The Best 24-Inch Mountain Bikes

As kids get older, they tend to gravitate more to hobbies or activities that are more physical. Hence, this is the perfect time to introduce them to full suspension mountain bike. The fun sport will help develop their skill level and confidence while they enjoy the great outdoors. These are all great kids bike. But as parents, you must find the new bike that fits your child perfectly, with the right head angle, rear suspension fork, or air fork, and how-to gain ratio considering all these bicycle parts.

24-Inch full suspension mountain bikes

Cycling has grown in popularity over the couple years, and more people consider it a hobby and a mode of transportation. There is no particular age to learn how to ride a bicycle, you may be an early rider or an adult and can enjoy trail riding and rides on the bicycle parks because there are complete full squish hardtail and lightweight  bicycles available for all, and you will be surprised how accessible they are now as compared before.

24″ Bikes

There are many options available for bicycles, and it can be tedious to choose the right bicycle. Before you start looking for great price bikes or shopping for a new bicycle on the local bike shop, you must learn about the types of bicycles for great kids to see which one will benefit you the most, especially if you want to do trail riding or shuttle riding.

  • Full Suspension

It is the best idea of a bicycle for single track technical terrain and trail riding because it has front and rear hardtail, making riding comfortable even on a bumpy surface. Generally, these types of kids’ bikes has heavier side, shorter stem reach, and cost more than other mountain bikes.

  • Rigid

It can be said that a completely rigid bicycle is the most basic type of bicycle and is ideal for beginners. Basically, you will not find any hardtail shocks on both the front and rear, but a completely rigid bicycle can be great for biking on dirt roads or off-pavement for trail rides. A rigid fork eliminates fork dive, allowing rigid suspension bikes to rail turns like never before, the perfect new bike for the most fine and basic roads.

A boy with his bicycle.
  • Hardtail

Most entry-level riders doing shuttle riding start with hardtail bicycle because they have a bicycle’s basic features and competitive weight but are not as expensive as the hardtail bike. It has front hardtail shocks but has none on the rear but can still be an excellent alternative because its lightweight and sturdiness will suffice to give a worthy racing or cross-country biking experience or trail hoping rides.

What Are The Types Of 24 inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike?


A group of kids with their mountain bikes.
  • Trail 24″ Suspension Mountain Bike

The type of bike is popular among riders because it is lightweight and easy to maneuver the pedals. Design-wise, it has the right aggressive geometry and adjustable geometry, which helps boost the rider’s performance on the road.

  • Downhill Mountain Bike

Also known as motocross bikes sans the motor, this bike has substantial weight. It is equipped with Maxxis Minion tires and steeper gears, making it faster to ride on many chunky trails.

  • Enduro 24″ Suspension Mountain Bike

The All-Mountain or Enduro bike rides best uphill than other bicycles but has limited functionality compared to trail bikes. They also do not have front hardtail and are bulkier but more stable.

  • Cross Country 24″ Suspension Mountain Bike

For longer rides, nothing can compare to XC bikes. It climbs and speeds up on backcountry rides as it has a lightweight frame and smooth microshift advent shifting gears. Although the lighter the bicycle the better speed riders can pedal with ease, the only downside of this hardtail bike is it only gives a mediocre performance on technical terrains.

  • Fat 24″ Suspension Mountain Bike

Aesthetically, fat adult bikes are like muscle cars on bicycles. They come with big Maxxis Minion tires of approximately 5 inches, and they are designed for providing stability on snow and sand. Fat bikes can be used in all four seasons and are great for commuting.

  • Top 10 24″ Suspension Kids Mountain Bikes

It is less complicated to know the types and categories of hardtail bikes than to choose which one to pull and purchase. To help you narrow down your options, we made a list of the top 10 hardtail bicycles for young riders.

  • Norco Fluid FS 1 24″ Suspension

Completely redesigned in 2020, the Fluid FS 1 24 is ready to provide unlimited outdoor fun. This 24 inch full suspension mountain bike is equipped with a 100 mm dropper and Maxxis Minion tires, making it very stable on rough terrain. The smaller kids‘ bicycle also has a solid shorter reach handlebars, an aluminum alloy frame, 180 mm Shimano brakes, and SRAM NC Shifter and derailleur.

  • Slater Mobster DH 24″ Suspension

One of the best downhill bicycle is the Slater Mobster. It is priced decently, considering it uses Shimano brakes, and it comes with a frame with slack geometry; hence it is reliable to ride on a cool and challenging downhill trail.

  • Raleigh Redux 24″ Suspension Mountain Bike

Kids from 10 to 12 years old age range will like it as a present since it makes a good beginner kids’ 24″ suspension mountain bike. It has an enticing lightweight aluminum that allows the frame and hydraulic disc brakes (Tektro hydraulic disc brakes) for a smooth and comfortable ride on the dirt. Moreover, hydraulic disc brakes are more functional and efficient than mechanical disc brakes and V brakes for their stopping power, resulting in a safe ride in a bicycle park, and other places.

