What Are The Best Fly Fishing Combo Under 200?

Fly fishing has gained immense popularity over the years, and more people are now getting hooked on the sport. However, like most outdoor activities, you need gears and equipment to perform better, and if you do not choose wisely, things can get expensive.

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Fortunately, there are many options for fly fishing equipment that will not break your budget. To help you know your options, we made a list of the best fly-fishing combo under 200. Moreover, we included essential FAQs for beginners.

Buyers Guide To Fly Fishing Combo

Before you buy any fly-fishing equipment, it is crucial to learn what is essential and what is not to avoid overbuying stuff that you do not need. Now, if you are planning to get a combo of the essential fly fishing tools, it is best to know what it includes to decide if it will be more beneficial to buy it as a whole or individually.

What Comes With A Fly Fishing Combo?

The combo often includes a fly rod, fly reel, fly line, and fly line backing. These four items are considered vital equipment for fly fishing, and the sport is not doable if you don’t have the complete set.

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You may get more items from the Fly Fishing combo, depending on the manufacturers and retailers. Some packages may include additional items and basic equipment such as a fishing vest, net, rod sleeve, different kinds of flies, leaders, tippets, fly float, weights, and fly boxes.

Benefits Of Buying A Fly Fishing Combo

It is a cheaper and convenient option.

You will get more savings when you buy fly fishing combination packages than when you buy gears individually. Based on recent market research, you will save 10-20% if you buy a combo rather than purchasing an item one at a time. Furthermore, the combo packages offer a complete set that you can readily use for fly fishing. You do not have to assemble the items yourself, which saves you more time and energy, and you can also be sure that you have everything you need in one go.

You will get properly matched items.

The problem with buying equipment separately is there is a huge possibility that you get mismatched items that will not fit or will not benefit the other equipment. The fly rod, for example, may not match up with the fly reel or vice versa. To solve the issue, you will have to buy another piece of equipment, which will then add up to the cost of your new hobby.

Items in the package complement each other

Each item on the combo package is chosen specifically to complement each other or, to put it simply, you will get gears that assembles well with other things such as the fly rod to the fly reel and the fly reel to the fly line weight. The chance of the fly rod tipping forward or backward is slim because it is balanced perfectly by the fly reel it comes with.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Fly Fishing Combination Packages?

It does not have many drawbacks because most manufacturers and retailers have improved their selection of equipment to include in their packages. Although you cannot choose what you get, you can expect to get high-quality gears if you purchase from reputable manufacturers.

What Do You Have To Look For In A Fly Fishing Combo?

  • It is ideal for beginners to get a combo with a medium-action fly rod since it offers more versatility and easy to learn.
  • The length of the fly rod should be at least 8.5-9 feet. New anglers should avoid longer fly rods because they will have to start with smaller fish at the beginning until they get used to the sport.
  • How the fly rod weighs depends on the fish that you target. Trout Fishing, for example, will require a fly rod with 4-6 weight. To be on the safe side, it is good to choose a 5-weight rod as it is more versatile than the other weight classes.
  • Combination Packages can range from 200 dollars up to 700 dollars or more. If you are a newbie, you can start with the cheaper combo packages as they are more practical to practice with, then move to the mid-range until you are ready to upgrade to superior combo packages.
  • It is best to keep a list of the best brands for fly fishing combos so you can compare prices to get the best deal. Popular brands include Orvis, Winston, Cabela’s, Sage, Redington, G. Loomis, Scott & St Croix, and Fenwick. You can also check online stores such as amazon.
  • If you are constantly traveling, you can opt for packs of a fly rod or travel rods. Some manufactures that focus on travel fly fishing combo packages may offer them.
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What Are The Best Fly Fishing Combo Under 200?

  • Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod with Crosswater Reel

It comes with a high-quality graphite fly rod and fly reel that offers medium-fast action and recommended for beginners and pro anglers. You can also get a lifetime warranty and extra accessories such as fly line, leader, and backing.

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  • Orvis Encounter 5-weight 9′ Fly Rod Outfit

It is an affordable option for beginners and professionals. The fly rod comes with 5 weight and 9 foot, perfect for fly fishing in fresh and saltwater.

  • Wild Water Deluxe complete fly rod and reel starter package

The starter set from Wild Water is one of the best fly fishing combination packages because it has everything you need and more. It is less than 200 dollars, but you get additional accessories other than the basic fly rod and fly reels such as line nipper, 5x tippet, hemostats, 5c long tapered leader, and retractable tool holder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is fly fishing an expensive hobby?

It depends on how you plan your hobby. It can get expensive based on how you purchase your fly fishing equipment.

Is fly fishing hard to learn?

There is a certain level of difficulty with the sport, and it may require a lot of practice and experience to get better at it.

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Are expensive fly rods worth the money?

Generally, high-quality fly rods come with a steep price tag because they also offer better performance.

Are Orvis fly rods good?

Yes. To get better deals, you can purchase it online.


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