Features Of Remote Control Tank Sets You Should Know

The remote-controlled vehicle has always been a staple of children’s entertainment. However, if you’re looking for something different in that department, you’ve come to the right place. Meet the remote controlled tanks. These are army tanks that your child controls with a remote. They are designed with fun in mind. Prices and features can vary on these tanks. In this post, we will look at a few features some of these tanks boast. Let’s look at some of them.

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Attention to Detail

Different tanks will have different attentions to detail. Some cheaper tank models will have a plasticky look to them. Anyone can tell that they’re a toy. However, some of the more expensive models will have better attention to detail. They look like real tanks, only shrunk down. If your kid is older, they may care about details more, so think about that before making your purchase.

Sound Effects

A remote-controlled tank needs some good sound effects if it wants to appeal to children. Cheaper models may use unrealistic sound effects, or the quality isn’t as good. More expensive tanks may have sound effects straight out of the battlefield itself. Think about how picky your kid is about that before you make a purchase.

Some tanks will be made of metals for more durability and realism. Meanwhile, other tanks will be constructed from plastic. Think about this before you buy. A good metal tank is durable and realistic, while the plastic tanks tend to be the opposite in many circumstances.

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Good Tracks

In real life, a tank should be able to traverse any kind of terrain with ease. This should apply to an RC tank, too. A good RC tank will have flexible tracks that can go across rugged terrain. A cheaper tank may fall over or not be able to traverse much. If you live in an area that has bad terrain, think about this. Watch some videos on the tank you want to buy and see how far it can travel and what terrain it is able to go over. If it can go far, then it may be worth a purchase.


A tank should be as durable as a, well, tank. It should be able to survive roughhousing and some drops. Obviously, a toy tank isn’t going to be 100 percent durable, but good toy tanks can take quite a beating. Your child should have a tank that can keep up with their busy lifestyle. Think about that before you make a purchase.

Rotating Turret

A tank needs a flexible turret to shoot its target. Cheaper tank models may have a turret that just stays in place. However, better models will have turrets that can fire in any direction. Look at the turret before you buy. Watch some videos and see how flexible it is. If you see the turret struggling to move, or not at all, you may want to skip it.

It Actually Fires

Some RC tanks will have turrets that fire BB rounds or other projectiles. These tanks are meant for older kids, as those BBs can hurt! Some turrets will even smoke when they fire for realistic effect. Your child can use these projectiles to shoot down targets like cans or have a tank battle. Some turrets can fire far, while others may not fire a good distance. More on that later.

Different Speeds

A good RC tank will have many different speeds you can pick from in order to give it more variety. Sometimes, a tank needs to go slow. Other times, it needs to speed up. Either way, you can buy a great tank that can go through all speeds. Also, a fast tank should be easy to control. Obviously, a tank won’t be able to go as fast as a racecar, but it should be able to go decently fast for some high-octane action.

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Great Controls

Speaking of controls, you want to find an RC tank that has simple controls and is easy to navigate. Your child should feel like they are in control at all times, and not that the tank is controlling itself. This is a bit subjective, but more expensive models will have more fluid controls. If your kid wants fluid controls, get them a tank that has controls built to last a long time.

It Can Last

Many of these tanks will be powered by batteries, rechargeable and non. A good RC tank will have batteries that will last a long time when charged. Meanwhile, a cheaper model will die before things are getting good. Think about that before you make a purchase. Not to mention, some tanks will charge fast and others will have to charge overnight. Some tanks may take all night to charge and not even last 30 minutes. Talk about disappointing!

Battle Abilities

There are some tanks that come in sets to allow your kid and another kid to have a tank battle. They may include scoring systems, sounds of the tanks getting hit, and much more. Having a tank battle can be fun and teach children about strategy and friendly play. If you’re considering your kids to have some friendly competition, these tanks are for you.

Firing Range

Some tanks can shoot all the way across the room. Cheaper models may have less range, leading to disappointed children. Thank about the range when you decide to make a purchase. Different tanks have different firing powers.

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In Your Budget

Finally, your tank should fall within your budget. Some may not be able to afford a tank that has all these features. Others may sacrifice some features for others. No matter the case, you want to find a tank that can satisfy your kid’s needs. Talk to your kid and see what features they want in a tank. Then, look around and see if you can find one that can satisfy them. Try out many tanks and see which one works the best.


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