Best Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys

Looking for some nice presents for your fourteen-year-old son?  Being 14 years of age is the best era of life when teens start finding their independence and don’t need anyone else.  They explore the boundaries of what they can and cannot do as their own individual. Of course, teenagers love cool birthday gifts and you want them to be happy. So what is the perfect present that teenagers aged 14 will like and love?

Aged 14 boy playing billiard for fun

What could best gifts for a fourteen year old teenager? Maybe you’d like to give a more practical present to your aged 14 boy, something that would fit his personality. You can even choose from the best books for a 15-year-old kid if this sparks his interest. A water-resistant watch is among the most popular present ideas for young teens, making it one of the best toys for teens who are always on the go. If you want to be sure that he’ll love it, bring your kid with you to the store. Just give him a price range so that he’ll know which ones to choose.

There are many unusual presents out there you can buy for a teenager.  You can individualize it to a teen’s likes and dislikes, but if you are at a loss, here are some ideas:

Gadget Gifts For Teenage Boys

Game Console, X-Box, Or PlayStation

The game console is one of the unique Christmas presents for a teen boy. At this time, a fourteenth-year-old teenager probably has already received a game console.  But if he hasn’t, a game console is one of the ideal presents you can buy a teenager.  The main consoles out there are X-Box, PlayStation, and Nintendo. Nintendo enthusiasts, armed with their Nintendo Switch Lite and favorite artists in tow, can enjoy endless gaming on the go, always prepared with a portable charger for uninterrupted adventures.

Each type of console has its perks. Anywhere from the simple handheld systems to the more sophisticated symptoms. The console should also come with games, and if your teenage guy cannot choose any game that he wants to play, you can check our list of the best Xbox One games for teens so you can choose from our selection.

Aged 15 boy presents: Encouraging limited screen time is essential in promoting a balanced lifestyle, ensuring they engage in diverse activities that support physical and mental well-being. By setting reasonable boundaries on electronic device use, parents can foster healthier habits, encourage outdoor play, and nurture face-to-face interactions, contributing to a more well-rounded childhood experience.

Now, there are many different benefits to each system, but ask your aged 14 son which one he prefers.  It may not seem any different but it will have an impact on your teenager.  PlayStation has better graphics so if your teen is more into RPG (Role-playing games) then this is the ideal route while X-Box tends to be better especially if your child loves first-person shooter games.  The Nintendo Switch or Wii is ideal for a family fun time and getting the family moving while playing a video game. You can actually watch movies together using these consoles when you’re out camping.

Gaming Gifts For Teenage Boys

Play Video Games And Other High-Tech Gifts

If your teen already has a game console, don’t fret.  You can buy him a video game.  Figure out what he is interested in or what he does not have already, then get them a game.  Video games are one of the greatest presents for an aged 14 kid.  Don’t worry, they know exactly what they want.  A teenage kid has already researched and seen plenty of gameplay videos to know exactly what game they want.  If you aren’t sure, here are some popular games that teenagers love: Fortnite: Save the World (The Campaign), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, NBA 2k20, Madden NFL 20, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and more. Beware though – your kid can play for hours so you better give him limitations.

Playing video games like call of duty can be exciting among teenagers. It is a good way to relax their minds and be able to enjoy the time together with their friends. A boy can have fun playing video games on his own. It is a nice way to relax from studying too much. You can ask your son about the games that he wanted to play so that you can purchase the one that he likes the most. You can search online to know the latest video games that most teenagers are playing.

Smart Phone Or Smart Phone Accessories

Teens are at the age of independence.  This present is great to provide this newfound need for distance from parents while only being a click and call away.  Most teens may have already received a smartphone, but the right gaming phone is still a great idea.  Make sure to get approval from the kid’s parents.  Often it is ideal to get a not so latest version because as much as a teen wants what is new and in fashion, it is well known that a teen can be careless.  Smartphones are not cheap but you can still find affordable ones from an online shop with good quality and adequate battery life.

If he already has a phone, accessories are a cheaper alternative.  Figure out their likes and get him a personalized case or add-on.  A phone case is an ideal way to go, along with a screen protector.  Not only can this make his phone last longer, but he can show it off to his friends.  Sports teams are a great way to make his phone special and stand out amongst all the phones out there. Most teenage kids are sports fans and you’ll know their favorite team when you see a poster of it on their bedroom wall!

smart phones are one of the top presents that are ideal to be given to teenagers

Cool Street T-Shirts

A T-shirt is one of the most classic birthday presents ever but also the most practical. For instance, if your son likes a specific rock band, then you can buy him a special T-shirt from the collection. Find something that is cool and that expresses his style. Your teenager will definitely view it as one of the greatest presents ever! So what are you waiting for? Get your kid a shirt he can wear night or day. Who knows what your child will also wear when spending time with a special someone?

