Stuffed Pig Playthings

More and more people see a pig as something more than food. They are smart and fun animals that make the best pets. However, we realize that not everyone can own a pet pig.

Luckily, if you’re a family who loves a variety of pigs, your child can hold a stuffed piggy they will love forever. This post will look at some of the plushest plush pigs, the huggable hogs, and the sweetest sows in the market.

A plush pig on a red cushion.

The Top-Notch Swine Plush

Minecraft Baby Piggy Swine 7” Plush

Kids and adults love Minecraft. Besides the terrifying mobs, lovable animals are one of the reasons for that. This plush depicts the baby piggy in all of its blocky glory. It’s one thing that your kid will want to take on all sorts of adventures.

A Minecraft plush piggy with pixelated features.

Wildlife Artists Piggy Plush Animal 

This piggy is so soft that your kid will fall asleep on it. The maker of this plaything is known as the Wildlife Artists, who love to create high-quality animal plushes. This is one of many, so if your kid likes this toy, they may like the others, too. You should check out the other piggy products of this brand.

Gund Mini Piggy Chub Hog Plush Animal 

One of the best types of piggies is the chubby one that you can’t resist cuddling all day long. This is part of Gund’s Chub series, depicting adorable animals with full cheeks and bellies. Your kid will want to squeeze this swine and never let go once they get ahold of it.

Wild Republic Piggy Plush 

This is a baby Swiney plush that your baby will love. It’s so soft and comfortable, and you won’t even be able to resist it.

GUND Prissy Piggy Oink-Oink Doll 

This is one friend that your kid will want to bring to bed every night. This piggy has a cute little bow on her head that makes her look stylish. She also wears PJs, making it seem like the piggy is ready for a sleepover.

Jellycat Dancing Darcey Pig Stuffed Animal

Have we ever seen a piggy dance? Well, now you can! Darcey is a daring dancer, complete with an adorable white tutu. This piggy is great for a daughter interested in dancing; it’s one piggy that keeps giving. You’ll want this pink piggy plush animal all day long and watch your kid dance with her.

A collection of plush piggies with curious expressions.

The Top-Notch Piggy Plush

GUND Wiggles Piggy Plush Animal Toys

You read that right–snoring, not snorting. This plush animal piggy dreams about feeding, rolling in mud, and cuddling up with your kid. It talks in its sleep and even wiggles its ears. It’s a bit pricier, but we believe it’s worth every penny because it does tons of things. Best to play with friends

Hogs Plush Animals

If your kid is a piggy enthusiast, you may want to add to your cart and buy one of the best plush toys in a shop, sometimes it is already sold. This set includes a family of plush animal pigs, big and small. It’s a piggy set to end all piggy sets; your kid will want to hog it all to themselves.

M & D Plush Oink-Oink Doll 

The Melissa & Doug company is known for its children’s toys, books, and educational pieces. From Melissa & Doug, you can change or purchase a giant, lifelike plush animal piggy item. Your child will have loads of fun with this plush animal that resembles the real thing.

Supreme Piggy Stuffed Plushie

What if you want a life-sized plush animal piggy? Well, this one is for you. This plush animal is five feet tall, and more prominent than some adults! It is ideal if your child needs a life-sized plush to cuddle up with. This is the boss of all hogs, and your kid will cherish it for a long time.

Plushed Ty Piggey 

Ty is one of the known makers of plushes. This plush little piggy is filled with beanies and is ready for snuggles. Since it’s Ty, your kid will want to collect them all. Thankfully, it won’t be as bad as the Beanie Baby craze 20 years ago.

Steiff Sissi Sitting Piglet

Say that three times fast. This piggy sits down and is made of high-quality materials. Sissi is a cute piggy who is no sissy. She is ready to travel with your kids and accompany them on their adventures. It’s a very detailed plush that has an airbrushed finish. You and your kid will love everything these mini plush animals offer, it will be a great gift, guaranteed!

Top Plushie Hog 

Ty Beanie Babies Ballerina Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is a famous piggy from Britain. If your kid loves Peppa, this Ty plush is for you because it showcases Peppa as a ballerina. This Peppa Pig Plush (again, try saying that three times fast) can also be an excellent companion to the other plush we have mentioned above.

A pink plush piggy with white tusks against a blue background

Now that you have a few plushes to look at, free up your piggy bank and buy a piggy plush plaything in-store! Pink piggy plush toys also make a perfect gift as well!


As we’ve explored the delightful world of piggy plush animals, it’s clear that these cuddly companions are more than just toys; they’re cherished friends for children of all ages. From the blocky charm of the Minecraft Baby Piggy to the lifelike Giant Snuggle Buddy, each plush piggy offers a unique way to bring joy and comfort to your little ones. Whether it’s the interactive fun of the GUND Wiggles Hog or the classic appeal of Ty Beanie Babies, these piggy plushy animals are sure to capture hearts and spark imaginations.

So, if you’re looking to add a touch of oink to your child’s playtime or seeking a snuggly friend for bedtime, the best plush piggy is perfect. Remember, the right little piggy plush can become a treasured companion, providing endless hours of fun and a sense of security. Embrace the charm of these adorable plush pigs and watch as your child’s eyes light up with delight!

Don’t wait to expand your collection; these plush pigs are not only adorable but also come at a great price. Adding one or lots of these piggy plush animals to your home is sure to create a warm and whimsical atmosphere.


Why Do Kids Sleep With A Toy?

Kids feel comfortable when they cuddle up with their favorite plush pink piggy and go to sleep because this activity relaxes their minds.

A sepia-toned image of a child napping with a plush animal by their side.

Why Do Kids Love Plushy Animals?

Stuffed animals make great recipients of children pretending to care and discipline. It encourages nurturing imaginative play that is crucial to their mental and social development.

Can Plushed Animals Help With Anxiety?

When a child touches or pet a plush animal, their anxiety and stress levels decrease.

At What Age Should A Baby Stop Playing With Animal Toys?

Though the stages are different for everyone, kids should ditch their children’s soft toys between the ages of 10 and 14.

What Do Stuffed Animals Symbolize?

Stuffed animal children’s soft toys allow children to show compassion.


Baby girl sleeping with her stuffed teddy bear.

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