6 Hacks To Find The Best Convertible Car Seat

An infant car seat is a must-buy for babies while they are still small. However, parents need to acquire a convertible car seat once the baby outgrows the mentioned infant style seat. There are many options in the market, which makes it challenging to find the best convertible car seat.

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What is a convertible car seat? It refers to a seat’s feature to be used in a rear-facing position and then converted to a forward-facing seat once they have grown. This transition usually happens between the baby’s 9 to 12 months of age, depending on how fast your baby grows.

Finding the best convertible car seat is very crucial for your child’s comfort and safety. Here are six hacks that will guide you in picking the right one.


Tailor-Fit The Car Seat On Your Baby’s Height, Weight, And Age

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The best car seats for your children are those tailor-fitted to their height, weight, and age.

  • You will know that your kid has outgrown the rear-facing seat the moment his or her head is within an inch from reaching the top of the seat. This kind is usually fit for children under 12 months old and those with weights fewer than 20 pounds.
  • Forward-facing seats are catered to children who are at least two years of age. This seat type is usually considered to have passed the safety limit when the top of his ears or the middle of the head is already located above the top of the convertible car seat. It is also time to change car seats when their shoulders reach the top harness slot.

These things are important to consider to be able to pick the safest convertible car seat for the physique of your child.


Measure Your Back Seat Space

To help you find the best convertible car seat, before buying a convertible car seat, you also have to consider the space in the back area of your car. A seat with a broad base might not be able to fit in a small car. Hence, you should buy one with a narrower base instead.

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It is also important to take note of how many of your children need these kinds of seats to be able to lay it out carefully. Before going shopping, make sure to take the back seat space measurements. It is better to bring your measuring tape to the store with you as well just in case you need to measure the seat bases.


Choose A Seat With A Clear Instruction Manual

Your child’s safety relies on how you install the convertible seat in your car. Hence, you need to buy a seat with an instruction booklet. It should have step-by-step guidelines and clear diagrams to be able to install the seat correctly. If you feel that you can’t do it on your own, it’s better to call a car seat technician to help you place it correctly.


Study Its Features Through Online Reviews

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As your child grows, you would want a car seat that can grow with them. This way, you don’t have to replace it regularly. To be able to achieve this, you have to make sure to explore the features of these seats. You may opt to read top convertible car seat reviews to know beforehand the pros and cons of each model. Make sure to pay attention to the user ratings as well. High rated convertible car seats are the best go-to products.


Choose Something Which Is Easy To Clean

The best convertible car seats are those which are easy to clean as well. Babies are messy. Hence, your best options are the car seats with easily detachable covers.


Pick A Seat With The Best Safety Features

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If you want to find the best convertible car seat, look for a car seat that incorporates a 5-point harness for your child. It means that the seat includes a strap for your baby’s hip, a strap placed between your child’s legs, and a strap located on each of your kid’s shoulder.

Also, make sure that it features an energy-absorbing foam that provides additional chest and head protection in case of accidents. Those models with these features are usually the best convertible car seats for travel.

Buying the best convertible seat for your baby is a complicated process. The variety of options in the market may even overwhelm you. However, if you keep the stated six hacks in mind, rest assured that your decision can be as easy as 1,2,3.




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