The Top Math Books For Kids They’ll Use

For kids, learning math is a challenge. It’s not only because there are some complicated aspects of math, but it’s also because the subject can be so dull. It’s hard to teach math in an immersive way, but these math books have done the job. Math books can combine learning with storytelling or have fun and challenging problems for the kids to solve. Here are the top math books for kids that you may want to check out.


What To Look For In Top Math Books For Kids

  • Age Appropriateness
    Giving a five-year-old a book about algebra may not be a good idea, especially when looking for the best books for 4-year-olds. Meanwhile, giving an eight-year-old a book about counting to ten is useless. You need to find age-appropriate books, specifically tailored to the needs and interests of four-year-olds. Don’t buy books that are too easy or too complex for the age of your kid.
  • Illustrations
    Kids, particularly younger ones, love illustrations that bring the stories and the concepts to life. When teaching math, pictures are essential for many reasons. Make sure your books have plenty of examples that tell your kids how to count or add.
  • Easy to Read
    You should have a book that is easy for a child to read, explaining concepts like they are new to it. Many kids, including 3rd-grade kids, will have a hard time figuring out math concepts, and luckily, these books, such as the best books for 3rd-grade boy or girls, do an excellent job explaining.
  • Re-Readability
    You’ll want a book your kid will want to check again and again. Be it to refreshen their memory on how to do math or to figure out some of the problems they couldn’t answer the first time.

Now, let’s look at some top math books for kids.

Counting Crocodiles

This is an excellent book for small children who are just learning how to count. This story involves a monkey who counts the crocodiles who are guarding the path to a banana tree. As the monkey tries counting those crocs, your child will want to travel with them.

The Grapes of Math

This is not the wrath you’re thinking of, but it is the math you need. This book contains puzzles, rhymes, and plenty of illustrations to teach kids about numbers and counting. It’s one great little book that you’re going to love every bit of.

Math Fables

For generations, fables have taught kids morals. Why not have stories that teach math? These fables come with math lessons that you soon won’t forget, with illustrations to teach children how to count and other math goodness.

Ten Apples Up On Top!

This is a cool book involving counting apples. Again, it’s for smaller children who are learning how to count. Older kids may not find much value in it, but younger kids will love it.


Sir Cumference And All The King’s Tens

This is a story about place values and number groupings. The story involves Sir Cumference and Lady Dy throwing a party for their king. The problem: too many people for the king’s castle! They must figure out how to get everyone in there and throw a surprise party for the king. It’s another story that has quite a few things going for it and can teach the kids how to throw a party for everyone.

Sir Cumference And The First Round Table

Sir Cumference has a new problem. This time there isn’t enough space for the knights on their rectangular table. If only they had a round table. This is a great book that teaches about geometry and how one can be able to make the most out of their desks. Kids love reading about shapes, and this book delivers.

Fractals, Googols, And Other Mathematical Tales

This is another series of tales, and each tale involves a new mathematical concept. Kids love stories, and being able to learn about math through tales is a great way to teach them. Make sure your kid reads each story and learns the lessons it teaches.

Fraction Fun

Fractions are interesting to read about. You need to use portions when cooking, cutting up pizzas, and much more. This book makes fractions, well, fun. Give it a read and see how well your kids can divide afterward. Maybe they can cook a meal using half cups.


Spaghetti And Meatballs For All!

When cooking, you have to make room for all the guests. This is a book about a couple who makes spaghetti for 32 guests and how they can seat them all. It’s another book that involves counting, and since it involves measuring, a little bit of geometry is included as well. Give it a read, and your kid will love it.

The Math Wiz

This book is all about addition and multiplication. The story involves a boy who was good at math, but then has troubles once he goes into the third grade. It’s an excellent book for math wiz’s and struggling kids alike. Try it out if your kid wants to learn. This is one of the top math books for kids.

A Very Improbable Story

Learning about chance and probability is a good lesson. Kids need to learn when they should take a chance and when the odds aren’t in their favor. This book is about a boy who finds a cat on his head, and he must win probability games to get the cat off. It’s a silly story, and you may say it’s improbable, but it teaches some valuable lessons.


Why Pi?

Pi is an exciting concept, and this book talks about the history of Pi and other forms of measurement. Learning about computation is a valuable lesson for any child. Why Pi can explain this in a way that’s easy for any child to understand. Try out this book today and see why.


7 x 9 = Trouble

This is a good book about kids who are starting to learn multiplication. Multiplication can be complex for children, particularly if your child has to do timed tests. This book is all about timed tests, and many kids will relate to what the story told in this book.


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