How To Maximize The Use Of A Fisher Price Swing For A Toddler

The Fisher-Price swing for a toddler is among the favorite baby swings and was even tagged as the best one regarding soothing babies by Baby Gear Lab. It allows for side to side and front to back motions, along with soothing music that helps calm your baby. Its features are also very flexible as it gives you a choice among three positions in case you want your baby to face a particular direction. It also comes with a 5-point harness and adjustable recline, which increases the level of safety that it provides for your baby.

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You can use the Fisher-Price Baby Swing to cause your baby to calm down or even take naps, but only under your close supervision. But if you want to entirely make use of the benefits brought about by the Fisher-Price Rocker Swing, you would need to take note of a few more things to make your baby’s swing experience better and safer. Here are tips on how to maximize the use of a fisher price swing for a toddler.

Choose A Dim Area For The Swing

Put your baby’s swing in a familiar place where your baby feels very comfortable and secure. After that, avoid the bright lights and keep them dim to help your baby relax and calm down. If they fall asleep, make sure not to leave them unsupervised to keep them from falling off the infant swing.

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Create White Noise In The Swing Area

White noise is said to promote relaxation among babies as this resembles the environment that they have been used to in their mother’s womb. The womb is a noisy place. It is said to be louder than a vacuum cleaner running the entire day. That’s why completely silent rooms do not necessarily make babies fall asleep fast. Instead, white noise is more effective in reducing stress levels among toddlers, helping them cry less, and aiding them in getting good sleep.


Keep The Speed Settings Under Control

You have to limit the amount of time that your baby swings. You cannot let them swing continuously for extended hours at high speed as this may cause them to be dizzy, or worse, even fall from the fisher baby swing if the speed goes uncontrolled. To be safe, start with the lowest setting first as this resembles the natural way of rocking your baby to calm down and to fall asleep.


Place Your Baby In A Swaddle With Pacifier

Putting your baby in a swaddle, combined with a pacifier (if it works for him), is a starting point to calming your baby when he cries and encouraging him to rest. Once you have achieved the soothing effect of the swaddle, this would help babies cry less and sleep better for longer hours on the Fisher-Price baby swing rocker.

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Put Familiar-Smelling Items Around The Area

Babies recognize and look for the smell of their nursing moms because this gives them a feeling of security. The smell of your shirt has an effect of calming your baby when he fusses. So it would be nice to have this at the back of the Fisher-Price Electric Swing, not really inside the cradle. Make sure not to place a big cloth around your baby’s face as this might cause suffocation.

What parents always have to take note is that your little ones would still need your close supervision even, and most especially, when they doze off into sleep. Good thing, the Fisher-Price Infant Swing can be your best partner as you lull your baby to calm and to relax.

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