Ultimate Review Of The Best Gifts For Boys

When you are talking about a kid aged seventeen, then you are talking about a hard birthday present in general. Finding suitable gifts to give to a teenager aged seventeen and up can prove to be quite difficult. Gift ideas to give to teenagers can often leave us scratching our heads. However, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the must-have present ideas for your teenage kid.

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Top Gifts For Boys Aged Seventeen Years

Purchasing teenagers’ gifts can be difficult. That is why we are here to help you determine the best gifts for boys aged seventeen years old.  

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Scratch Off International Travel Poster  

Those who are about to graduate high school will truly appreciate these carefully selected gifts. Graduates often yearn to explore the world, and what could be a more exciting way to commemorate their journeys than a scratch-off world poster? This unique poster allows them to scratch off the places they have visited, revealing a vibrant rainbow color scheme that illuminates each country. It serves as a visual representation of their adventures and can inspire them to continue exploring. Moreover, it makes for a captivating piece of wall decor, adding a touch of wanderlust to their living space.

Bluetooth Beanie  

This is a hat and a headset all in one, perfect for teens who love to play music. With a built-in Bluetooth speaker and streaming services compatibility, this beanie allows them to enjoy their big-hit favorite tunes while staying warm and protected from the elements. Its Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to connect to their devices and enjoy wireless music wherever they go. It’s the ultimate present for a music-loving teenager, offering convenience and style in a single item.

Apple Watch  

Introducing the latest wearable teenagers’ technology – the all-in-one smartwatch! This sleek timepiece is more than just a stylish accessory; it’s a fitness companion and communication hub. Designed to accompany your teen wherever they go, this watch is equipped with advanced features to monitor their physical activity and keep them connected. With seamless integration to their iPhone, it enables them to stay in touch with loved ones effortlessly. Moreover, this smartwatch enhances their safety while on the move, ensuring they’re always just a tap away from emergency contacts. It’s the best gift to empower your teenager with style, functionality, and peace of mind.

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An iPhone XR  

If you’re looking for a cost-effective teenager’s phone, consider getting him an iPhone XR. This model has the longest-lasting battery life out of all the iPhone models and is compatible with the wireless charging pad. It’s also pocket-sized, making it easy to carry around, and water resistant, making it more durable. With the iPhone XR, your teenager can easily stay connected and catch up on his favorite shows, especially if you pair it with a wireless charging pad for added convenience.

Funny T-Shirts 

Funny t-shirts make a timeless and amusing present teenagers’ option. T-shirts featuring catchy sayings like “I paused my game to be here” are especially popular among those with a great sense of humor. There is a wide range of funny shirts available, providing ample teen choices. From witty one-liners to clever puns, you can explore a plethora of options. Additionally, consider gifting them personalized t-shirts with their favorite quotes, characters, or hobbies. Customized t-shirts add an extra touch of uniqueness to their wardrobe. They are not only fashionable but also serve as conversation starters among friends. So, get creative and find the best funny t-shirt to put a smile on your teenager’s face!

Christmas Gifts For Boys Aged Seventeen Years

Teenagers are hard to shop for but if you follow the list above, it can help you determine the best present to give on Christmas morning. However, if those ideas don’t quite fit the bill, here are a few more options to consider.


Sweatshirts are a great present for someone who doesn’t need anything or want anything. They make bright-colored sweatshirts, funny sweatshirts, and comfy sweatshirts.  

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Remote Control Cars 

These present ideas are specifically tailored to individuals with a keen interest in model cars, antique cars, and racing. They are designed to cater to a niche audience rather than being a generic toy that would appeal to every teenage male. Whether it’s scale model kits of iconic cars, vintage car memorabilia, or adrenaline-fueled racing experiences, these unique gifts are sure to captivate the hearts of car enthusiasts. From intricately detailed replicas to thrilling track days, explore a world of automotive passion with these carefully selected present ideas for teenage kids.


Sunglasses are a fantastic and stylish accessory to enjoy outdoors, protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays, and getting some fresh air. Who can go wrong with a pair of sunglasses? They are always practical, versatile, and whether you need them for sun protection or not, you always have them handy to elevate your fashion game or shield your eyes from glare.

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Money as a present to give is a last resort. Plus, it always makes good for someone who is purchasing items for college, shopping, or other specific needs.

Top Gifts For Teenage Boys

The top present for a teenage guy is one that he’ll love, play with, and cherish. You want to get him something that is meaningful and something that they will enjoy at the same time. It’s important to consider his interests and hobbies when selecting a present. For example, if he’s not into cars, you wouldn’t get him a model car or remote control car. You need to personalize your approach to the ideas listed below to find the perfect present for him.

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What Is The Best Gift That Every Teen Boy Likes?  

Each teenage guy is different, and each one will have different tastes, including activities like tossing marshmallows. That is why we have given you a list of many different types of gifts in this article, catering to a variety of interests. Look above for some ideas on what to get a guy for a present. We are sure you will find something.

