Fun Toy Swords Your Child Will Enjoy

Toy swords are fun for children to use, and getting them weapons that are safe to play with will help to fine-tune motor skills, and help them get better at moving about. You can get them for pretend play where they can be knights, ninjas, or whatever. Here, we’ll go into what the best toy swords are for kids, both in terms of safety and fun.


N-force Vantage Sword

It is a good short sword for those who want to play a nerf game that is simple and effective. It has a super durable design, and it comes with a classic style that’s perfect for manual combat. Plus, it’s made with nerf material, so it’s safe for children to use. It’s about 32 inches in length, and it’s made out of inner form that’s stiff, and it’s durable, but also really good for children since it’s safe for them. You can’t hurt or injure anyone with these, which helps with swordplay, that’s for sure.



Liberty Imports Ninja Warrior Set

while this isn’t just a sword set, it’s one of the best on the market, since it comes with not only some swords but also a kids bow and arrow, along with some cool suction cups. The katana also comes with a sword and sheath, and it comes with a claw, a sai, a dagger, and throwing disks. If your child love ninjas, this is a great set. They’re made of plastic, so as long as they don’t wack the other person too hard, this should be a safe playset for children to enjoy and one that they will inevitably love as well. It’s a fun pretend playset, and a good one for them to use with their friends!

N-Force Marauder Longsword

It is a longsword that’s perfect for medieval-style combat. It’s pretty simple and made of black and yellow colors and a good handle for gripping. It’s 32 inches long, and it’s made from an EVA form that comes with an inner core that isn’t durable. Since it’s weighty and nice, you’ll feel pretty used to using this when you utilize it in battle. It’s also good for kids who tend to sweat a lot. If you’re a parent who likes to play swordfights with your kids, this is, in my opinion, one of the best, since it doesn’t feel super heavy, but enough weight to it to make it feel like the real thing!

Zombie Strike Blade Toy

Now, if you’re into pretend play that involves zombies, you may not think that swords would be the best option. After all, does anyone use swords when fighting zombies? Well, you can if you want something to strike down your enemies. This is a great one and is a beautiful nerf sword that is perfect for killing all the zombies. It’s blue, green, and brown, and it’s quite bright, meaning that it has a wonderful contrast of the dark with a green theme, and you can also have a nice camouflage to it with the blue portion of this. It’s 32 inches in total length, and 24 inches of it is a blade. It is a pretty nice sword, and it’s a great one for anyone looking to fight off some zombies in a fight!


Rainbow Yuango Pack of EVA Foam Swords

Now, this is the ultimate pack for those who want some toy swords. They’re fun, colorful, and there is a lot of variety to these, including laser swords, two-blades swords, samurai, and even ninja swords. They’re safe and fun, and they’re not toxic either, and they’re made with strong EVA foam that’s perfect for fighting. It is pretty ergonomic too, so your child can carry it around, even with the smallest hands. It’s soft enough to play with, and you won’t have to worry about the other person getting hurt with this. The best thing about it is that the variety is so much that you can create creative themes and different accessories for utilization. It’s pretty good for many children of all ages, and it’s perfect for those looking to play-pretend via imaginative play.

Liberty Imports Foam Sword and Shield Set

It is a nice sword and shield set that is super fun, and also incredibly colorful. It is stylish and is perfect for imaginative medieval play. It is safe and pretty comfortable, and they’re made of layered felt material, so it’s just foam and felt. It’s perfect for kids looking to be warriors, and if they want to be a knight for Halloween, this is the best way for them to get this. The swords are a little bit shorter than the others, only about 17 inches long, and it’s definitely for smaller kids, but it’s a fun one, and can be used safely for all types of imaginative play that you and your child might like. So yes, it’s a fun sword that will get your child ready to fight off all the baddies, no matter what!

Vendetta Double Sword

It is a two-pack of swords, which is good if you want to have a duo fight against zombies or each other. They’re super durable and perfect for safe sword fights. It’s a lot of fun, and the inside foam is so sturdy that it won’t flop. Now, this one is a bit bigger, about 4.5 feet for each of them, and it has an amazing reach. The best part is that for older kids or even parents, this won’t feel awkward and too small for you due to the length, and it’s got great reach as well.


Toy swords are perfect for imaginative play and are a ton of fun if you want something that will help you bet down the baddies. If you’re looking for swords that are safe, but also super durable, then look no further, for these sword sets are some of the best out there.



What are the best fun toy swords for kids?
Best Nerf Swords and Shields for Kids are Jet Medieval Foam Sword, Hero’s Edge Latex Rubber Foam Battle Sword, Medieval Excalibur Knight Foam Padded Costume Prop Sword, Liberty Imports 5 Pack Assorted Big Foam Swords Toy Set, WhomBatz Bolt Padded Foam Short Sword, and Whombatz Toy Foam Shield and Sword Combo Pack.
Are toy swords safe for kids?
Toy swords are comfortable, lightweight, and safe for small children. It is sturdy enough for kids to have a good time with.
Why did Nerf stop making swords?
Melee weapons are difficult toys to market, and that is the reason why the entire N-Force series was discontinued. It becomes difficult for the company to make different from off-brand alternatives.
How much do Nerf swords cost?
Nerf swords vary by materials, dimensions, as well as its shipping details.
What are Nerf swords made of?
While a lot of the toy weapons are made of strong, rubbery foam, some are from weaker materials.
What is Nerf foam made out of?
Nerf foam is made from a spongy, solid, cellular material from the reaction of polyester with a diisocyanate.
What features does a Zombie Strike Blade Toy have?
It has excellent balance. It’s almost as if the sword was designed to be low weight for a fast, powerful swing.
How do you make a simple cardboard sword?
First, draw out the shape of a sword in cardboard. Then wrap it with foil. Make a hilt and put it all together.

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