Propel Trampolines: Choosing A Toss Exerciser

I’m willing to bet that it’s been almost every kid’s dream to have a Propel trampoline. Yet many parents dismiss the idea despite the funny home videos because of all the accident stories.

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There are many factors to consider when buying the right trampoline. While considering the price is important, safety is a top priority. To give you an idea of what to look for in a trampoline and some of the highly-rated toss exercisers in the market today, we compiled a list of the best-selling ones from Amazon. We also included product descriptions for each one to help you choose. If you continue reading the article, you will find useful FAQs and more information about what makes toss exercisers ideal. You should also read some good trampoline deals before buying one.

It’s good that things develop and products adapt to our needs. Enter the toss exercisers: its manufacturers market it as not just the bounciest trampoline but also the safest. Before we examine the Propel trampoline, let’s take a look at a simple safety checklist and the benefits of getting toss exercisers.

Skywalker Toss Trampoline 8-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline 

  • The 8-foot trampoline passed all ASTM standards in terms of safety.
  • It is enclosed with a net with a dual zipper & clip closure system and 56 5.5″ long steel springs.
  • It comes with a 3-year limited warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on the accessories.
  • It is very easy to assemble, and the little basketball hoop adds more excitement to this trampoline during play.

Skywalker Trampoline 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk 

  • The trampoline is designed with high regard for safety. It is built with a patented enclosure and net.
  • This trampoline used 96 6.5″ rust-resistant long steel springs to keep the frame together, and they padded the exposed steel for added stability.
  • The trampoline’s frame is 12 in diameter, and the jump area is approximately 10′. It can be enjoyed by 2-4 kids at a time.

Blanketown Toss Trampoline

  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 110 lbs.
  • It has a stylish design and provides fun and safe jumping time for kids.
  • It is easy to assemble and can be used indoors or outdoors.\

Merax Trampoline

  • It is available in 12 and 14 ft. It includes a basketball hoop and ladder.
  • It is made with thicker galvanized steel with 6 w-shaped legs.
  • It comes with 72 galvanized springs for a safer and more impressive bounce.
  • Whether you use it for exercise or entertainment, it is perfect for the whole family.

Checklist To Ensure Your Child’s Safety And Optimal Play

First, let’s run down a couple of rules and procedures you’ll want to follow to ensure your kids’ safety.

Children in a safe and hazard free haven while having fun.
  • Hazard-Free Surroundings

Make sure you set up your trampoline in an area far from trees, walls, fences, furniture, and other hazards. Also, make sure that you set it up on flat, sturdy, and solid ground, and never on soft ground.

Always check that the outer frame edge isn’t sharp either.  

  • Get A Screen That Goes Frame Edge To Edge

A screen that goes from edge to edge will protect children when they use the club unit. The frame edge to edge screen will protect them so that if they do bounce against the edge, they don’t hurt themselves. 

Getting the appropriate screen gives the proper frame edge-to-edge coverage and also helps prevent the outer frame edge from potentially hurting the kid’s doo. 

  • Check The Installation

Before sending your kids off to play, scrutinize the trampoline. Make sure that the bolts are tight and the springs are in their correct position.

  • Extra Safety Equipment and Parts

You can also get parts such as safety pads that cover up the springs for added safety. Trampoline parts such as these are easy to find. Even when you have older kids, don’t be too trusting. Better safe than sorry. This way, you can also ensure that kids play one at a time.

Benefits of Propel Trampolines

Did you know that toss exercisers are beneficial for kids? Even babies can find value in the bounce. Here are some benefits that convince you to start bouncing on a Propel trampoline or any other trampoline.

a joy to behold children having fun
  • One Of The Best Exercises

NASA says that bouncing on toss exercisers are better than jogging and even swimming in some aspects. It strengthens your upper and your lower body. It also builds endurance. That’s excellent news for both kids and adults.

  • Enhances Motor Skills And Coordination

Anyone who thinks it’s easy to stand on a Propel trampoline, bounce, and get off has never actually tried being on one. It’s tougher than it looks. Your kids will learn to change positions and adjust themselves to keep their balance. That means that they’ll be working out their brains too.

  • Helps in Character Traits And Values

It will also teach your children values. As we said, bouncing on one isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Your kids will learn to persevere as they discover ways to play on the Trampoline.

  • Encourages Fun

Lastly, it’s all good fun. Bouncing and jumping on a Propel trampoline relieves stress and makes people happy as you get that surge of endorphins.

Different Selections To Choose From

Now, let’s look at the selection for a Propel trampoline:

  • Propel Trampoline 12‘ with enclosure
  • 12×8 Rectangular Trampoline with enclosure
  • 14′ trampoline with enclosure
  • Propel Trampoline 15 Feet with enclosure
  • Preschool trampoline
  • 7′ Trampolines with enclosure
  • 8′ with enclosure
  • Fitness trampoline

Safety Features: They’re All That Matter Most

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So what is it about a Propel trampoline that makes them the safest? Well, if you’ve read the selection above, you already have a good picture of the Propel trampoline. Products sold by Propel Trampoline all come with enclosures, save for its fitness trampoline, which they designed for adults. Propel provides additional safety for ultra-smooth bounce, so your kids don’t fall off or bounce too far off the sides.

Their preschool trampoline is for your little ones. It comes with an enclosure that has extra support to keep your pre-schooler on the mat. It’s a spring-free trampoline, so instead of springs, Propel has built it with bungees that are heavy-duty for your kids. Because of its size, it can be for both indoors and outdoors.

