Kids BMX Racing Bikes That Are Safe For Them To Use 

If your kid is into extreme sports, and they’re old enough to handle a bike and know the consequences, buying them a bicycle motocross (BMX) bike can be a good move. BMX is a competitive sport involving freestyling, dirt jumping, and all sorts of tricks. These are rugged, sturdy bikes that your kid will love. In addition to being a regular bike that your kid can use to travel, kids BMX racing bikes, and BMX bikes in general, excel in the dirt. 

Let’s dive into the world of kids BMX racing bikes, shall we? 


What To Look For In Kids BMX Racing Bikes

  • Sturdiness

You want a bike that’s built to handle the scrapes your kid will put on it. Most bikes that say they are BMX are built to last, but as always, there are a few bikes that aren’t as well designed, leading to one disappointed kid. 

  • Powerful Brakes

Being that BMX involves some extreme stunts, you need some excellent brakes in case if something goes awry. These bikes typically have some excellent brakes, but always try out the brakes before you buy them. Some bikes will have brakes that are in both the front and the back, allowing your kid to stop should something happens.

  • The Size 

The bike should be able to fit the kid with ease, and when they sit on it, it should be able to be adjusted for growth. Always make sure the bike is of the right size, and that will take you far. Let your kid try before you buy if you can.

  • Weight 

You want a bike that is lightweight but strong. Too heavy, and you can’t do anything with it. Let your kid ride the bike and see if it’s right for them. A good bike will be the perfect balance between weight and strength. 

  • Assembly

Some bikes will require assembly. If they do, you want to make sure that construction is a breeze. You don’t want to leave room for any error when it comes to having a safe bike for your children. Some bikes require professional assembly, so consider that when you’re making the purchase.

  • Color Scheme

Your kid will probably want a bike that is colorful and has a style that matches theirs. Many bikes come in different colors and designs, allowing your kid to get the model that best suits them. Some even have designs that are friendly for girls, allowing them to join in the fun.

  • Skill Level

Some bikes are more for beginners, some are for intermediate riders, and some are for advanced riders. If your kid is just getting into BMX, a beginner or mid bike may be the best option for them. Do your research and see which bike is the best for them.

  • Other Accessories 

Finally, consider the other accessories like a helmet, pads, and other safety accessories to keep your kid as safe as possible. BMX is a sport where your kid is going to get some scrapes and bruises, but you don’t want any severe injuries to happen to them. 


This bike is good to ride, and with four different pegs for freestyling, your kid will perform the best stunts possible. It’s a bike that’s durable for long-term use and has handlebars that can go in all sorts of directions, and are made from some robust steel. 

The only downsides are that the brakes aren’t the best, but they do their job, and that there is some assembly required. 



This is a great budget bike that does quite a bit. It has a powerful brake and has 48 spoke rims that help your child perform awesome tricks. It’s also a sturdy bike, too. It doesn’t have pegs, but it’s a fantastic bike for a kid who wants to get into BMX.


This is a bike that’s popular for a good reason. It’s a bike that has the pegs needed to do tricks, some nice wheels, and brakes on both the rear and the front. This is great for safety and control. Also, it has a freestyle rotor, which is rare for kids’ BMX bikes.

The only downside is that it needs to be assembled, and it’s not easy. You should hire a pro to put it together if you can or find a pre-made one. However, if you buy this BMX for your kid, they are in for a treat.


This is a bike that comes in a unique color scheme and has lots of fun. It’s an intermediate bike that will glide past every obstacle and then stop right at the finish line. With adjustable pegs, bolts, and all that other BMX goodness, it’s an excellent freestyle ride your child will love. 


This is a BMX bike that’s cheap, and it lets the girls have some fun by offering different bikes for either boys and girls. It has a comfortable X-Games saddle, and it has brakes in the front and rear for extra safety. It’s a bike that has some good strength to it, allowing your kid to do all the skate park tricks with ease. 



This is a great lightweight bike that comes in a beautiful neon color to it. With different freestyle pegs to allow for some grinding, this bike is stylish, and it has two brakes in the front and back for grinding, too. Give it a try, and your kid is going to love every bit of it. 





BMX is a fun sport, but make sure the bike your kid is riding is adequate, and they are following all the safety precautions. It’s a sport that’s meant for older kids, usually over 10, so make sure your kid is old enough to handle the bike and the road. 

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