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Riding a 20-inch bike is something many of us can remember doing when we were kids. And for some of us, we have continued to ride different bikes into adulthood and even go on to get a BMX 20-inch bike.

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Bike riding is a good activity to pass down to your children and get them to enjoy various kids’ bicycles so you can have fun riding together. Since there are many types and brands of bike 20 inch available in the market, it can be hard to choose the best one for your child. To make things easier, you can do a little research online to find more information about what makes a bike 20 inch ideal. In the article, we will cover all the bases, provide you with our top picks, and we also made a list of the highly rated 20 inch boys bike from Amazon with a brief description of their features so you can see more options.

A 20 Inch Bike

According to the Australian Government for Physical Behavior Guidelines, children should have at least an hour of vigorous activity every day to keep them healthy and active. However, they could also engage in more physical activities to keep them more robust and to practice discipline with themselves. Sports and outdoors play is so very important for physical health so any kind of activity that promotes this kind of healthy time is great.

There are a lot of reasons why your child should get started on riding a 20 inch boys bike, that is if they still aren’t riding them. For kids, the main reason they ride the bike 20 inch is mostly that of the exhilaration, and thrilling excitement of where the ride will take them to. It is also a way for them and other children from the neighborhood to connect and get to know each other.


RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike, Ages 3 – 12 Years


This bike 20 inch comes in multiple colors. You can also choose 20 inch wheels along with many other options of wheel size. It does come with the training wheel option, as well. The tires have a more rugged look to them where it almost looks like a mountain bike 20 inch and there is a spot for a water bottle above the rear tire. There are many best water bottle for college students and even kids at any age which you can buy and put on your bike. Bike 20 inch comes 95% pre-assembled so it’s super easy to get it ready to ride. And, there’s a reinforced steel frame that is covered in safety paint, as well as a chain guard that covers the chain completely for better safety. If you’re wanting to make this a 20 inch boys bike with kickstand, you’ll have to purchase a kickstand to add it separately, though.


  • The 20 inch Kids bike is easy to assemble and comes almost put out together. It includes assembly tools and simple to follow instructions.
  • The bike 20 inch is great for beginners and it is complete with safety features such as safe grips, hand break, front caliper and rear coaster break.


We have mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, or standard bikes.


Schwinn Koen & Elm Toddler and Kids Bike


The 20 inch Schwinn Koen Bike can be chosen from 14 inch wheels up through boys and girls bike with 20 inch wheels. This is a 20 inch kids’ bike designed to look a little like a 20 inch dirt bike. You can get it with the training wheel option if you’d like. You can also choose from multiple colors for boys and girls. When you give 20 inch children bike, they typically get excited if you can get one in their favorite color, so this manufacturer allows you to choose from different options. There are two braking options, a hand brake and a coaster brake on the pedals. You’ll also find that the seated position is better for kids when they pedal. Bike pedals are positioned closer to the bike frame so kids can pedal more efficiently.


20 inch Koen's boys bicycle is recommended for children

  • The 20 inch Koen’s boys bike is recommended for children 6 years and up or 48 up to 60 inches tall.
  • It is one of the best 20 inch bikes for strolling, and it has the most comfortable seat that is designed to support your child’s proportions.

20 inch Koen's boys bike is recommended for children 6 years


Mongoose Legion LSX Freestyle Sidewalk 20-Inch BMX Bike


This one is a little pricier than the other 20 inch bikes we’ve already talked about. It also comes in multiple colors so you can try to pick the perfect one for your boy. They’re touted to be BMX bikes with 20 inch wheels for beginners. It’s meant for boys and girls who are a little older and more experienced with bike riding, but who maybe don’t have any experience riding 20 inch BMX. It has freestyle pegs, as well as a brake cable detangler so any boy and girl teen rider can try some fun bar spins. You can even get this in the mag wheels option for boys and girls so they can feel just that bit more impressive.



