Affordable Baby Cribs

If you are looking for the finest baby cribs that are under 100, you might be wondering if you can find quality and safe baby cribs for your baby. The good news is that there are many affordable baby cribs that you can choose from, without compromising on comfort, design, or durability.

We will review some of the finest baby cribs, and give you some baby cribs tips on how to select the right and most affordable baby cribs for your baby. Whether you need a portable crib, convertible crib, or standard crib, you can find the most suitable baby cribs within your budget.

One of the best black baby cribs is placed in the corner of a cozy room.

Finest Baby Cribs

There are many infant cots to choose from, including convertible cribs, mini cribs, and portable cribs, which makes the buying process confusing. To help narrow down your choices, we created a list of infant cots for under a hundred from Amazon, and we included brief product information for each infant cot.

If you need more information about affordable baby cots, nursery furniture, daybeds, changers, and more options, you can continue reading as it is discussed in detail on this page. Discover a wide range of infant cots for sale, including various sizes, from top sellers.

Affordable Babies’ Cots

Dream On Me, Anna 4-in-1 Full-Size Baby Cribs

One of the best Baby cribs. Cozy room.
  • The Anna 4-in-1 infant crib is not your regular, as it is more versatile, modern-looking, and convenient to use.
  • The ribs will save you time from going back and forth to get your child’s stuff since it is already packed with an attached changing table with spacious shelves where you can fit all the diapers, extra clothes, other accessories, etc. These cots are also Greenguard Gold certified for a safer environment.
One of the best white baby cribs that promotes peace. The baby inside the crib is standing

Solano 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Cribs With Drawer


The cozy baby mattress ensure a comfortable sleep environment for your baby.
  • These baby cots include a space-saving storage drawer with ample space where you can efficiently organize your kid’s essentials.
  • Solano 4-in-1 baby cots are easy to assemble and it is made from high-quality solid wood that lasts. Available in espresso, grey, pebble gray, and white colors. It also converts from cots to bassinet, making it a great pick for parents looking for a versatile option.

Carson Classic 3-in-1 Convertible Cots

One of the best baby cribs with blankets and baby toys.
  • The Carson classic baby crib looks like your traditional cradle but is more modern. It is multifunctional and it has a stationary rail design. It is dual hooded and has safety locking wheels and 3-level mattress support as its safety features. These baby cots come in 5 finishes including brown and black, making it easy to match with your existing decor and furniture. Additionally, it features vibrations for soothing your baby to sleep.
  • It is dual hooded and has safety locking wheels and 3-level mattress support as its safety feature.
  • These baby cots come in 5 finishes and it has met the CPSC and ASTM standards.

Graco Benton 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Cribs


White wooden baby cribs. Cozy room.
  • These baby cots are JPMA certified and it has met all ASTM and CPSC standards since they are made of high-quality pine wood and composites.
  • Benton baby cots have a classic design and there are a lot of colors to choose from. These cots can be a great addition to your nursery be it minimalist or themed.

Affordable Baby Cribs

Delta Children’s Portable And Convertible Baby Cribs

Delta Children’s infant cots are known for having high-quality crib options, and this is one under 100 that any parent will enjoy using. With many colors of sort and styles, Delta children have covered a lot of variety. Many people like Delta Children because they offer not just portable items, but also convertible ones too.

Delta children not only have a toddler’s crib though, but Delta Children’s cots also have different choices that convert to a toddler bed and many other options suitable for newborns. Whether you’re looking for a daybed, changer, or other autumn-themed nursery furniture, Delta Children stands out as a reliable seller.

The baby white crib appears sturdy and tall. Amazing mattress.

Lazy Moon Portable Pinewood Baby Cribs

For 71 dollars, this baby cot is pretty good. It’s incredibly lightweight and portable, and it comes with a foldable design and mattress that gives the child a comfy space to sleep.

It is made of durable pine wood construction and is perfect for small spaces and moving around. The wheels help with making it travel, and you can even brake it as well. It does fit all of the safety standards as well, making it a good bed that allows you to create a safe space necessary for your infant to sleep. The cot is pretty good, and the side rails are high enough, so you don’t have to worry about the child potentially rolling off.

This convertible cot is affordable and does become a toddler bed, so it could be good for you to use.  This is one of the few products under a hundred dollars that also convert to this kind of bed, and with the different colors and styles offered, it does make a good option for those looking for an affordable baby crib like this.

Enjoy an amazing view of having of the best crib with toys surrounding it, placed in a clean-looking room. Cot for babies perfect for creating a cozy and safe environment for your little one to rest and play

Jaxpety Cot For Infants And Toddlers

This mini baby crib is a little limited since it’s only good for infants and small toddlers, but for 51 dollars, you can’t complain. There are pink and blue options, and it even comes with a good and cute curtain to shield the child from outside lights.

There is a small bit of shaking, but it’s similar to how a mother shakes the kids. It is an excellent bed that will give your infant a lot of great sleeping experiences, and it is stable enough to withstand active toddlers too. This cot is a timeless addition to any nursery that will allow your child to sleep comfortably during their first few months.

Baby Cribs

What To Look For In These Baby Cribs?

When choosing a crib for under 100, there are a few things that you should look into before you begin, and they are as follows:

  • The mattress – some of these sets don’t include a mattress, and that’s something many parents need to factor in.
  • Convertibility – some of these aren’t convertible, and that can play a problem in how long you use it
  • Sheets – if they have them, then great if not, you need to figure out the sheets
  • High rails – a lot of parents don’t realize that the lack of height in rails can affect the overall usage of this
Cot for babies. A mother gently lays her son on the comfortable cot, ensuring a peaceful sleep for her little one.

While these are limited in use, if you’re desperate to find something quick and easy, then you’ll be happy with all of these choices. They are all quality infant cot sleepers that allow you to get the most that you can out of them, and a lot of parents will love their designs. Whether you’re looking for an affordable infant crib, a convertible crib, a mini crib, or a portable crib, Amazon has a wide range of options available today, they usually get picked up or delivered through shipping pretty quickly.

When shopping for cots, it’s important to consider the Greenguard Gold certification, which ensures that the product has been tested for harmful chemicals and emissions. You should also take into account any additional features, such as remote control, that can make your life easier. Don’t forget to check the current price and read customer reviews before adding a cot to your cart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The price of a baby crib can vary widely depending on the brand, style, and features. A basic, no-frills crib can cost as little as $100, while a high-end crib with all the bells and whistles can cost upwards of $1,000 or more.

However, the average price for a good quality crib that meets safety standards is around $300-$500. It’s important to keep in mind that a higher price does not necessarily mean better quality or safety, so it’s essential to do your research and choose a crib that fits your budget and meets all safety requirements.

The safety of a crib is not solely determined by its price. While some low-priced cots may meet safety standards, others may not. It’s important to do thorough research and check for safety certifications before purchasing any crib, regardless of the price.

Additionally, it’s recommended to avoid purchasing second-hand cots or those with a history of recalls. Ultimately, prioritizing safety over price is crucial when it comes to choosing a crib for your infant.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a baby cot, there are several options available. A bassinet or cradle can be a good choice for newborns, as they offer a smaller, cozier sleeping space. A playard with a bassinet attachment can also be used for sleeping and provides a convenient play area during the day. For older babies, a toddler bed or a mattress on the floor can be used as a safe sleeping surface.

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