The Propel 12-foot trampoline is a best-seller as it’s the perfect size for most families. It fits comfortably in your backyard for your children to enjoy all day. Propel Trampoline 12 trampoline with enclosure has an impact absorbent response system. These are fancy words, but your child won’t get that shock or hard-wall feeling you get with another Propel trampoline. The Propel Trampoline 12 also has a sure-lock safety pad. It means that the safety pads will be locked in at all costs, making sure you don’t step on any springs when bouncing and twisting.

Another great feature is that you can get replacement parts quickly. Just visit their website, and you’ll be able to get the parts you need. That means you don’t have to buy a new trampoline if something goes wrong. A Propel Trampoline is not only of the best quality but also gives excellent service as well.

Summary On Different Trampoline Replacement Guides

There are plenty of parts for each of these. Understanding the trampoline parts is important for understanding which replacement parts you need. 

  • P12D Parts

You can get P12D parts for a Propel trampoline that helps. These include enclosure parts, foam padding, steel replacement strings, and attachment bungees for this type of trampoline.  The P12D parts fit on this kind of trampoline and work to offer a variety of simple and effective replacement parts. You can get P12D parts 5 poles to help keep it in the ground. You can get replacement parts for p12D parts typically from the Propel website, but if you’re having trouble getting certain parts for P12D parts, then you can always talk to a representative from Propel’s store as needed. 

  • P14D Parts

P14D parts fit these types.  These P14D parts help with different jumping and other enclosures.  There are plenty of different parts jump trampolines need, and you can also get trampolines accessories for this too. There are P14D parts and 5 poles you can use to help fully secure your trampoline into the ground. 

  • PTS15RE Parts

The PTS 15RE parts are used for this kind of trampoline. You can get PTS15 RE parts quite easily from different retailers and usually fit this kind of club unit.  

  • K14DBE Parts

The K14DBE parts are used for trampolines that have this type of circular surface and a high enclosure. You can get K14DBE parts quite easily, and they are available from most places. 

  • P14PBE Parts

Finding the right P14P BE parts can be a bit hard, but thankfully you can get replacement P14P BE parts on the site itself. 

  • P15PRE Parts

The P15PRE parts help with keeping the frame safe and secure. You can get P15PRE parts 96 springs for your trampoline from the Propel website and P15PRE parts for your trampoline. 

  • 6GE Parts

The 6GE parts for this type of trampoline are different.  That’s because the outer frame edge is more square, and the 6GE parts have a base that’s slightly different from other trampolines.  You can use P126GE parts with this trampoline because P126GE parts are similar. The P126GE and the 6GE are very similar in style, and you can use these parts to help replace your trampoline as needed.

  • K126BE Parts

You need to get K126BE parts for your trampoline, and if you need these types of parts jump trampolines use to function, then you should look for this. The K126BE parts are for that type of trampoline, and you should ensure you get the right kind before purchasing. You can get K126BE parts five poles to help not only properly secure it to the ground but also help keep the outer frame edge from being a danger to children who use this. 

  • P15DRE Parts

The P15DRE parts are used for this type of trampoline, and there are plenty of accessories that you can get.  You also should make sure you not only get P15DRE parts for your trampoline if you have one but also some enclosures too. 

  • PTS128 Parts

There are a variety of PTS128 parts you can get, including PTS128 parts 96 springs, enclosures, and the like.  Getting the right PTS128 parts also helps replace parts to help change the parts used by jump trampolines. 

It’s pretty easy to get replacement parts for these kinds of trampolines. You can get K14DBE parts, P7DYB parts, P8DBE parts, and other parts jump trampolines need. If you struggle to find any of these, especially K14DBE parts, P7DYB parts, or even P8DBT parts you can always check Propel’s website to help you find the correct replacement parts 96 springs sets you need and other helpful trampoline items. 

Some people have trouble finding replacement parts PTS128 because for parts PTS128 it can be a little bit hard to look for the replacement parts 96 springs that work for this. But you can usually get plenty of parts, PTS128 parts, and other replacement parts on Amazon and other replacement places. If you’re having issues finding parts, PTS128 parts, or even ways to repair certain models, you can check with Propel’s online site to help you figure out what you need. 

Sometimes finding parts for this is hard, especially K14DBE parts, P7DYRB parts, and even P8DBE parts. But, you can usually find the parts jump trampolines need online, and quite easily as well. 

What About The Jump N’ Jam BBMT? 

You might need to get Jump N Jam BBMT parts too. BBMT parts are a bit different compared to other club unit options that are out there. BBMT parts usually involve the poles and springs, and these BBMT parts need to be replaced as needed. But thankfully, replacing Jump N Jam BBMT parts is pretty easy since you can get Jump N Jam BBMT parts on their site. 

Replacing the Jam BBMT parts on occasion is good because, over time, the Jump N Jam BBMT parts can get rusted and need replacement.  You can get replacement parts, 96 springs, and whatever you need for this on the site, and you can also get protection for the outer frame edge as well. 

In Summary

So there you have it, the Propel Trampoline. You’ll be sure to find one that’ll suit you. Whether it’s the standard Propel 12ft trampoline for everyone, the preschool trampoline for your young kids, or the massive Propel 15 ft trampoline for kids at heart, you’ll be sure to find something that’ll suit your tastes and needs.

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Propel Trampolines: Frequently Asked Questions

Ages 4 to 10 are the ‘golden age’ for trampolining on an 8-12 foot trampoline. For teenagers and adults, the recommended is bigger than 14 feet. Bouncing on Propel Trampoline or any other brand is unsuitable for toddlers below four years old because they are not physically ready enough to control their bouncing.

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