What Are The Best Women’s Watches Under 200?

Gifting that special someone a classy watch that they will love to wear every single day is an excellent idea no matter the occasion, but with the amount of watches on the market, it can be hard to choose the best watch for her, especially if you’re shopping on a budget.

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It doesn’t have to be too much of a challenge, though, if you keep in mind a few factors for picking out the best women’s watches for under $200. Try narrowing down your choices based on the following categories:

Display Type

One of the first, and maybe easiest decisions, you need to make when it comes to picking out a watch is the display type. Your options are generally analog and digital, but smart watches are also growing increasingly possible.

Most women’s watches for style are analog, but you can also find luxury accessories that go with smart watches, so that is another potential avenue if the woman you’re buying for is interested in smart watches.

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Face Diameter

Considering the diameter of the watch is very important when buying a watch because many people have strong opinions about whether they prefer larger or smaller watch faces. This can vary widely, so try to pay attention to other jewelry the woman you’re buying for wears.

Watches for women come in a variety of diameters, that you can generally sort into four categories: small (up to 30mm), medium (31mm to 42mm), large (43mm to 49mm) and extra-large (more than 50mm), although there are very few watches for women in the extra-large category, which is usually reserved for women’s watches.

When in doubt, the best watches usually come in small and medium sizes for women, so if you are really unsure, choose a watch in that range.

Color And Material (Metal And Strap)

Watches come in many different colors in materials for both their straps and their face. Usually watch faces feature a particular metal (or at least, color of metal), such as silver, gold or rose gold. You should first narrow down the material and color you prefer for the face.

Then, you can decide on an overall color scheme. Watches generally come in blacks, browns or whites/greys, although there are also many watches made for women that come in pink as well. You may find some watches with metal straps, but many of the most popular today feature leather straps.

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The best watches at this price range usually come from brands like Michael Kors, Ted Baker London, Nixon, Olivia Burton, Coach, Kate Spade New York and Timex, at least as far as luxury, stylish watches go. It’s a good idea to shop for a brand because they often make for higher quality watches.

Current Trends

There are many watches out there for women, and if you’re having trouble deciding which watch is best for the lovely lady you’re buying for, there are a few current trends to keep in mind that could help guide your decision,

Many women right now are opting either for tiny, minimalist watches or oversized watches. If you know which one the woman you’re buying for would prefer, then you should definitely pick out a watch that falls into one of those categories.

Many women also like watches with leather straps, especially for every day, casual use. If that’s your intention when you’re buying the watch, then try to go for a simple, leather strap and consider splurging a little more on the face.

Lastly, rose gold has been a very popular color in recent years. If you know that the women you’re buying the watch for loves the material, then definitely opt for that. If you’re unsure, pay attention to the jewelry she wears the most.

Does she wear a lot of gold jewelry? Then opt for a gold watch. If she tends more toward silver, then go for silver.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a good, inexpensive watch?

For good, but relatively inexpensive watches, try brands like Michael Kors, Ted Baker London, Nixon, Olivia Burton, Coach, Kate Spade New York and Timex. These brands have high-quality watches in many different materials, designs and formats for everyone and usually clock in at very affordable prices.

How do I choose a women’s watch?

You should choose women’s watches based on a few factors including: price, brand, display type, color, metals and materials. You may decide to look for a watch in the range of $150-$200 with an analog display and leather strap, in a gold tone from Michael Kors, for example. 

By narrowing down what you’re looking for by those factors, you should limit your options to just 3-5 possibilities and from there you can choose the watch that you think the lady you’re buying for will like best.

It’s also a good idea to keep in mind the diameter of the face, because many people prefer either larger or smaller watches. This is also important to help determine fit, since watches with wider diameters might require smaller straps.

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What is the most popular women’s watch?

Although there is no one best women’s watch, watches with analogue displays in rose-gold tones, and usually with leather straps, are very popular today. Brands like Coach, Michael Kors and Olivia Burton offer many watches that look like this.

What are good, affordable watch brands?

Popular watch brands at an affordable price that still offer high-quality products include Michael Kors, Ted Baker London, Nixon, Olivia Burton, Coach, Kate Spade New York and Timex. You can find stylish options with great functionality from these brands at an economically friendly price. 

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Is Michael Kors watches luxury?

Michael Kors watches and other Michael Kors products are considered entry level luxury products. They are great products for people interested in luxury brands but that might not have the budget to buy something much more expensive, and a watch is an excellent luxury piece to add to your collection because they often run a little cheaper than other accessories but can be worn over and over again.

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