What Is The Best Scooter For 10 Year Old Kids?

Most ten yo kids love to play outside. On long summer days, it can be nearly impossible to wrangle them to the dinner table while the sun is still shining high, and one favorite activity of many kids is riding the kid scooter. If that’s true of a kid in your life, then you’ll need to find out what is the best scooter for that kid. There are many kinds of kids scooters for kids out there, from a kick scooter to electric ones.

How to choose the best scooter for kids? Learn before buying
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Best Scooter For Kids

How, then, you ask, do you decide which is the best scooter for kids?

Well, determining which is the best ones for them comes down to a few factors. We’ll go over each one to help you decide which is the bike scooter for your situation.

Electric Vs. Kick Scooter

A kick scooter is basically a non-motorized scooter that has a rotating handlebar. Almost all are non-electric for older kids over the age of 7.

Electric scooters on the other hand, are simply top kids scooters that are motorized. They come in many different sizes and can go many different speeds and support a smooth ride. Most of the basic ones made for big kids around 10 years old do not go very fast and are more of a boost to a classic kick scooter.

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Our favorite kick scooter is the Razor A Kick Scooter, while we love Razor’s Power Core E95 Electric. Each option is the best scooter out there for a 10 year old, in our opinion. They both come in several different colors, so you definitely can pick out the best bike scooter for the kid you’re buying for.

Handlebar Height

You’ll also want to consider handlebar height, especially if you plan to purchase an electric scooter, since most electric scooters do not have much ability to adjust the handlebars’ height. The adjustable height handlebars should come up to a child’s waist or hips, so in order to choose the one for them, you need to pick out one that hits that height for a more smooth and quiet ride.

Wheel Size

Wheel size is pretty standard across scooters, and a scooter for younger kids usually has small three light up led wheels, which does facilitate their balance. When picking out the best scooter for the ten year old you’re buying for, just make sure it doesn’t have so large a front wheel that it will have trouble balancing and it will be an excellent fit. Though you can still choose three wheeled scooters if you want. 


Another factor that you’ll undoubtedly want to keep in mind is price. Although keeping your ten year old entertained outside in the skate park is top priority, you also probably don’t want to break the bank. And while it’s true that scooters can run way up into the hundreds of dollars, you can find scooters for kids at a much more reasonable price.

Standard kick scooters can range anywhere from $20-$50, but the most classic Razor A Kick Scooter that kids have been using for decades sits at a comfortable $30, can last for years and is a solid investment for any ten year old.

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On the other hand, electric scooters do run much higher in price, but decent electric one for kids are usually around $110-$150. While not cheap, these scooters can be a great special gift, and will be perfect for the child’s needs as it supports a quiet ride. 

One that we love is Razor’s Power Core E95 Electric Scooter. It clocks in around $120.

You can decide which is the best scooter for you to buy based on your budget, but also remember that there are outliers in each type, so try not to just base your decision on price, because you may find that the top one for the young child you’re buying for can fit into your budget, whatever that budget is.

Best Scooter For 10-Year-Old FAQs

What is the best electric scooter for a 10 year old?

Razor has a line of electric scooters known as their Power Core E9 Electric Scooter, which are a great option for kids. Although Razor may be more well-known for their classic one, their electric options are suitable made specifically for children.

What age can child use scooter?

Children can start using all the scooters for kids since scooters are relatively easy to use. You should, of course, start your child out with a classic ones (not electric) that is adequate for their size.

Some parents allow their children to start using a scooter for kids as young as 3-4 years old, always with parental supervision and head protection, of course.

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How do I choose a 10 year old kid’s best scooter?

In general, for kids under 10-12 years old, you should choose a scooter for kids. Picking out the one for your child means considering not only the appropriate height (the handlebars should come up to your child’s waist or hips when they are standing on the scooter), but also deciding between an electric and a kick scooter.

How high should a scooter be on you?

A scooter should come up to about your hips when you are standing on it to have a stable ride. Make sure that you measure the appropriate height as compared to when you are physically standing on it, or else you may end up overestimating how high it needs to be. Ensure that the scooter stays upright.

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Are there different size scooters?

Yes, trick scooters come in different sizes, both in the wheels and in the height of the handlebars. In general, with a kick scooter you have more flexibility in terms of handlebar height, but also typically smaller wheels. On the other hands, electric pro scooters usually have larger light up wheels and less flexible handlebar heights. These are two kinds of the most suitable for children 7 and up.

The exception for this would be a scooter made for a small child, which usually has larger wheels and a single height setting but is significantly smaller than made for larger children. This is the one for these kids ages because they are a better size fit for them.

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How do you measure a child for a scooter?

Ideally, best scooters for kids should come up to their waists or hips when your child is standing on it. That means that you should measure from the ground to your child’s hips and then measuring how far off of the ground the deck is, then add those two numbers together to get the height of the handlebars that should come off the ground. Also consider the folding mechanism for easy storage.

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