How To Install The Chicco Keyfit 30 Like A Pro

Infant car seats are a must when you are a parent. These safety seats are the best protection instruments you can give your child when traveling. Installing these can help reduce the risk of any potentially fatal injury. However, this child safety seat does not assure complete safety at all times. The best car seat may not always be the most expensive product. It is the one that best fits the structure of your car and the physical attributes of your baby.


One of the most famous baby car seats is the Chicco Keyfit 30 Car Seat. Let us further explore why this product stands out.


What Is The Chicco Keyfit 30?

The Keyfit 30 is one of the top-of-the-line car seats of Chicco. This baby car seat features various safety indicators that ensure the safety and comfortability of your toddler. Its unique parts make it easier to install. Some of the said features include the ReclineSure leveling foot, the RideRight bubble level indicators, and the SuperCinch LATCH tightener. The Chicco Keyfit 30 has all these features making it safe for the baby and convenient for the parents.


The good thing with this product as well is that you can repair it with a Chicco stroller. The seat can be installed in and out of the said strollers, which makes it more convenient to travel the baby, especially when they’re in their first six months.


Child Guidelines

Chicco Key fit 30 is designed to make every baby safe. However, several child guidelines should be attained to ensure their safety. Listed below are the list of requirements for the babies who will use the Chicco car seat.

  • Children must be at most two years old. Those exceeding this age is not recommended to use the car seat.
  • Weight must be between 2 to 10 kilograms (4 to 2 pounds).
  • The child’s height must be at most 76 centimeters or 30 inches.
  • The baby’s head must not be less than 1 inch below the head rest’s top.

If your child is a premature infant, make sure to consult with your doctor regarding the usage of the Chico Keyfit 30. Some premature babies encounter difficulty in breathing whenever they are placed in a seated position. Hence, using a baby seat may only cause medical problems.


How To Install The Car Seat Base


Installing a Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat is easy. However, you should do it carefully and correctly.

There are ways to install the car seat base – through the use of the LATCH or the lap-shoulder belt. Let us explore all these options one by one.

Guidelines when using a LATCH:

  1. Before starting, make sure to pull up on the LATCH Release Lever.
  2. Stretch the LATCH straps to their full length.
  3. Look for the LATCH connector storage compartments and remove BOTH LATCH connectors.
  4. Locate your vehicle’s LATCH anchor bars and attach it to the two LATCH connectors.
  5. Pull up the LATCH Pull Strap to tighten the LATCH straps. Do this while firmly pressing the base into the vehicle seat.

Guidelines when using a lap-shoulder belt:

  1. Through the Chicco infant car seat belt path, thread the seatbelt up on the side of the base.
  2. On the opposite side of the base, pull the seat belt, and buckle it.
  3. Pull up on the vehicle shoulder belt while pushing down the base.
  4. Into the shoulder belt lock-off, firmly slide the belt strap. Make sure to use the Lock-Off on the opposite side where you buckled the seat belt. 


How To Install The Carrier To The Base


Once you have placed the base on your vehicle, you should make sure to install the carrier correctly. Here is the step-by-step installation of the carrier to the base:

  1. Carefully insert the Keyfit 30 carrier into the base.
  2. Firmly push down the carrier to lock it down onto the Carrier Attachment Hooks located on the base.
  3. Use the Inch Test to make sure that it is securely attached to the base.


The Inch Test

Use the Inch Test to confirm that you have installed the Chico Keyfit 30 properly. First, move the car seat or base from side to side and tug it forward after. If the Chico Keyfit 30 moves more than an inch in whatever direction, it means that it is not secured correctly. Hence, you should uninstall and start over with the process once again.


This in-depth review and guide on how to use the Chicco Keyfit 30 aim to help in the decision making on which seat to buy. The safety of their child is every parent’s number one priority. Just keep in mind all of the pointers stated above, and you and your family will definitely be on your way to the safest and most memorable road trip ever.

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