Longboard For Beginners: Skateboards Options For All Beginners

There are several types of longboarding for a beginner to learn. There are downhill longboarding, freestyle longboards, carving longboards, and dancing longboards. We are going to talk about how to feel comfortable riding a longboard and how to be pros at skateboarding for a beginner.

Longboard for beginners - simple and stable for easy navigation. Longboarding is a good excercise.
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Since we know that it is also essential to choose your first longboard or beginners’ longboard to optimize your skills fully, we made a list of the best longboard for beginners from Amazon. 

You will also learn more about FAQs on Longboard for new learners or beginners and tips and tricks on how you can ride it like a breeze and all about technical riding if you read further.

Longboard For Smooth Riding

Is Longboarding Easy To Learn?

It may be hard at first when you are a beginner, you will need to find your balance and it will be different for everyone. Your first few attempts of riding a longboard will not be a breeze and if the speed wobbles a little, it’s pretty normal for beginners. However, it may not be that hard once you get the hang of it. People would even go as far as to say that longboarding is much easier than riding a normal skateboard. They say this because you have more room for your feet and they feel more at ease riding faster. With Longboard beginners, you get a fun hobby that is worth the time it takes to learn.

A fine and enjoyable longboard hobby that is worth practicing by beginners.
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Are Longboards Worth It To Buy?

Buying a beginner’s longboard, especially cruiser longboards or pintail longboards, can be worth it for beginners seeking a quality board with larger wheels, a wider deck, and better grip compared to worn-out longboards or boards.

If you are determined to begin learning the sport, it is good to buy the best longboard for new learners orbeginners. A high-quality longboard that is easy to use will make things easier for you; hence you need to check the best-selling longboard skateboard from Amazon where they sell boards of all shapes and sizes for beginners.

Best Beginner Longboard

Junli 41-Inch Freeride – Beginner’s Longboards

This is one of the best for beginners to use longboards because it can be used for different riding styles- longboarding, carving, soft bushings, freestyle, and downhill. It features highly responsive 7-inch aluminum alloy reverse kingpin truck bolts and an ultra-high elastic PU support pad. It is an ideal carving longboard, for mini cruisers and basic freestyle tricks due to its solid construction. 

These high-quality longboards are made of cold press 8-ply natural maple wood and designed with a brushed black surface for anti-slip. Your best bet for dropdowns, the double drop, the drop cat, flip tricks, and the fun stuff.

Another reason why this freeride longboard is one of the best for beginners on longboarding is that it offers longboarding rides easily and goes very fast yet is stable and easy to control, an amazing option for those who want a super portable skateboard.

WHOME PRO – Beginner’s Longboard

The 42 x 9.5-inch longboard is made of 8 layer ply maple wood deck. This well-known longboard brand for beginners makes its products with superior chrome steel, ABEC – 9 bearings, reverse kingpin trucks, and large 70×51 mm PU wheels with 80A Hardness.

This is another one of the best longboards because it is durable and can accommodate a maximum load of 330 lbs.

Another reason why this is one of the best longboards for beginners is that it has soft and big wheels that can provide a stable and smooth ride even on rough terrain and bumpy surfaces.

Magneto 44-Inch – Beginner’s Longboards

Kicktail Cruisers longboard is one of the best longboards for beginners because it has a good and stable deck size that is uncomplicated and safe to ride for all.

The super cruiser longboard is 44 inches long and specially designed for longboarding and skating, it is easy to balance if you have a bigger shoulder width.

WiiSHAM – Beginner’s Longboard

The Wiisham longboard is one of the best longboards for beginners because it is 42×9 inches long and made out of 9 piles of Canadian maple wood with aluminum alloy stent and reverse kingpin trucks for support.

This is the best option because this maple wood board comes with ABEC 9 bearings with higher speeds and 70 mmx52 polyurethane soft roll wheels with 83A harder wheels.

Another reason why this is one of the best longboards for beginners is because it looks very appealing and in style, it comes in colorful prints with unique designs.

FAQs For Beginners’ Longboard

What Good Cheap Beginners’ Longboards To Spend?

Good cheap longboards for beginners with large wheels are user-friendly and suitable for longer distances, available in various styles, unlike other boards or other longboards.