The multi-gear bicycle will not break the bank and is a good bicycle to consider if you are looking for a light and cheap hardtail bicycle to ride in a park.

Commercial Clash

With solid features that can give 145 mm and strength for climbing hills with rocks, the bicycle can be a tough contender to beat. It boasts a modern lightweight frame, mechanical hydraulic disc brakes (Shimano brakes), Vee Flow Snap tires, and Manitou Machete which has an air-sprung fork. Air forks allow you to set the exact spring rate, it is excellent for rotational weight and offers competitive weight savings. Although a bit pricey, it is a good investment for a young rider as it can be more than just a downhill bike. This lightweight bike is recommended if your child wants to ride in a bike park.

Kona Process 

The kid’s bicycle is an upgrade to the Stinky. It has all the quality build components you need for a hardtail bicycle — including Tektro disc brakes, Tektro hydraulic brakes to be exact, it has a nice crank chainstay length, great frame geometry, internal cable routing, and bigger jump wheels — and gives 100 mm of travel.

Lil Shredder Phenom

It is a miniature version of a high-end adult bicycle with an internal cable routing design. This is a perfect bicycle size for trail riding for a young rider. The Phenom is one of the best DH/Trail from Lil Shredder with exceptional frame geometry, hydraulic disc brakes, nice tire size, lightweight savings, etc. Its lightweight frame is handcrafted in the US and can be customized according to your preferences. Expensive as it may seem, its features are worth putting every penny.

Meekboys Mega Beast

If you have extra money to spend, you can get the hardtail and internal cable routing design Mega Beast. This lightweight product costs more than 8000 dollars, but it does come with superb features and an astounding 180 mm of travel. It offers competitive weight savings, is great for rotational weight, comes with hydraulic disc brakes, has the best crank length, Shimano brakes, and rim wheel size, and has a lightweight carbon frame, which adds to the many reasons it is costly. It’s important to note that these high-end bicycles are more expensive than the budget price best commuter bikes under $200, but they offer advanced features and top-of-the-line quality components that are worth the investment for serious riders looking to take on challenging terrain.

  • Spawn Rokkusuta 24″ Suspension

The wheels of the Spawn Rokkusuta for a young rider have a frame that is built for shredding and won’t collapse on trail rides. The early rider lids will indeed enjoy the eye-catching design of the kids’ bicycle in the bike park. It has vital quality components and features such as the X-fusion Velvet fork, SRAM GX drive train, SRAM NX Drivetrain, SRAM NX derailleur, SRAM Level T brakes, horst link hardtail, best crank length, and 02 Pro RLX rear shock.

  • Rocky Mountain Reaper 24″ Suspension

When you want your little rider to have an exhilarating trail ride in a bicycle park,  you should acquire a hardtail bicycle that can handle the toughest terrain. An adult bike that can transition from 24″ to 26″ are an excellent option for an early rider, especially if you are spending a lot on a great bike brands. The Rocky Mountain Repeat is a trail bicycle that they can continue to use as kids grow bigger. It offers mountain bikers maximum grip — perfect for daily biking in bicycle parks.

  • Mondraker Factor 24″ Suspension

Another type of bicycle that a kid can use for a long time is the Mondraker. Mondraker with internal cable routing design. It is compatible with 26″ tubeless-ready rims, has hydraulic disc brakes, and is perfect for trail riding for early riders because it rides nicely on downhill trails and in a bicycle park. In addition, compared to conventional mechanical brakes, hydraulic disc brakes disperse heat more fully and evenly, which tells that hydraulic disc brakes will last longer.

Hardtail bicycles are pretty expensive if you are an early rider in a bicycle park, but you have to keep in mind that you pay for the features. Make sure to compare each bicycle to come up with the best bicycle for your young riders.

Frequently Ask Questions About 24″ Mountain Bikes

What Age Is A Bikes With Sram Level T Brakes?

How Tall Should You Be And How Much Weight Should You Have For A 24″ Hardtail Bicycle?

Generally, children who have a height between 51 to 59 inches, which means approximately 4’2” to 4’11” feet tall can use a bicycle. Normally, a  bicycle can carry approximately 150 pounds.

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Can Adults Ride 24″ Bikes?

What Is Mtb Standard Size?

The size of the MTB wheel often affects the standard size. 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches of wheels are the most popular next size. Other wheel sizes are, however, offered in the market. The best 20″ bikes for kids are those that have the appropriate characteristics, such as adjustable seat dropper post heights, lightweight frames, and hand brakes. Young riders can ride in comfort and safety thanks to these features.

Why Choose A Hardtail Bike?

Ultimately, you want a more comfortable ride. A mountain bike will absorb most of the jarring bumps that would otherwise be sent to your body and in some cases, buck you off your bicycle. This can help reduce fatigue, which in turn can allow you to ride faster, for longer, with greater comfort.

Does MTB Pedal Size Matter?

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