  • The 20 inch Legion BMX bike is made of a solid Hi-Ten steel frame with 18.2 inch top tube length. It includes 20 inch x 2.0 inch tires and 152mm 1-piece crank drive train with a 36 T steel chainring. It rides smoothly and it comes at a very reasonable price.

The 20 inch Legion BMX bike is made of a solid frame and includes 20 inch x 2.0 inch tires


Huffy 20-Inch Kids Hardtrail Mountain Bike


Here’s our first 20 inch mountain bike for the list of bikes with 20 inch wheels for boys. Huffy makes quality 20 inch mountain bikes for both boys and girls. The 20 inch Hardtail Mountain Bike has 6 speeds and a designed pedal power that gives the rider extra acceleration. When we let children ride 20 inches bike, we want to know they’ll be as safe as they can be. The tires on this bike for boy and girl riders have good traction on dry and wet conditions. The handbrake pulls on the front and rear tire for better stopping, also.

The 20 inch Hardtail Mountain Bike has 6 speeds

  • The 20 inch mountain bike is fast, light and it has neat detailing and superb quality paint job. It is an attractive bike that wont break your budget.
  • It comes with the necessary safety features and accessories of a 20 inch beginner bike. It is a great option for children from 5-9 years.

Huffy makes quality 20 inch mountain bikes for both boys and girls.


TCGYX Kids Bicycle for Boy And Girl Teen Riders


The 20 inch TCGYX Kids Bike can be chosen with the training wheel option or for sports and outdoors activities such as using it as a 20 inch mountain bike. You can choose from a few different colors and from bikes with 20 inch wheels down to sizes right for children just starting to ride. You’ll find the 20 inch TCGYX Kids Bike to have a higher retail price than the other 20 inch bikes on our list, however, it’s made from very high quality materials and will make about any boy and girl happy as a gift. This 20 inch bike makes a great 20 inch starter bike with the training wheel option. Then, you can remove the trainers when your child no longer needs them.

  • This has all of the features needed to be used as 20 inch mountain bike. It can also be used just as a 20 inch strolling bike.
  • Multiple colors and sizes makes it a good choice for boys, girls, and teens.

Kids who ride bike 20 inch to school instead of being driven also shows that they are more prepared to learn. In fact, you can even buy best pedal cars for kids aged 3 to 12, if you’d like them to learn the basic mechanics of driving and riding at an early age. It also increases the mental health of your child, considering that they get to have their freedom with how fast they run, and long they go. There’s no harm in riding a bike when it means that you get to save on gas and money.

Things to Know When You’re Looking for the Right Bike?

There are some different features of 20 inch bikes that you’ll want to be familiar with. One, that’s very important, is the wheel size. You’ll have to decide if a boys 20 inch wheels bike will be the right size for your child. Typically, the 20 inch boys bike is recommended for kids who are 7-10 years old. When you see the 20 inch boys bike listed, it means the wheel size is 20 inches in diameter.

There are some differences between boys and girls bike, too. The biggest difference is the step over height. The bar that runs down the middle of 20 inch girl bikes is lower because of the old days. Girls used to wear only skirts or dresses, so the design of the girls’ bikes was to make it easier for girls step over and get on the bike. The other difference you’ll see is in the design of the bikes. You’ll often find multiple colors targeted at both boys and girls.

When you’re looking into 20 inch bikes for younger children, you’ll sometimes want to get them with training wheels. You can get 20 inch boys bike with training wheels. While this isn’t the typical size to get for a child that needs training wheels, you can convert it to a more well suited bike for an older child, too. You can get a 20 inch boys bike with kickstand and training wheels. Then, the bike can grow along with them.

The type of bike you choose will be a big decision, too. This will depend on how you think your boys and girls will be using their 20 inch bikes. Maybe your family likes to do some mountain bike riding. 20 inch mountain bikes have better suspension systems and tires that are knobby for riding over rough terrain. If you’re thinking they’re just going to be riding the bike around the neighborhood, then maybe you want to choose from 20 inch comfort bikes or cruiser bikes. Your boy might be wanting 20 inch BMX bike. 20 inch BMX bike will have some special features you’ll want to research before deciding which one you want to invest in.

