Fun Slime Making Kit Sets That You Can Enjoy

Does your child like slime? it’s a fun, and creative way to really get your creativity going, and here, we’ll talk about slime kits, why they matter, and what the best slime making sits that you can use at home are.


Why Slime?

Slime isn’t just a fun and relaxing object to play with, but it actually allows for your child to explore STEM concepts which in turn help to enhance the learning that they do. It does focus some of the concepts that are a little bit complex, and that includes activities and experiments that children can utilize and learn through the use of creating.

Creativity will enhance their ability to learn, ad slime kits are a way to mix that, with also some chemistry and science a well, since the slime that you use is made up of chemicals that are fun to play around with, and they are safe for children, so you don’t have to worry about them getting harmed through the use of this.

So what are the best slime-making kits out there? Well, read on to find out.


Mr. E=MC2 Homemade Slime Kit

this is a great kit for getting started with the fun of slime. It does include everything that you need to really get into the fun of making slime. It includes some glue, some neon paints, beads that you can use that are made of a foam texture, and a pigment to make it glow in the dark. You then can put the ingredients in the container, stir it with the sticks included, and they sit really well in the containers that are there. The ingredients are kid-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about them getting poisoned by this. In fact, the ingredients are items that you find in your average home, including a saline and baking solution, and laundry soap. It’s been kid tested and approved, and no harsh chemicals are used in this, so it’s the perfect little kit for the future scientists out there. It’s the one downside, is there aren’t explicit instructions, just tips, which can only get you so far.

Elmer’s Rainbow Slime Making Kit

This is a beautiful and fun rainbow slime making kit, which includes glue and some colors that will make it super glittery. The same is actually mixed with a few of the ingredients, and of course the Elmers glitter glue, and it does create the most sparkly slime that you’ll ever see. It uses very few household products that are super common, and they will allow you to create different colors that really stand out. The recipes tend to be safe, can be non-toxic, and are all washable as well, s if you get it on a surface or on clothing, you just wash and you’re fine. It comes with green glitter glue, blue glitter glue, and some red glitter glue, and some recipe and instructions set, and it also comes with a no-drip formula that’s safe for anyone to use regardless of who you are.


Nickelodeon 18829 Slime Making Kit

If you remember Slime Time Live from back in the day on Nickelodeon, chances are, you remember that show involved slime, lots of slime. This is one of the best slime kits on the market, and let’s face it, they’re one of the first to throw it on the market. It includes everything needed to create small little batches of this sticky slime kit, which allows for the creativity of the child to come forward as they create new and innovative concoctions. The child can choose different colors and even scents for them to experiment with. It’s also super cool because they can even glow in the dark, which is perfect for both younger, and older kids to really enjoy and experiment with. Slime is great for cognitive development, and it has vibrant and beautiful colors, and le’ts face it, it engages four of the five senses of the body, and it’s non-toxic as well.

DIY Fluffy Crystal

this is another amazing slime kit, and it does have way more color options than the others. That means you get over 18 different colors of slime, some foam balls, some sugar paper, fruity decorations, and a whole lot more, including glitter. Everything in this kit is safe for the environment, isn’t toxic for the kid, and it’s safe to touch and good for children over the age of six. The slime in this kit is actually quite squishy and gooey, and in turn, you can mix all of these materials. The kit was made for kids to play with, and it offers hours of fun for children. The best part, none of the materials in this include toxins, and it’s a great little addition for those children who love to make slime. It’s the perfect way for you to help them explore with their imagination too.


Glow in the Dark Science

This is another one that essentially lives for being scientific. It gives you two batches to make some cool glow in the dark slime, but it also tells you a bit more about slime, and actually gives some instructional practice that both adults and kids will enjoy, including some puzzles, hidden pictures, mazes, and more, which is a way to keep kids entertained not just with making the slime, but it also allows kids to have something that they can play with. Plus, if you’re not happy with it, they give you a money back guarantee, for some extra protection. Pretty neat, right?


If your little one wants to get into the science of slime making, then this is perfect for them. Let them use these kits, and you’ll see that they will enjoy them no matter what. Slime is a great hands-on activity, and here we discussed some of the top making kits that you can use with your child to truly help them understand various learning concepts more.

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