What Are The Best Overnight Diapers For Toddlers?

Toddlers that have already gone through potty training and have limited accidents still often need overnight diapers for nighttime bladder control. As many parents well know, bed wetting can continue long after toddlers have mastered “holding it” during the day.

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Choosing the best overnight diapers for your toddler’s needs can help them get through the process feeling cleaner, drier and more comfortable, which can in turn help with their confidence and make getting through the night easier.

As toddlers grow, they need diapers will more absorbency and better leak control, and boys and girls need diapers with different kinds of padding to fit their needs. Lastly, they need diapers that they can easily get on and off as they learn to use the bathroom on their own at night.

The best overnight diapers combine all of those factors to make for a comfortable experience for your child. There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing overnight diapers for toddlers. Here’s a few:

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Just like everyone else, children want to be comfortable at night. Choosing an overnight diaper that prioritizes comfort can be a great advantage especially to toddlers with less frequent episodes of bed wetting and can help fussy toddlers get better sleep.

Some overnight diapers made for toddlers have different material than typical diapers that falls somewhere between diapers and underwear, which can be a great option in terms of comfort.

Another option is to opt for cloth diapers. Cloth diapers can be more comfortable for toddlers especially if they are not heavy wetters. They can also save you money in the long run and cloth diapers are better for the plant.

Using cloth diapers as your child’s overnight diaper might seem out of your comfort zone, but there are plenty of cloth diapers made for toddlers that would work well. One of our favorites is the Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Diaper, which is soft and comfortable.

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Another extremely important factor when it comes to choosing the best overnight diapers for your child is absorbency. Because your child will wear the diaper much longer than they would wear a daytime diaper, all overnight diapers have a higher absorbency than daytime diapers.

If you child is a heavy wetter, though, even that is not always enough, so you may need to option for an overnight diaper specifically made with high absorbency. 


When it comes to protecting from leaks, a diaper’s fit is extremely important, especially for overnight diapers. Diapers made for nighttime use often fit differently around and between the legs, so testing out options until you find the best overnight diapers for your child is a good idea.

Options For Boys And Girls

Another aspect related to both fit and durability is the placement of padding within the diaper. Diapers that have options made specifically for boys or girls, like UnderJams or GoodNites, can make a big difference in the diaper’s effectiveness.

These diapers also have the added bonus of often having designs that appeal to boys and girls, which can also be a plus when it comes to picking out diapers.

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When your child is asleep, they might move about in the night, and if they wake up, they might need to go to the bathroom on their own. Thus, it’s important that overnight diapers are durable enough to stay put and not break through your child’s tossing and turning, and that they are made of materials that are stretchy and durable enough for your child tugging at them to get them on and off.


Although appearance may not sound like the most important factor when it comes to choosing an overnight diaper, the diaper’s appearance can still have an effect on how well it works because of your child’s perception of the diaper.

Diapers that don’t look so, well, diaper-like often appeal to toddlers, as do diapers with fun designs or their favorite characters. Of course, this shouldn’t be the only factor you use when deciding on your diapers, but as your toddler gains autonomy and is in charge of more aspects of their bathroom-going experience, appearance can also gain importance.

What Diapers To Buy, Then?

The two leading brands of overnight diapers for toddlers are Pampers UnderJams and Huggies GoodNites, and for good reason. Both kinds of overnight diapers, or as they call them, nighttime underwear, are designed for toddlers who still wet the bed.

They excel in different areas, so it is just a matter of deciding which overnight diaper is best for you and your child. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do overnight diapers make a difference?

Using an overnight diaper instead of a daytime diaper can make a big difference. An overnight diaper is designed to stay dry and absorb all night long, whereas daytime diapers are only made to be worn for a few hours at a time.

Choosing an overnight diaper over a daytime diaper can make the difference between a good night of sleep and needing to wake up to change your child’s diaper because it leaked.

This is especially true for toddlers that are dealing with bedwetting. An overnight diaper made for a toddler is very different from a regular diaper – it has a different shape, design and absorbency made for their needs.

How do I keep my child dry at night?

One great way to keep your child dry at night is to opt for an overnight diaper over a daytime diaper. Choosing an overnight diaper means choosing better absorbency and leak protection to keep your child dry all night. The best overnight diaper is well-fitter and extra absorbent in the right places.

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Should you size up in overnight diapers?

It is not a good idea to size up when choosing an overnight diaper for your child. Although it might seem like a larger overnight diaper might be more absorbent, using a too-big diaper could cause more leakage, defeating the purpose of extra absorbency.

What diapers are best for overnight?

Two of the best overnight diapers for toddlers are Pampers UnderJams and Huggies GoodNites. Each kind of overnight diaper has a toddler’s needs in mind: they are extra absorbent to keep your child dry and have excellent leak protection. They are also easy to get on and off, so your child go to the bathroom on their own in the night if they need to.

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