Just a friendly tip: When it comes to giving a t-shirt to an aged 14 guy, it’s important to consider his personal style and interests. Many teenagers at this age are into graphic tees with bold designs or logos of their favorite brands or bands. If you’re not sure about his preferences, consider opting for a classic solid-colored tee that he can wear with different outfits. It’s also important to consider the fit and size of the shirt.

Teenagers at this age are growing rapidly, so it’s important to choose a size that will fit comfortably without being too snug or too loose. Additionally, consider the fabric of the shirt. Cotton is a popular choice as it’s soft, breathable, and easy to care for. This cool shirt stands out among the top picks of clothes, adding a bit of flair to the rest and proving that there’s no wrong way to hang style in your wardrobe.

Sports Gifts For Teenage Boys

Outdoor Recreational Gear For More Fun And Great Times With The Family

Another inexpensive route is any outdoor gear like basketballs, baseballs, footballs, etc.  Find out what he is interested in or would like to try out and get him one of those. If you buy them baseball gloves, buy a pair so you can play with him.

Aged 15 boy presents: Outdoor Recreational Gear such as baseball, basketball and football

By giving outdoor gear, you can encourage the child to engage in these activities and develop a love for the outdoors. Moreover, outdoor gear can help an aged 14 kid develop important life skills such as self-reliance, problem-solving, and teamwork. For example, if you give him a tent, he can learn how to set it up and take it down, which requires problem-solving and self-reliance. Similarly, if you give him a backpack, he can learn how to pack it efficiently and manage his supplies during an outdoor adventure.

Outdoor gear is also a great way to connect with family and friends. Many outdoor activities are enjoyed by others, and giving outdoor gear can be an opportunity to encourage the kid to spend quality time with loved ones.

Card Gifts For Boys

Money Or Gift Card That They Can Use To Shop On Their Own

Some people may think that money or a VIP card is impersonal but in reality, a young kid will not mind.  Kids like having money they can spend on whatever they want.  They might just want to buy card games or their favorite player so they can listen to music alone or with their friends. Vouchers are great too. Your kid might just want to grab some healthy drinks with friends or treat someone after the ball.

As an adult, a young kid can give more appreciation to monetary presents than wrapped ones. If you take the voucher route, get a prepaid visa or get a voucher for his gaming console.  A PlayStation card or Xbox voucher will go a long way.  They love buying customizations or “skins” for their avatars on their video games, especially Fortnite.

Presents For Them

Trampoline To Active Teenagers And Kids

Trampolines are a great present for teens. This gets them to go out in the backyard and have fun on a nice day instead of staying inside and being able to play video games.  It’s also great exercise.

Aged 15 likes trampolines are useful in staying active. teens will surely like this. They can play with this one during summer season or whenever they are celebrating their birthdays.

LED Lights To Have More Fun In The Night

Game consoles, phones, and trampolines are all pretty expensive.  If you are looking for something a little less pricey, LED lights are the ideal present.  Get the ones that have a sticky side so he can just stick them onto the ceiling of his room or put it behind his gaming area to make it look “lit”.  The ideal LED lights have remotes that change colors and have different settings so there are more choices.

Fidget Toys And Other Fun Toys

If you’re looking for a great present for someone who loves handheld play, a fidget toy can be an excellent choice. These toys have become increasingly popular in many present guides in previous times. Whether you’re shopping for kids or adults, a fidget toy can make a great addition to anyone’s collection. With so many options to choose from, a fidget toy can be a versatile and practical present that will provide hours of entertainment and stress relief.

Fidget toys can be a fun and engaging way to relieve boredom. It is also a useful tool for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Playing with fidget toys can help improve dexterity and coordination, which can have long-term benefits for a variety of activities. The greatest present will definitely make your child happy.

Guitar, Drumset, Or Piano As Presents

Why don’t you teach your child to play the guitar? If your child has a passion for music and enjoys spending time playing it, guitar is a good option.  Whether it be an acoustic guitar or a fully charged electric guitar, your present will definitely matter in your child’s experience. There are heavy and light guitars in the market, so if you don’t know how to choose one, you can tag a friend along.

Learning to play an instrument can have a positive impact on a child’s cognitive development. Playing the guitar requires focus, discipline, and perseverance, which can help improve memory, attention span, and problem-solving skills. Moreover, playing the guitar can be a great creative outlet for a young kid. Many teenagers at this age are exploring their interests and developing their identities, and playing an instrument can offer a unique form of self-expression. Playing the guitar can also provide a sense of accomplishment and boost self-confidence.