A girl on her longboard, trying to maneuver the longboard by finding her balance and momentum.
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What Is A Good Budget For Beginners Longboard?  

Longboards are the perfect board and a great choice for beginners. Not everyone is better on longboards because longboard has more room for your feet with sturdier wheels and truck mounts. The more room for your feet, the easier it is to ride. Plus, you don’t have to have as good of a balance for a longboard as compared to a skateboard.  

How Do You Make A Longboard Rider Not Look Like A Beginner?

You need to practice the basics. Practice is the only way that you are going to learn not to look like a beginner. Everyone is going to look like a beginner at some point because they are. The more practice you get, the better you will look on the freeride longboard and be able to have a smooth ride at high speeds.  

Is Longboard Riding Good Exercise For Beginners? 

The freeride longboard is best for excellent exercise because you are involving the entire body. You are going to get a great workout for your legs as well. So longboarding makes for a good choice for a good beginners’ workout and even a good advanced workout as well, especially when going at a high speed.    

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Does A Beginners’ Longboard Have A Weight Limit? 

Freeride longboards do have weight limits. There are special longboards out there for heavier people. However, these freeride longboards are just going to be made of heavier materials. Just because you are heavier doesn’t mean that you can’t longboard, you will just need to find a great choice of super cruiser longboard that will best suit your weight needs. No matter what beginners’ longboard you end up with, always remember your knee pads!

How Do Beginners Ride A Longboard Step By Step?  

When you are learning to ride a longboard, you need to know your center of gravity. This means you need to know where to place your feet. The foot that you put on the front foot locked off the board is going to be where your weight goes when you turn or pick up and maintain speed with your other foot.  Find a stance that is comfortable for you. If you use other types of boards such as surfing or snowboarding, you know what stance is going to suit you.   

A closer shot of the beginner's board.
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How Do You Setup Woobly Wheels On Beginner Longboards?

How Long Does It Take For Beginners To Learn To Ride Longboards?

Learning to ride a longboard is different for everyone. It could take someone one day to learn and another person one week. However, the best thing you can do is never give up learning to ride a longboard. If you fail one day just get up the next and try again. Don’t give up and always try to do your best and you will achieve a smooth ride and be able to cover long distances.   

Two longboards
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What Are The Tips So That Beginners Can Longboard UpHill?

Longboarding uphill can be done, however, it takes much more energy. You have to push off much more often to get your momentum up so it may not be the perfect board for uphill longboarding. There is not an easy way to longboard uphill but at least downhill longboarding is a great reward after you make it up a hill. 

How Do You Break On A Longboard?  

To break on a longboard you use your feet. This is known as foot braking. It is where you drag your feet across the ground to stop. This is done when you have your foot flat up against the ground and slowly bring your foot down until it drags the pavement. It is not a good choice to flat-out put your foot down, especially at a high speed, because you could hurt yourself. Simply put your foot flat against the ground lightly and this is known as foot braking. 

Where Do You Put Your Feet On A Longboard? 

One foot goes in the front and one goes in the back. This will help with balance and it will help you when you need to brake, push off, or turn. This is the way that you should stand when you are on a longboard and you will be able to go for a long distance. 

How Do I Choose The Best Beginner-Friendly Longboards?

To choose the best beginner-friendly longboard, consider cruiser or pintail options for a smoother ride, with drop-through designs for stability, and ensure you have the appropriate protective gear while also considering your riding style and the type of wheels suitable for your left foot, possibly opting for downhill boards for beginners.

What Is The Right Longboard For Me?

The right longboard for you depends on factors like quality, stability, roll speed, forgiving ride, wheel size, downhill riding, elbow pads, loose trucks, and smooth rides, so choose one that suits your preferences as you start longboarding.

For rough surfaces, a longboard with softer wheels for more stability, or a portable board for more speed, might be better than a regular longboard due to its larger wheels and lower center.

Are Wide Longboards’ Deck Spaces Used For Smoother Ride?

Wide longboard deck space is more stable, especially for beginners like cruiser, pintail, and drop-through longboards, providing a stable ride, but it can vary depending on the quality of the board, the type of longboard wheels, and the intended use, such as downhill longboards preferring smaller wheels and a shorter board for stability.


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