What Are The Best Games For Boys?

Sometimes, finding the right games for boys can be hard. You wouldn’t buy Barbie horse Adventures for one, but instead something with action, adventure, and a cast they’d relate to. Here are some of the best games for boys that they will enjoy, and something that they’ll find immersive and fun.

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Pokemon has been around for over 20 years, but that doesn’t mean it’s old. With the release of Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu, and with a new title coming out for the switch this year, it’s a great game for virtually anyone.

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You train monsters and use them to fight others, all while traveling the world. While some boys may think it’s just “for kids” people young and old play these, and they’re quite fun. Plus, who doesn’t love catching cool monsters and training them, and the satisfaction of beating a gym leader in battle.



If you’ve ever played Mother or Earthbound, this does have a similar art style and vibe. While it is a bit complex and might be hard for young boys, older boys will enjoy this game. It’s got an immersive world, some cool characters including a goat mom and a fish girl, and you can choose to either spare or kill your enemies. It’s got an interesting battle system that does take a little bit of getting used to, but it’s a game you can get for free, and with the prequel Deltarune getting a new chapter this year, playing Undertale is certainly worth it.


Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom hearts is another series that boys like, especially if they like fantasy games. While some boys may think that it’s “for kids” because of the fact that there are Disney characters in it, kingdom hearts has evolved from being focused on Disney to being focused on the main characters.

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The game centers around a boy named Sora, who has a magical key weapon called a keyblade. He travels from world to world, defeating heartless, and while the story is a bit complicated, there are entire collections out now that contain all the games, and they have distinct and unique battle systems everyone will enjoy.



If you don’t want your kids playing Fornite or Call of Duty, but they love shooting games, this is a great one. It’s basically a shooting game, but instead of guns and blood, you’re basically shooting out ink and your goal is to knock the other person out so they explode and shoot your team’s ink everywhere, and also to cover the entire territory with your ink. This game is available on the Switch, and it still has a lot of people playing it currently. Plus, with an immersive and engaging story mode, this is a great one for kids that want to play shooting games, but you don’t want to have to worry about micro transactions or anything.

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Another popular game for guys, this game involves the adventures of Samus, a bounty hunter that works to defeat aliens and adventure into different areas. There are a lot of games in this series, including the Metroid Prime series, which has a new game coming out for the switch this year. This primarily saw itself on Nintendo consoles, including the SNES, GBA, and the Wii. However, don’t play Other M, it’s not a great Metroid game and one that fans don’t enjoy. But, if you like action games, and adventuring, this is great.


Super Smash Bros

You may give heard of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which was recently released, but the popular series has been around since the Nintendo 64 days, and it’s super popular.

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The game is simple: you fight other Nintendo characters (and some guest characters such as Ken and Ryu from Street fighter) and your goal is to ring out the other person by hitting them. As you hit them, the percentage goes up, and once it’s high enough, you push them out of the ring. It’s a fun game, and if you like party games for the family, this is one people enjoy.

The nice part about Smash is that it is simple to learn, but hard to master, so you can teach others to play it, or your son can pick up on this and learn it quickly, but they will practice new combos.

The new game is better than ever, and with over 70 fighters, it’s sure a lot of fun for everyone.



Finally, there is Portal. Unfortunately, there are only two games, but these are super fun puzzle games boys will enjoy. If your son is a fan of manipulating objects to solve intricate puzzles, this is the game for them, because that’s basically it.

You play as a girl named Chel, and you have a gun that creates portals. The goal is to escape the area and finish the puzzle using your gun. Through these portals, you can bring objects to you, and it’s quite a fun game that you’ll enjoy. It’s one that, if you like to do puzzles and such, this is perfect.


Mario Tennis Aces

For those who are fans of Mario, and sports games, this is for you. It’s basically tennis, but with all the fun Mario characters you know and love. It’s a sports game, but it’s a fun sports game, and it isn’t just realistic characters playing a game of tennis. There are many tricks, and secrets that you can learn with this, and you’ll be able to master combos and have fun with this. Plus, who doesn’t love throwing a super cool tennis move with Waluigi? It’s totally worth it.

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Finding good games for boys can be hard, since boys can be picky with their choices. But here, you’ve seen just a few of the many kids games they’ll know and love, and some great ones that you’ll want to invest in. You can enjoy these with your child, or they can play them on their own, and it’s definitely a fun thing for them to get into.

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