Ride For Beginners: Best Features Of Skateboards For Beginners

Riding your board is a new skill that is fun and exciting to do. You get to pick out the best skateboard, deciding whether you want to learn at home or a skate park. There are many best options when it comes to boards and just starting in this world can seem overwhelming. They can be difficult to shop because they come in different styles, sizes, and prices. Exploring this diverse range of skateboard choices is part of the thrill as you embark on your skateboarding journey. As you navigate through the multitude of options, you’ll discover the best board that suits both your preferences and style, adding an extra layer of excitement to your new adventure.

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This is why you should know the best skateboards for beginners and how to pick out the perfect beginner skateboards for your own.

Best Boards For Beginners

Why choose beginner boards?

  • The best beginner skateboards enhance the learning experience.
  • The best beginner skateboards build confidence.
  • The best beginner skateboards prioritize safety.
  • The best beginner skateboard fosters a positive learning experience

Before you can purchase a skateboard, you want to make sure you have all the information you need ahead of time. This means knowing the parts that make up a board and how you can purchase these parts to have a smooth ride. You also need to decide where to buy these high-quality skateboard parts, protective gear, and other skate tools that you need.

Brands like Santa Cruz are known for producing high quality skateboards, so consider exploring reputable sources such as your local skate shop, online shops, or skate park shops to buy your street skating supplies. Taking the time to invest in high-quality skateboards and accessories can significantly enhance your overall skateboarding experience.

Parts Of A Skateboard

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Best Decks For Skateboard

The deck is the part that you stand on. There are countless art options or cool graphics for the underside of the board. When purchasing a beginner skateboard, remember that you do not have to get the most expensive one. Test the deck sizes that fit the rider well. Deck width is an important factor to consider, as it influences stability and maneuverability.

It’s important to note that decks can come in different shapes, but the popsicle shape is particularly famous and recommended for those starting in skateboarding, offering a versatile design suitable for various styles of skateboarding. Additionally, consider exploring wider decks for added stability, especially for those who prioritize a comfortable and supportive platform. It is typically made with maple wood, but there are other options available in the market.

Best Griping Tape For Beginner Skateboard

On the top of the deck, is the grip tape. The grip tape helps your feet stay planted on the deck. This part is important, especially for beginner skateboarders who are still trying to find their balance and footing on their first board to slowly get a smoother ride. For optimal comfort and control, be mindful of your shoe size, as it influences how well your feet will fit and grip the board during rides.

Best Trucks For Beginner Skateboard

Trucks are also called axles and are where the wheels are placed.  The best beginner skateboards are equipped with a quality setup that is ready for both rough surfaces and smooth asphalt. For kids, it’s essential to have a board that provides stability and control, helping them learn and enjoy the sport safely.

Best Hard Or Soft Skateboard Wheels 

The wheels are placed on the skateboard trucks and secured into place with bearings. They are available in different sizes. For beginner skateboarders, the type of wheel that they would choose for their first board is going to be based on their personal preference. They can choose to get hard wheels but then realize they would mainly ride on smooth asphalt which would require softer wheels. On the other hand, they could get the soft wheels and end up needing harder wheels for the surface they usually ride on.

Regarding wheel size, the choice between small and big wheels depends on the rider’s personal preference and the specific terrain they plan to skate on. This decision may be influenced by different factors, such as the rider’s skating style, preferred tricks, and the overall experience they seek while skateboarding.

Best Bearings And Hardware For Beginner Skateboard

The bearings help to secure the wheels and the hardware is to hold the rest of the parts to the deck. The best complete board, whether it’s designed for kids, cruiser boards, or any other type of board, should feature quality and reliable bearings to ensure a safe and smooth ride. Achieving the right setup with high-quality bearings is crucial for an optimal skateboarding experience.

Purchasing A Complete Skateboard For Beginners

There are two ways to buy a board. The first way is as a complete skateboard and the second way is by purchasing all the parts individually. A complete skateboard means that the board is already put together. This is the right option for a starter because you should first learn how to skate, not how to put together an entire board. That can come at a later time. When looking for the best beginner board, opting for a complete setup provides a hassle-free introduction to the sport. It is often recommended as it provides a ready-to-ride and versatile board suitable for learning the basics of skating, complete with a quality and reliable complete set of components.

The second way to purchase a board is in individual parts. This is the better option if you are already experienced and know the specific type and brand of each part that you want. For experienced skaters, assembling individual parts allows for a more customized riding experience, catering to specific preferences such as cruising or transition skating.

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Skate Park Etiquettes

Skate park etiquette is crucial for maintaining a positive and safe atmosphere. Skaters should wait their turn, communicate effectively, and be aware of their surroundings. Respecting others’ space, following park rules, and wearing appropriate safety equipment, including a good helmet, are essential. The atmosphere at the skate park is often evident at first glance, and by keeping the park clean, avoiding aggressive behavior, and offering support to beginners, skaters contribute to a welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy.

