Propel Trampoline: The Bounciest And Safest In The Market?

I’m willing to bet that it’s been almost every kid’s dream to have a trampoline. Yet many parents dismiss the idea because of all the accident stories and despite the funny home videos that involve a trampoline.


It’s a good thing that things develop, and products adapt to our needs. Enter the Propel Trampoline: its manufacturers market it as not just the bounciest trampoline, but also the safest. Before we delve into our examination of this brand, let’s take a look at a simple safety checklist and the benefits of getting a trampoline.


Trampoline Checklist

First, let’s run down a couple of rules and procedures you’ll want to follow to ensure your kids’ safety.

  • Hazard-Free Surroundings

Make sure that you set up your trampoline in an area far from trees, walls, fences, furniture, and other hazards. Also make sure that you set it up on flat, solid ground.

  • Check The Installation

Before you send your kids off to play, inspect the trampoline closely. Make sure that the bolts are tightened, and the springs are in their correct position.

  • Extra Safety Equipment

You can also get parts such as safety pads that cover up the springs for added safety. Propel Trampoline parts such as these are easy to find.

  • Supervise

Even when you have older kids, don’t be too trusting. Better safe than sorry. This way, you can also ensure that kids play one at a time.


Benefits Of Trampolines For Tots

Did you know that Propel Trampolines are beneficial for kids? Even babies can find value in the bounce. Here are some benefits that’ll convince you to start bouncing.

  • Great Exercise

In fact, NASA says it’s better than jogging and even swimming in some aspects. It strengthens your upper and your lower body. This also builds endurance. That’s great news for both kids and adults.

  • Motor Skills And Coordination

Anyone who thinks it’s easy to stand on a trampoline, bounce for a while, and get off has never actually tried being on one. It’s tougher than it looks. Your kids will learn to change positions and adjust themselves to keep their balance. That means that they’ll be working out their brains too.

  • Character Traits And Values

A trampoline will also teach your children values. Like we said, bouncing on one isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Your kids will learn to persevere as they discover ways to play on the trampoline.

  • Fun

Lastly, it’s all good fun. Bouncing around relives stress, and makes people happy as you get that surge of endorphins.


Varieties Of Propel Trampolines

Now, let’s look at the selection of trampolines:

  • Propel Trampolines 12′ trampoline with enclosure
  • 12×8 rectangular trampoline with enclosure
  • 14’ trampoline with enclosure
  • Propel 15 ft trampoline with enclosure
  • Preschool trampoline
  • 7’ with enclosure
  • 8’ with enclosure
  • Fitness trampoline


Features Of Propel Trampolines


So what is it about this brand that makes it the safest? Well, if you’ve read the selection above, you already have a good picture of what the trampolines are without even seeing a photo. Products sold by Propel Trampoline all come with enclosures, save for its fitness trampoline, which they designed for adults. This provides additional safety so that your kids don’t fall off or bounce off too far off the sides.

Their preschool trampoline is the trampoline for your little ones. It comes with an enclosure that has extra support to keep your pre-schooler on the mat. Instead of springs, Propel has built it with bungees that are heavy-duty for your kids. Because of its size, this trampoline can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The Propel 12 foot trampoline is a best-seller as it’s the perfect size for most families. It’ll fit comfortably in your backyard for your children to enjoy all day. Propel Trampolines 12 trampoline with enclosure has an impact absorbent response system. These are fancy words, but this means that your child won’t get that shock or hard-wall feeling you get with other trampolines. The Propel Trampoline 12 also has a sure-lock safety pad. This means that the safety pads will be kept locked in at all costs, making sure you don’t step on any springs as you bounce.

Another great feature is that you can get Propel Trampoline replacement parts quickly. Just visit their website, and you’ll be able to get the parts you need. That means you don’t have to buy a whole new trampoline if something goes wrong.


In Summary


So there you have it, the Propel Trampoline. You’ll be sure to find one that’ll suit you. Whether it’s the standard Propel 12ft trampoline for everyone, the preschool trampoline for your young kids, or the massive Propel 15 ft trampoline for kids at heart, you’ll be sure to find something that’ll suit your tastes and needs.

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