Now, we’re going to look more closely into some specific 20 inch bikes you may want to consider for 20 inch boy’s bike.

20 Inch Kids’ Bike

Just like with any other products: gadgets, household items, malls, and food, there is always a mental weighing scale regarding the pros and cons of a specific product. By having this scale, you can weigh as to which product is better than the other. With that being said, the thought is also the same when it comes to choosing your child’s bike 20 inch.

when it comes to choosing your child’s bike 20 inch
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There are different types of bikes to be familiar with:

  1. Standard Bike 20 inch – Old-fashioned single speed bikes with coaster brakes that are good for relaxed riding with no steep hills or other hurdles.
  2. Road Bike 20 inch – Racing with 20 inch boys bike designed for pavement surfaces, which are classified into two groups: racing or touring bike.
  3. BMX Bike 20 inch – Low profile bikes that are usually 20 inches and have knobby tires or tires that use a deep tread to provide traction on unpaved surfaces such as loose dirt, mud, sand, or gravel. These are also single geared bikes.
  4. Mountain Bike 20 inch – Bikes that are designed for off-road use and are also a very favored type of bike due to their versatility. A mountain bike can be used on the street, as well. It’s not as easy to use other bikes in place of mountain bikes, though.
  5. Recumbent Bikes – Bikes that seat the rider in a reclining position that requires less flexibility.
BMX Bike 20 inch – Low profile bikes
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Although these are the most common general types of 20 inch bikes, it still depends on you and your child as to how and where the bike will be used. Specific bikes are better for off the road use while others are much more preferred for casual and comfortable rides.

Most importantly, it is best to purchase or have a bike that is assembled professionally. This makes sure that it is well-built, properly aligned, and tuned. Even if it is built properly, it is never wrong to double-check everything before purchase, whether online or physically.

It is time to choose from selected bikes from different online platforms.

Kids Schwinn Falcon 20″ Bicycle– $119.99

This 20 inch Schwinn Falcon bike is available in the colors: blue and red. It has a steel freestyle frame and a Unicrown fork for durable riding. This 20 inch boys bike is also a single speed for more carefree riding. The front and rear caliper brakes have a more crisp and precise stopping. Its type is a BMX handlebar with a 4-bold steel stem that keeps your kid in control of their ride. It provides a unique look with its 60H fan spoke wheels. When bought at Target, it has a free assembly for all stores and order pick-up.

Ozone 500 Boys’ Two Zero BMX Bicycle – $89.99

This 20 inch boys bike is available in colors blue and white, this is a 20 inch BMX bike crafted from high-tensile steel and features alloy caliper front and back brakes. It has a padded seat for a much more comfortable seating and 20-in single-wall steel rims. It also has a kickstand that is useful to keep the bike upright without it having to fall.

Huffy 20 Inch Ignyte Bike – $109.99

Huffy’s Ignyte is available in 12, 16, and 20 inches with the color Gloss Crimson. Once it arrives at your doorstep, it is already handy with all the tools needed for an easier assembly. It is a single-speed ignite that has a quick alloy release for the seat post for more effortless high adjustment for your kid. The steel frame has a limited lifetime, while the front hand and rear coaster brake is ideal for learning handbrakes. A lot of reviews have shown that their children enjoy riding the bike, and it is certainly easy to assemble.

Muddyfox Anarchy20 Boys Mountain Bicycle – £144.99 /$165.44


A 12-inch mountain bike frame with 20 inch Alloy wheels that has front and rear Alloy V-brakes. These 20 inch bikes for boys have zoom steel suspension forks, Alloy MTB handlebars, A-head Handlebar stem, and 6-speed gears and shifters. Aside from that, it also has a steel chainset and Cionlli MTB Saddle with bumpers. Just like any other bikes that are being sold online, this is also partly constructed.

20 inch bikes for boys
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Only a few choices are shown above; however, with the right decision from you and the judgment of your child, you will surely be able to settle on 20 inch boys bike that’s best for both the happiness of your wallet and your kid.


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