UnderJams Vs GoodNites Reviews: Which Is Better In 2021?

You will have to purchase items for your baby as they continue to grow and pass through developmental milestones. During your pregnancy, baby is going to need plenty of things to be successfully set up and cared for. Before your baby even arrives, you must plan a pregnancy baby shower, decide on a car seat, purchase the best breast pump that is mom trusted, and so much more. You may even need to purchase two car seats or two breast pumps. Who knows what your pregnancy baby needs will ultimately be. As you review all the community guidelines and tips, you continue to receive help to create a healthy household and even recommendations on how to make a growth chart for your toddler preschooler. All of these things are designed to give you good luck on your parenting path, just like this Pampers UnderJams and Huggies GoodNites guide. 

Baby sleeping in diaper. For a good night sleep, it is recommended to let your baby wear Underjams. Under jams have leak protection and is perfect for bedtime.
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It is the ultimate debate when it comes to nighttime diapers for older children: Pampers UnderJams vs. Huggies GoodNites. Both kinds of nighttime diapers, or perhaps more accurately, nighttime underwear, work great when it comes to helping children who have trouble with bedwetting get through the night feeling clean and dry, but they also each have a few characteristics that make them unique. So a big decision that mothers have to make is UnderJams or GoodNites to provide their child with the best overnight protection possible.

There may be challenges in looking for the right diaper to use. You may also find yourself comparing under jams vs. goodnites and still end up not knowing what to buy. To help you get an idea of what each diaper offers, we made up a list of the best bedwetting diaper for your little one. Each product on the list has unique features that may serve as a solution to your problem. If you continue reading, you may also find relevant product-focused reviews that would give you a better idea of what you need.

Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear for Girls – (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)

Changing the bed sheet every day can be a challenge, the good news is Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear can help manage overnight bed wetting. It not only keeps your bed dry, it also keeps it your daughter’s skin dry as it has 5 layers of protection that absorbs wetness and odor.

Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear for Boys – ( See Customer Reviews & Pricing)

The leading brand of nighttime underwear is also available for boys aged 3-12 years of age. Goodnites offers 40% more protection that other brands, it also is the best choice for your child  if your top priority is comfort as it has a very stretchy waistband and it snugs perfectly on all body types.

Pampers UnderJams Disposable Bedtime Underwear for Boys – (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)

Pampers has truly evolved and has included more products for kids under its roster. The new addition is the  UnderJams underwear which has a night lock technology that seals the wetness away. It is made of cloth-like material  and has cute designs for boys that your child will surely like.

Pampers UnderJams Disposable Bedtime Underwear for Girls – (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)

The disposable UnderJams for girls also has the same features and absorbency mentioned above, the only difference is that the underwear for girls comes with feminine patterns and prints.

Both Pampers UnderJams and GoodNites are different from regular diapers and potty-training diapers because they are made for children who are potty-trained and have daytime accidents under control but need help with overnight protection. Pampers Under Jams disposable bedtime underwear and GoodNites have a larger capacity than daytime diapers and better leak-protection because they are made to keep kids dry in the night while they sleep, which could mean holding everything in for hours. 

Neither brand is necessarily better than the other overall, but one is probably better for you based on your child’s needs and preferences and both are mom-trusted. When it comes down to it, you may have to try both Pampers UnderJams disposable bedtime underwear and GoodNites to make a definitive decision, but there are a few things you can consider to get started considering which might be better. 

Nighttime underwears like Underjams are best used to help baby sleep without changing diapers at night. Will you let your child wear underjams?
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  • Underjams Size

Since nighttime underwear is made for boys and girls that occasionally wet their bed at night instead of children going through potty training, they tend to come in a wider range of sizes to accommodate children that no longer need diapers during the day but do still need extra support at night. 

GoodNites come in sizes XS, S/M, and L/XL, which correspond to children 28-45 pounds, 38-65 pounds, and 60-125 pounds respectively. UnderJams come in S/M and L/XL, which corresponds to children 38-65 pounds and 58-85 pounds, respectively. The UnderJams disposable bedtime underwear size range is more limited but has a higher cut, which can be beneficial to thinner children. 

Goodnite underpants: is this better than Pampers Underjam? Find out its features and see if this is more absorbent than Under Jams.
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  • UnderJams Comfort/Fit

There are a few different factors that go into comfort and fit, including the cut of the nighttime underwear and the material they’re made out of. 

GoodNites tend to be a little bit more flexible on the sides which can be helpful for kids that move a lot during the night and tend to have a more discreet design, while UnderJams disposable bedtime underwear is thicker and sit higher, which can reduce mobility. 

In general, people seem to agree that the material UnderJams disposable bedtime underwear is made out of are more comfortable, but it also makes the nighttime underwear more prone to breaking. If your child is more gentle on the underwear and prioritizes comfort than UnderJams are a good choice, but if they have had problems with ripping diapers in the past, you might need to sacrifice comfort for the durability and flexibility of GoodNites. 

