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The classic spy kit. For years, it has entertained generations of keys, and it’s easy to see why. The spy is a profession that has been heavily romanticized throughout our time. When you think of a spy, you may imagine someone who has futuristic equipment and has enemies with even more futuristic weaponry. You may think of someone who deals with a new mission each week that will decide the fate of the world.

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In real life, spies aren’t quite like that, but they’ve captured the imagination of many, especially kids. Everyone loves to play a spy, and there are plenty of spy kits you can look out for if you want your kids to play spy. With that said, what features to consider? In this post, we will explain that and much more. Let’s begin, shall we?

Spy Camera

When you think of spies, you may think of someone who has to gather evidence to prove the enemy is up to no good. A spy needs a camera that can take clear pictures across a field and allows for complete discreetness. Many spy kits may have a camera with a futuristic look to it.

It used to be that these cameras were utterly fake. Cameras were expensive, after all. It may have included a plastic camera that flashed and clicked but resulted in no pictures. Your kid had to use their imagination, which can be a good thing, but if you’re going to have a camera, it should be real. Nowadays, you can find spy kits that take actual photos. They may come with a USB cord to help your kid upload his or her discoveries. They may not have uncovered a giant government conspiracy, but they may have captured Fido sneaking into the trash again. These cameras won’t take futuristic photos from far away, but they take photos decently enough.

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Spy Goggles

When you think of spies, you may imagine some with goggles that glow and allow them to see what are invisible with the naked eye. Some Goggles can see through people and walls, those that can detect heat, and those that can see in the pitch black.

Okay, goggles that are these powerful wouldn’t be available as a kid’s toy. However, the glasses you can get are still quite impressive, giving your child plenty of playtimes. They fit around your kid’s head like a glove, they glow, and they can last for quite a bit.

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Invisible Ink Pens

When a spy needs to communicate, they need to do so in a way that only other spies can see. They don’t want an enemy looking into their communications, after all. Luckily, some pens can help your little spy communicate with their friends. These pens can write invisible messages and have their way of revealing a message. A great idea for your little spy to take notes and discreetly express themselves. Try them today, and your kid will love them.


When you need to access areas you couldn’t normally access, this is where drones come in handy. Drones are available in all sizes and types, from recreational to business use. Not to mention, there are drones built for child use as well. These drones may have simple controls and can take photos and videos. They are to withstand the weather and falls.

With that said, make sure your child is flying them right. They may be spies, but they shouldn’t spy on their neighbors or anyone without their consent. They shouldn’t fly them in places they can’t. Read the rules and make sure your kid is operating them smartly. Chances are, they can pretend to be spy, take some good photos, and stay in the legal clear.

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When you’re a spy, you need to learn how to listen in on conversations while being a safe distance away for your enemies. Many spies use listening devices to pick up on conversations, and plenty of kids’ spying kits may include listeners to help your kid pick up on conversations as well. These listeners may pretend, or they may boost your kid’s hearing somewhat. Again, your kid should reserve this for playing pretend and not listen in on conversations they aren’t supposed to.

Laser Pointer

A spy needs a laser to help them break locks, melt holes indoors, and blind their enemies. Okay, a kid’s laser can’t do that, but it can make their cat chase after them! A laser pointer is included in quite a few spy kits and is a staple of many spies.


A spy needs to watch their targets from a far distance, and excellent features of a spy kit should include a pair of binoculars. These binoculars are usually home to some legitimate magnifying features, allowing your kid to watch people from afar. Again, we can’t stress; your kid shouldn’t spy on people. However, your kid can watch animals and use it out in public. These binoculars aren’t usually as powerful as something you’d get for adults, but they can still be quite powerful. Buy your kid a pair of them, and they can see the world.

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A Nice Suitcase

Finally, the functional features of a spy kit will include a neat case that can carry everything. A spy brings around a suitcase to keep everything stored. It may come with a lock to make sure the enemies don’t access the goods. While not as big or as elaborate as actual suitcases, a child’s spy kit may include a bag that still looks great.

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A children’s spy kit contains some cool technology nowadays. Your kid can feel like they’re a spy, and they’re free to play spy to a reasonable degree. Letting your kid be a spy may teach them valuable listening comprehension skills. It may want to encourage them to be a detective as they grow older. They may not take down an evil scientist, but they can do their part for the world.



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