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Today’s world is full of robots, remote control everything, and plenty of electric things that go. In recent years, there’s been a surge in the popularity of electric skateboards for children. The boards give riders the ability to go faster and maneuver more easily. However, the rise in popularity of electric skateboarding has brought about questions from parents on whether electric skateboards for children are safe and how to choose the best one when shopping at the store.


That’s where we come in. We’re going to discuss the starter’s electric skateboard and longboard and what you need to know about choosing one right here.

Electric Skateboard Safety 

A close up shot of a bright new electric skateboard

These skateboards are powered by batteries located in the deck. All board features undergo rigorous safety inspections throughout the manufacturing process. Producers take great precautions to ensure their products are safe, often including features like Bluetooth connectivity and accompanying app support to add an extra layer of safety and control.

When considering the safety of riding electric skateboards, it’s important to buy one suitable for your child’s age range. Stores often categorize boards specifically catering to younger age groups, with features designed for their capabilities. Ensure the wheels are tight and well-fitted, reflecting the overall great build quality, and that all components are correctly assembled. Older children should use a board with a flexy deck, which requires more balance and control, and consider low-profile designs so they have an easy time to kick-start and maneuver. Always place safety as a top priority.

You also want to make sure your child wears the appropriate safety gear when he or she rides their skateboard or longboard. Riders of all ages should always wear a helmet. You can also have them wear additional protective gear, such as elbow and knee pads, as well as wrist guards.

Lastly, you should look into the prices and shop reviews when shopping because these are small details that can create a big change in the product.

Purchasing Criteria 

This is an electric longboard which is actually just longer than a regular skateboard.

You’ll want to look at a few different factors when you’re deciding on the best electric skateboard to purchase. Here’s a list of features to consider:

  • Battery type – lithium or lead acid (typically)
  • Brand – professional or amateur
  • Range – how far the board can go on one full charge
  • Size – how long is the board
  • Weight – is the board too bulky and heavy
  • Weight capacity – how much the board can hold
  • Speed – how fast the board goes
  • Intended age – whom the board is meant
  • Wheels – durability, size, material
  • Motor – acceleration and braking abilities

When you’re buying one, you want to choose lightweight ones, tailored to shorter heights, are super portable, and have lower power hub motors with lower top speeds. Suitable to reach speeds with a great range and a fantastic riding experience. Besides the technicalities and safety of the boards, you have to make sure that your little one will be comfortable and at ease riding the one you will take home. The performance and the price are secondary if they are not going to have fun with their boards.


a kids electric skateboard ready to glide away
  • Brakes: Electric longboards and skateboards have brakes. The rider holds a remote in their hand that allows them to control the speed of the board and stop and start it.
  • Battery: Generally speaking, you should be able to get about 3 years of use out of an electric skateboard battery. It could be more, or it could be less, but that’s roughly the average for the regular longboard standard lithium-ion battery most of the boards come with.


We’ll start by saying that an electric longboard or skateboard isn’t cheap and that the price depends upon the performance, reliability, and overall quality. The more features you want, the more the board the price will be. If you’re looking to purchase the best on the market, you will have to drop hundreds of dollars.

If you’re aiming to buy a starter’s board though, you can find an off-brand option that costs around $100. Just like with so many other kinds of products, you get what you pay for.

Which kids electric skateboard to ride on? Take your pick.

The cheapest ones can be purchased from the big box retailers and discount retailers. They will carry some of the mass-produced non-brand options that are good for beginners and will usually provide discount codes from time to time.

Online retailers also carry other models of cheaper electric longboards and skateboards. You can check out the Miageek 250W Electric Longboards. They have a maximum speed of 12 mph, a weight capacity of 220 lbs., and are lightweight.

What Is The Best Kids Electric Skateboard?

kids electric skateboard with a powerful double motor

The best kiddie electric skateboard, overall, is the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard. The range of this board is about 7 miles, giving you enough speed for a longer range or longer distances. The double hub motor is pretty powerful, making smooth acceleration, even up inclines, easy. The board comes with its carrying case and is covered by a one-year warranty.


You love your little ones and want to keep them safe, but let them explore and have fun. The best electric skateboard for children will let them try out a new hobby safely. Make sure you choose one that doesn’t have a hugely powerful hub motor capable of higher speeds. Get your rider a helmet and maybe some of the other safety gear mentioned earlier, and then you can enjoy watching your child have fun safely, knowing you chose the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Longboards For?

Longboards are used for cruising, traveling longer distances, and downhill racing, thanks to their longer decks and stable design, making them versatile for various skateboarding styles.

Are Boards Safe For 5-Year-Olds?

Skateboards can be safe for 5-year-olds if they are specifically designed with young children in mind and used under adult supervision with proper safety gear.

What Is The Difference Between A Skateboard And A Longboard?

In this article, we’ve discussed both electric skateboards and longboards. Electric longboards, which are longer than skateboards, offer easier balancing and are ideal for beginners, making them a good choice even to children. They differ in design, lacking the curved ends of skateboards, and have larger, softer wheels so you can have a smoother ride on various terrains. While skateboards are better suited for trick riding, longboards are preferred for cruising, with performance varying based on brand and price.

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