Art Set That Can Channel Their Creativity

An art set is a perfect present for anyone who loves to create, whether they are a seasoned artist or just starting to explore their creativity. With a wide range of options available on the market, an art set can be tailored to suit different skill levels and preferences. It helps your child develop creative skills. An art set is also a great deal for aspiring artists. Your child will definitely be filled with excitement and carry it to the workshop or school.

  • best crayons
  • best painting sets
  • best  brushes

What If Your Teenagers Already Have Everything, What Should You Give Then?

Nothing can replace a great experience out with family and/or friends.  There are many activities the family and friends can do to celebrate a teen’s special day.  There are also many group discounts you can participate in if he invites several of his friends.

Here are some best and top presents to give to a 14-year-old kid to have fun activities on his special day or for a Christmas present:

  • A trampoline park provides the best way to expend all that energy and provide a new experience to an aged 14 kid. There are usually different areas designated for different types of play.  For example, one area may be the best to play dodgeball and another is the best to play basketball.
  • Teens love best first-person shooter games especially aged 14.  Paintball is the best way to get a live-action feel of the games they love to play.  Plus, who doesn’t love a little competition especially to all kids aged 14?
  • Best laser tag or arcade. Most laser tag establishments are combined with an arcade.  This is a plus to all aged 14.  You can provide an aged 14 kid with a fun time with friendly competition while giving him some time to win tickets for the best prize.
  • Camping or a day at the lake at aged 14. This is always fun to all aged 14, especially when you add a little watermelon and s’mores (at the end of the day).
  • Winter camping or outing is the best to all aged 14. Who doesn’t?
paintball: Perfect present for aged 15 or old enough. Giving presents to kids is a heartwarming experience, sparking excitement and wide-eyed joy as they unwrap surprises that fuel their imagination and curiosity. Thoughtfully chosen presents not only bring immediate delight but can also contribute to a child's growth, creativity, and the formation of cherished memories. It is nice as well to accompany them so that they can feel your presence.

Presents And Ideas To Be Given To An Aged Fourteen Teenager

Teenagers love receiving unique presents as Christmas presents such as gaming console, card game, lap desk, or a Bluetooth speaker. Sure, there are several things to choose when finding ideal presents for a teenager. But you should not forget to ask what he likes.  He may want something completely different.  Each has his unique interests and are now becoming an individual.  They may want a book on astronomy or an art kit to paint something new.  Just like people in today’s society, a teenager is just another little person, finding his way and figuring out who he is through his interests.


It can be challenging to know exactly what an aged fourteen teenager may or may not like as a present for their birthday, as each individual has unique interests and preferences. To avoid giving a present that an aged fourteen guy may not like, it may be helpful to consider their hobbies, interests, and personality when selecting a present. Alternatively, consider asking them directly what they would like as a present to ensure that it is something they will enjoy.

A practical gift for a teenager includes something he can use in the house. A necklace with long chain length is a trendy present, including a carrying case, or body perfume. The nicest gift will definitely make your child happy, making him feel like he’s hit the jackpot.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Should I Get As My Brother’s Birthday Present Aged 14 To Make Him Happy?

It depends on what your brother likes. Practical presents like iPhones, AirPods, or a headset could make the ideal present. If your brother likes having a collection, try to see some items that are not in his collection yet. For instance, if he’s collecting vintage car toys, then you can buy him a model that he hasn’t owned yet. The essence of a present is also about showing your thoughts about him. Sometimes, your present is a reflection of how much your care for that person.

What Are Good Freshman Christmas Presents To Be Given To High School?

Many teenagers love technology, so consider giving a gadget like a smartphone, tablet, or headphones. These items can be useful for studying, staying connected with friends, or listening to music on the go. If he is into sports, consider giving him sports equipment like a basketball, football, or soccer ball. This can encourage them to stay active and engage in extracurricular activities. When in doubt, a present card can be a great option. Consider a present card to their favorite store, restaurant, or movie theater.

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How Can I Impress My Aged Fourteen Teen Boy During Special Occasions Like Birthdays And Christmas?

To impress your an aged fourteen, consider a present that fits his interests and hobbies, like sports gear, video games, electronics, books, or concert or theme park tickets. Keep in mind that teens’ interests and preferences might change fast. Similarly, the ideal gifts for a 17-year-old boy include video games and gaming systems, tech-related items, and experience gifts like tickets to a concert or sporting event.

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An aged fourteen teenager also loves fidget pens, water-resistant watches, clothes, X Box, fun videos, ball games, or something they hang on the wall, and more.

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