Best Beginner Skateboard

So with all the above in mind, the right board to have as a starter is going to be the Powell Golden Dragon complete skateboard. This is also one of the best-recommended skateboards by MyProScooter. This particular brand has been around for decades because it can be purchased to fit the needs of any skill level and age range, providing stability for beginners. Every time this specific board has been upgraded and redesigned, it has been changed with the reviews and customers in mind. This way it suits the changing needs of the skateboarding community. It is the best for starters because you can select your specific skill level and it is a trusted brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

How Do I Pick A Starter’s Skateboard?

A good way to pick the best skateboard for a beginner is by knowing and understanding the different parts that go into a skateboard. From here, you will be able to select the right skateboard for you. The parts that are on a complete board are the deck, trucks, brushings, wheels, bearings, grip tape, and hardware.

One of the most important things when picking out a starter board is what deck size you will need. Different heights and weights correspond to different board decks, but when starting you should lean more toward a conventional skateboard deck style. This will make it easier for you to learn how to use your neophyte board. Once you have got the basics down, you can change up the deck style if you want. For guidance in addition to this, visit your local skateboarding shop. They have experienced riders who will be more than happy to help you on your journey of picking your starter board.

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Are Penny Boards Good For Starters?

Yes, penny boards are good for newbies. The penny board is portable and lightweight, making it easy for a skater to carry it wherever they go. This portability provides more practice opportunities, allowing beginners to enhance their skills. Additionally, penny boards are equipped with larger wheels compared to traditional boards, which makes it easier to ride over cracks and handle curbs, particularly useful for navigating various terrains, including concrete. The design of the penny board is specifically tailored for cruising, making it an ideal choice for those who are just starting to board and want to master the fundamentals of riding.

What Is The Right Beginners Skateboard For Me?

When selecting a beginner board, the best option to start with is a complete skateboard. Complete skateboards either come pre-assembled or they come more than halfway assembled and there are only a few parts that need to be put on. These parts are always included when you purchase a complete skateboard, so no need to worry about trying to find the right parts for your beginner skateboard. If you decide to purchase a complete board, remember to select the proper deck size. The size of the skateboard deck that you need will depend on your height and weight. It’s important to consider the type of skating you plan to do, whether it’s on smooth surfaces or rougher terrain types. You can find some recommended skateboards here: https://skateadvisors.com/best-skateboard-for-beginners.html.

How Much Should A Skateboard Cost?

A good board will cost around $170, but there are options out there for less that can serve as a decent beginner skateboard. A complete skateboard will cost anywhere between $100 and $200. This price all depends on what brand it is and how advanced and intricate the parts are. If you are going with something different than a complete skateboard, just remember to try to keep the total of all the individual parts in the range above, it will all boil down to personal preference when it comes to the cost of the best beginner skateboards.

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Are Walmart Skateboards Good For The Beginners?

When you are looking for a beginner skateboard, Walmart is a place to avoid. They make unreliable, unsafe, and low-quality skateboards. Walmart skateboards are also known to have wobbly wheels and a poorly designed and made curve shape to the skateboard deck. When the skateboard is poor quality, it will be difficult to learn and the experience will be unenjoyable. So the best skateboard that can be used by starters is not going to be Walmart made.

Is This Hobby Hard?

Skateboarding can be a hard skill to master, but if you start off learning the basics, it makes the process a lot simpler. Skateboarding only becomes difficult when starters try to skip straight to the tricks. This makes things complicated because as a neophyte, you need to build a foundation first before advancing to tricks. There are tips available to you to ensure that your process to learn skateboarding is an easy one. For example, start by practicing balancing and pushing. Once you feel comfortable going in a straight line then you can practice simple carving motions. These three things help to provide you with a firm basis to then add things to.

It is also worth reminding that knowing and having the best skate tools is as equally important as getting the best protective gear or protective equipment such as a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, etc.

Is A 7.75 Skateboard A Good Size?

A 7.75 skateboard is a good size when it comes to all-around skateboards. An all-around skateboard is the top skateboard for when you are just starting. This type of starter skateboard is recommended if you plan on learning on the street or at a skatepark. An all-around skateboard is built for multiple riding sites. So yes, a 7.75 skateboard is a good size, especially if you’re a neophyte to the hobby.

How Much Should I Spend On My First Board?

For your first skateboard user, you should spend between $75 and $130. This is a good range to stay in for a reliable starter skateboard because you do not need expensive upgrades. Once you learn and become better, then you will understand the most suitable skateboard for you and which upgraded parts you want.

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Ride The Skateboards?

Not everyone requires the same amount of time to learn how to ride a skateboard. Some will take a longer time than others and some are quick learners. The more practice you put in, the quicker you will learn. For some, it can take as little as 2 weeks and for others, it can take a couple of months. Skate parks are a good place not only to master the skill but to also see other

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Does Walmart Have Skateboards In-Store?

Yes, Walmart has skateboards that can be bought in-store. They have different complete skateboards available in their stores. Although, there are more complete options on their website. Before purchasing a Walmart skateboard, make sure that you do your research to ensure that their product is the top choice skateboard for you.

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