Pampers UnderJams: a bedtime underwear with protection against leak. Learn more about Under Jams here.
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  • UnderJams by Pampers Capacity/Absorbency

Both Pampers UnderJams and GoodNites are highly absorbent, but UnderJam’s thicker material makes for slightly better capacity and absorption. GoodNites are thinner, with similar capacity to the Pampers UnderJams, but can sometimes leave children feeling wet at night. 

Although it may seem like the designs are the only thing that varies between the boys and girls’ nighttime underwear, both boys UnderJams disposable bedtime underwear and GoodNites and girls UnderJams disposable bedtime underwear and Goodnights have different absorbency areas, so it’s important to buy the one that’s best for your child to maximize absorbency for comfortable nighttime protection.  

  • UnderJams Leak Protection

Both brands are built for maximum leak protection, which means special elastic around the thighs to keep everything in and under control. That said, different children are differently shaped, so one brand’s leak protection design can work better for some children than others.  

Another factor to keep in mind is that GoodNites sit lower than UnderJams disposable bedtime underwear which ride higher, meaning that leak protection on the top part of the nighttime underwear is better with UnderJams. 

  • UnderJams Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which is better: Pampers UnderJams disposable bedtime underwear or GoodNites disposable bedtime underwear?

Both the Pampers UnderJams disposable bedtime underwear and the GoodNites offer your child comfort and leak protection. When it comes to different best baby categories, the Pampers UnderJams disposable bedtime underwear has been voted the softest. The GoodNites were voted the best baby product bang for your buck when it comes to disposable bedtime underwear. So the ultimate choice between the Pampers UnderJams disposable bedtime underwear and the GoodNites all depends on your child’s specific needs and comfort levels. 

  • Are UnderJams bigger than GoodNites? 

Pampers UnderJams only come in two sizes while GoodNites come in three sizes, giving GoodNites a wider size range than UnderJams. 

GoodNites bedtime underwear has sizes XS, S/M, and L/XL, which correspond to children 28-45 pounds, 38-65 pounds, and 60-125 pounds respectively, while UnderJams have sizes S/M and L/XL, which corresponds to children 38-65 pounds and 58-85 pounds, respectively. 

Thus, on the surface, it seems like GoodNites bedtime underwear is actually bigger than GoodNites bedtime underwear, and that largely is the case; however, there is one caveat. GoodNites bedtime underwear has a lower rise than UnderJames, which can be a problem for tall, but thin children, because they may have difficulty finding a size that fits them.  

The Pamper UnderJams and the GoodNites have slightly different dimensions, so if the fit is your biggest concern, then it would be a good idea to have your children try both to find out which ones work better with their body type and preferences. 

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Are GoodNites better than Pull Ups? 

According to well-known community guidelines, GoodNites and Pull Ups serve different purposes. Pull Ups are excellent for potty training because they are easy to get on and off, but they are less absorbent than GoodNites bedtime underwear which is mom-trusted and are made to keep kids dry during overnight use.  

So, if your child is potty training, Pull Ups are a great choice, while if you are working with your child on bedwetting, GoodNites bedtime underwear are better. On the GoodNites website, you can take a quiz to determine which is better for your child. 

Are GoodNites considered diapers? 

GoodNites bedtime underwear is not technically diapers, but rather “nighttime underwear.” This is important because they have a different shape and function than diapers. 

Most diapers, especially daytime diapers, are not meant to be worn at-capacity for long periods of time, while night time pull up underwear is meant to keep the wearer dry for a longer period of time, which means they need to have good leak protection, even when bed wetting occurs. 

They also have a more discreet shape than diapers. GoodNites bedtime underwear sits lower and is shaped more like underwear than diapers. 

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  • What do Pampers UnderJams look like? 

Pampers UnderJams look something between a diaper and underwear. Pampers UnderJams have a stretchy waistband so children can pull them on and off as needed and feature a cloth-like material that is different from a typical diaper. 

That said, Pamper UnderJams do share the characteristic padding of a diaper and often features front and back designs with popular cartoon characters. 

Do Pull Ups disposable bedtime underwear work overnight? 

Although Pull Ups disposable bedtime underwear may have the capacity for some children to use overnight, products made for night time and overnight usage like GoodNites or Pampers UnderJams may be a better choice to handle leaks. This is because Pampers UnderJams and GoodNites are made with extra absorbency and leak protection in mind to keep kids feeling dry all night long. 

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What brand makes GoodNites? 

Huggies is the well-known baby names brand that is behind GoodNites the GoodNites, while Pampers is the brand behind the competing overnight underwear, Pampers UnderJam. Both brands aid in your child becoming potty trained to create a health household and provide the best baby comfort. 

What is the best disposable bedtime underwear?

There is one additional disposable bedtime underwear that you can consider for your child in addition to the Pampers UnderJams disposable bedtime underwear. That option is a gender-neutral choice called the Tranquility disposable bedtime underwear. This disposable bedtime underwear is a great option for when your child gets into the toddler preschooler years. This disposable bedtime underwear can hold a lot of fluid and has a gathered waist to ensure comfort for all wearers. Another feature of this disposable bedtime underwear is that it has double elastic around the leg opening to prevent leaks from happening. 

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