

But don’t take our word for it. See what Comotomo bottle reviews say on Amazon. 

Currently, this bottle has high praise on Amazon, with 4.5 stars average, with almost 3,000 ratings from parents around the world. 

Many parents say that it helped their baby when they were being stubborn with switching from breast to bottle. It gave their baby less gas, and feeding them was a breeze with them. As you can expect, many positive reviewers loved this product. 

Of course, not everyone was satisfied. A few negatives reviews do exist, saying how the bottle is easy to fall over, didn’t get the liquid out, and the nipple was hard to latch. With a product like this, it’s always possible to run into a defective version, so make sure you have a return ready. Being Amazon, it’s quite easy to return things. You do have to remember as well that the negative reviews always get more attention, so don’t let a vocal minority deter you from checking out a product. You’re going to love every bit of it.

Anything Else?

This bottle is good because of how comfortable the nipples are, and how well they emulate the breast. This bottle is as stylish as it is useful. Some bottles are all style, no substance, and some are the opposite. This bottle combines both form and content into a powerhouse, and we believe you’ll love every minute of it.

What About Breastfeeding? 

Sometimes, you may be a mom who has to be versatile with how you feed your baby. Many breastfeeding moms may also implement bottles because they are busy, using a pump to prepare them beforehand. This bottle is for mothers who have to use both, allowing your baby to experience both worlds seamlessly. Also, this bottle makes it great for other people who may want to feed the baby, such as the father or another family member. 

Even if you’re a mother who swears by the breast and the breast alone, this baby bottle is good to have in case if something happens. 

The Verdict 

We think that this is an excellent baby bottle to try out. When you can’t use your breast, this bottle feels so close to the natural thing, and it makes feeding time more manageable. With high-quality materials, easy cleaning, and easy assembly, it’s a bottle that brings relief to many parents. 

Plus, it’s a bottle that has been highly reviewed by most people on Amazon and other websites, so you know you’re in the right hands when you try it. 

Because of this, it’s well worth trying out, even if you’re someone who only breastfeeds. Having a backup bottle, especially a high quality one your baby is likely to accept, is a smart move.



This bottle is well worth trying. Of course, other baby bottles deliver a similar experience. It’s always important to try out every baby bottle at your disposal. This one will make it easier for you to get a baby bottle that delivers the best experience possible. Try them all out and see what your baby likes. 


Are Comotomo bottles suitable for newborns?
Yes, Comotomo bottles are suitable for newborns. The nipples have two vents that reduce the risk of making babies colicky.
Why are Comotomo bottles so good?
Comotomo bottles are so good because they are well-ventilated. The two vents on the nipple ensure that your baby will not be sucking air.
Are Comotomo bottles okay for gas?
Yes, Comotomo bottles are useful for preventing gas. They have vents to keep a baby from inhaling air instead of milk.
Can you sterilize Comotomo bottles?
Yes, you can sterilize Comotomo bottles. Just mix baking soda in boiling water and leave the bottles in it for five minutes.
How often should you replace Comotomo bottles?
Comotomo bottles are only good for 6-12 months. You can wait for 12 months only if you don’t use them often.
Can you use a formula in Comotomo bottles?
Yes, you can use a formula in Comotomo bottles. They work like typical feeding bottles.
Can you heat Comotomo bottles?
Yes, you can heat Comotomo bottles. They can stand the heat of boiling water.
Can you freeze Comotomo bottles?
Yes, you can freeze Comotomo bottles with breast milk in there. However, experts recommended freezing milk in separate vessels as they may change the bottles’ color over time.
What bottle warmer fits Comotomo bottles?
Comotomo bottles fit in Phillips AVENT Fast Baby Bottle Warmer. It is one of the few bottle warmers that are suitable for wide-necked bottles.
Which breast pump is compatible with Comotomo bottles?
Comotomo bottles are compatible with Medela, Spectra, and Ameda breast pumps. However, you need special adapters for each brand.
Do Comotomo bottles fit in the Avent bottle warmer?
Yes, Comotomo bottles fit in the AVENT bottle warmer perfectly. They do not fit in regular bottle warmers, though.

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