The Best Cheap Nanny Cam For Watching Kids

Have you thought about making sure that your kids are kept safe? Well, why not a nanny cam? But the thing is, you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on this, and here, we’ll talk about the best cheap nanny cam for watching kids, and why they matter. 


Why A Nanny Camera? 

Not every person has a kind heart, and for some parents, they want to make sure the nanny that they hire is a decent person. If you want to make sure the nanny is taking care of the kids, then look no further, for a nanny cam is probably one of your best options. 

Brickhouse Security CAM-MICRO Hidden Camera 

This one is a camera that you could put into the eye of a stuffed animal to take a video of the nanny that you have. It has an incredible picture, being a 1280×720 HD resolution that captures incredible high-quality video footage. You can add a memory card up to 64 GB, but the storage in this is excellent.  This one doesn’t record audio, but it doesn’t matter because the camera quality is at par. There is no WiFi connectivity, though, and you will need to plug this in so that you can use this, and it’s not battery-operated. However, it is ideal if you’re looking for something incredibly sneaky. 



This camera is another good one, and it’s incredibly easy to set up, comes with a QR code to put it together. Once it’s up, you can initialize the two-way communication with the people that are watching your kids look at the live streaming video, and it is excellent for viewing in the dark. It is a good one if you’re looking to see what is happening as it’s going on.  

It has a minimal look to it, so it definitely will not be noticed, and it can help with capturing footage. But, if you want something more covert, you may want to look into something else, since it certainly doesn’t do well in the secret aspects of watching children. 

Wyze Cam Pan 

The best cheap nanny cam that has unique features is Wyze Cam Pan. This one is an incredible panning camera, and it comes with the motion tracking feature. If you notice that a baby is crawling, or if the dog is in the room when it doesn’t need to be, you immediately can have the camera lock onto what is happening. It won’t stop locking on until it doesn’t detect motion, and it will give you a great picture of the home you’re in, even when you’re not there.  It is pretty impressive, and it also comes with a 360-degree scan of the entire room, and by simply choosing the pan scan feature, you’ll have it there. There are so many features in this camera, and I have to say the best part about that is that it’s only 40 bucks, which is a great thing.

However, it does require a wired power cord, so while it doesn’t completely stand out, and it’s longer than many of the cameras that are listed here, it is still one of the limitations, and it does give you the most bang for your investment, that’s for sure. 


Blink Indoor Home Camera 

Okay, so if you want something that doesn’t have all the wires and such, then consider a Blink camera.  You can add multiple Blink cameras to keep an eye on each room. This one is great since it will let you know what is going on and give you a full gamut of what is happening in your space. For those of us with bigger homes, this might be the best investment than trying to set up ten different cameras, and best of all, the linking is incredibly simple, and if you want to add these to the playroom, living room, and bedroom, you can. 

It also comes with live video and free cloud storage. If you use an Echo, it is compatible with it, and you won’t even need to sign a contract or a subscription. Probably the one downside to this is that if you want to add a lot of cameras, it’s going to rack up over time, but with two-year battery life, it’s a good investment if you want to keep an eye on what is going on. 

Nest Indoor Camera 

Finally, we’ve got the Nest indoor camera, which is one of the best indoor cameras out there. It is sleek, just like most other cameras. It does need to be mounted onto a flat surface or rested somewhere, but otherwise, it works like a charm. This one comes with the bells and whistles that these cameras are known for, including motion alerts, night vision, 8x zoom, and has live stream as well.

This one isn’t the cheapest nanny cam on there, but the thing is, Nest products are known for the quality and lasting a long time. This camera also syncs up with a cloud. You will need to pay a subscription to get all of the storage and features, which is a bit of a downside. But again, Nest products are known for synching up very well with smart technology, so if you’re looking to integrate your home into that of a smart one entirely, you’ll want to consider this, since it is an incredible option. 



Nanny cams are great for looking to see if your child is doing okay and if you want a good feel for what is going on in the house or making sure that nothing is wrong, then you’ll want to consider one of these. Choosing the right one should depend on what your personal needs are and what type of camera you feel best benefits you, and you can, with all of this, make it so that you’re able to create a better, more integrative home than you have in the past. 


Last Updated on March 23, 2020 by Kathleen Hingan

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