Perfect Birthday Gifts: Gifts For Boys Aged Seventeen 

Most seventeen-year-olds don’t have a kid’s birthday party. They generally go out and do something fun, like going to a movie with friends or engaging in activities such as paintballing. At this age, they may feel they are too mature for a stay-at-home birthday party with family. If this is the case for your child, allow them to go out and have fun with their friends while reserving a stay-at-home birthday celebration for another time when they are not as focused on their friends. It’s important to plan a birthday party with them so that they feel included in what is going on. Consider incorporating LED lights, strip lights, or other team activities to make the celebration more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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What Do Boys Aged Seventeen Like To Do Most?

Most seventeen-year-olds are going to want to hang out with friends and do things away from the house. They are going to get in trouble and do things they aren’t supposed to. However, you can stop this by simply talking to them and knowing what they are doing. Talk to them and encourage positive behavior. 

Cool Gift To Get For A Teenage Boy That Has Everything

You may think a teenager has everything, however, they do not. There is always something that they want or need. If they don’t want anything, get them something that they could use. You can even consider choosing from the best books for boys aged 17 years, for him to start gaining wisdom on things. At this point in their life, they may need something for college or even some cash for the latest video game. Listening to your teen is a cool way for you to find out what they need for their presence.  

What Do You Get A Boy Who Doesn’t Want Anything For His Seventeenth Birthday?

When faced with the challenge of shopping for guys who claim they don’t want anything, it can be quite perplexing. However, there are still ways to find a thoughtful present. One approach is to pay attention to their needs. While they may not express a desire for anything specific, consider items that could be useful around their house or school. Practical gifts like a sturdy backpack, a handy toolset, or a stylish water bottle can come in handy in their daily life. Alternatively, you could explore hobbies or activities they enjoy. Perhaps a new video game, a book on their favorite subject, or sports equipment could spark their interest. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between their needs and their personal preferences.

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What Do You Get A Boy For His Birthday?

You give a teenager what they want or need. Just because you think they have everything or don’t need anything, doesn’t mean they don’t. Similarly, choosing the perfect gifts for boys 14 year olds will depend on what they want or need. Video games, technological devices, sporting goods, or experience gifts like tickets to a concert or sporting event are examples of popular present options. The trick is to select a present that is considerate and unique to the teenager’s hobbies and personality. There is a list above where you can find some very good birthday ideas.  

Cool Presents To Give To Male Teens

Personality, and hobbies. Consider his favorite sports team and get him a jersey or memorabilia. If he’s into music, a new pair of high-quality headphones or a vinyl record of his favorite band could be a great choice. For the tech-savvy teenager, consider gadgets like a smartwatch or a drone. If he enjoys reading, a collection of books from his favorite genre or a subscription to a book club might be appreciated. Don’t forget to think about his future goals and aspirations—a present that aligns with his ambitions can be both meaningful and motivational. Ultimately, the most important thing is to show your love and support for your teenage son.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Purchase To Surprise My Son?

If your son enjoys gaming, a Nintendo Switch could be a fantastic present option. It offers a wide range of games and provides portable entertainment. If he is a sports fan, consider purchasing merchandise or tickets for his favorite team or sporting event. Another idea is to get him a card game that he can play with friends or family, fostering social interaction and strategic thinking. Additionally, if he is of legal age and interested in driving, you could consider giving him driving lessons or contributing towards obtaining his driver’s license. Ultimately, the cool present will depend on his specific interests and hobbies.

What Are The Best Gifts For Boys Who Love Playing Video Games?

For teenage boys who love playing video games, a practical present like a fast-paced game can be a great option. It not only caters to their gaming passion but also enhances their skill as gamers. Consider choosing a game that aligns with their interests and provides an engaging learning experience.

Should Adolescents Possess Television In Their Chambers?

Many teenagers find that having a TV in their chambers makes learning a lot easier, especially for teen boys who can break from their studies to watch educational videos. While moderation is key, having a TV can provide a valuable and engaging supplement to their educational experience.

What Would Be An Ideal Present To Benefit My 16-Yo Kid?

The perfect present for your 16-year-olds would be a portable charger and a Bluetooth controller, housed in a stylish carrying case. This versatile kit ensures they stay connected on the go while adding a touch of convenience and entertainment, making it an ideal present.

What Should An 18-Y-o Kid Buy?

A teenager of this age should buy gifts for a friend, considering a deal on clothes in different colors. A stylish box or bag related to their friend’s interests would make a thoughtful and versatile choice.

What Do Teenage Boys Like To Do?

A teenager boy often enjoys outdoor adventures where he’ll learn new skills and make lasting memories. Whether it’s sports, hiking, or other active pursuits, these activities provide a platform for personal growth and fun. Additionally, games and sports played with friends contribute to their social and recreational preferences.

Should My Son Have Computers In His Room?

What Should I Buy My Teenage Son’s Seventeenth Birthday Present?

  • Consider best his hobbies and interests
  • Explore the best tech gadgets or accessories
  • Best clothing or best accessories based on his style
  • Best sports equipment or best gear for teens his age
  • Best books, best games, or best movies he enjoys
  • Gift cards to his favorite stores
  • Experience-based gifts like the best concert tickets or best adventure activities
  • Best personalized items with his name or initials
  • Consider his wishlist or hints he may have dropped
  • Consult with him or his friends for the best suggestions

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