Popular Tech Deck Ramps That Children Can Use

Tech Decks have been around for a while. Chances are, you may have used them as a kid. However, if you haven’t, let’s explain what they are.

They are fingerboards. These are skateboards you control with your fingers. These tiny skateboards have designs and can be decorated, just like actual skateboards. You can do quite a few tricks using these fingerboards. A child can learn finger coordination and be quite skilled. They are also good for kids who may be interested in skateboarding but aren’t old enough or aren’t prepared for the real thing.

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Naturally, Tech Decks have ramps and other accessories to make the experience more authentic and give your kid variety. Today, we will be looking at some cool ramps and other accessories your kid is going to love.

What To Look For In A Tech Deck Ramp

Here are some features to look out for.

  • Authentic Skating Action

A good ramp set should include rails, ramps, and other places your kid can skate on. It needs to be as authentic as possible.

  • Decorations

A part of skateboarding is expressing yourself through art, usually vandalism. However, your kid doesn’t need to vandalize when they have stickers and a canvas for them to draw on. They can decorate both the park and their boards.

Source: flickr.com
  • Easy to Assemble

Many of these skate parks, as well as the skateboards, need to be assembled. A good ramp set will include simple instructions and assembly so they can get to skating faster.

  • Good Material

A skate park ramp set should be made from durable materials that don’t hinder the skating action. If the plastic is too slick, it can ruin the experience.

  • Add-Ons

You should be able to add on the ramps to the park and make an even bigger park.

Now let’s Look  Some Sets

  • Transforming SK8 Container

This is the ultimate mobile skating ramp set. It can transform from a container to its own skate park. It’s over two feet when it is unfolded and it has quite a few configurations. This skate park can help your kid do their own tricks and have the thrill of the park on the go. It’s easy to carry, put back together, and has so many combinations, your kid won’t get bored.

  • Sk8shop Bonus Pack

When your kid needs some fingerboards, and likes variety, this is the nice pack for them. It comes with six boards, all with their own style. These boards can be bought separately, but this is the better value. It comes with stickers to decorate, a poster, and different board parts too. This is a great way to get your kid started on Tech Deck. Also, some packs have a gold truck as a prize.

  • TIME4DEALS Skate Park Kit

This is a nice park for your kid’s Tech Deck, especially if they are new to the scene. This park has five parts and your kid can customize them into many different designs. It includes ramps, railings, and other parts to add some more authenticity to the scene. Not to mention, your kid can perform many tricks on them. It’s quite durable as well. The plastic material may make the park a bit slippery at times, but many kids can find out how to get past that.

Source: flickr.com
  • Hometall 8PCS Skate Park Kit

This is a nice little skatepark kit that has boards as well. You assemble the parts and you can combine them in many different ways. It’s quite a versatile toy, if we do say so ourselves. It has many combinations available, is a great way to teach finger coordination, and is great for all skill levels. With that said, assembly is a bit of a hassle. They do include instructions that make it easier, but some young children may still be confused.

  • Kidsdream® 8pcs Mini Finger

This is a board set that has eight parts that you can put together. It does quite a bit, and you don’t need to use all of the parts if your kid is lacking space. These parts are made of durable plastics and assembly is easy. It includes instructions to make the process painless. With that said, you need to purchase the tool needed to assemble separately, which is a pain, but it’s all good if you’re aware of that fact. It’s a great little ramp set for all users, and it does include three different fingerboards for more variety.

Also, we should mention that this ramp set takes up plenty of space as well. That’s something you should be mindful of when you’re using this ramp set. If you live in a smaller space, you may want to look elsewhere. As we mentioned, however, you can still get lots of benefits from using this ramp set and you don’t need to use all of the parts if you don’t want to.

  • SLS Pro Series Skate Park

This is a skating kit that has many ramps, rails, and decals to create the skate park of your kid’s dreams. You can add to it as well for even more variety. It’s easy to put together and encourages creativity. It even comes with one board to add to the variety.

Source: flickr.com
  • Spinmaster Build-A-Ramp Kicker

This ramp set has the ability for your kid to make their own artwork for it. Part of skating culture is expressing yourself through art. Your kid can show off their artistic skills for more creative talent and they can use the ramp with other tool sets as well. With one ramp that is customizable, it’s one set that your child is going to love no matter what.

  • Star Wars Set

Finally, we have this set. These are skateboards themed around Star Wars, depicting characters from the movies. You can do an ollie with Yoda, or flip with Vader. This set has ten boards and can even glow in the dark for added effect. If your kid is into Star Wars, or at the very least, likes the designs, then your kid is going to love this set.

The World of Tech Deck: The Terminology and More


Just What Is A Finger Skateboard? 

A finger skateboard, or finger board for short, is quite an interesting toy. It’s been around for a little while, and it can make your kid the talk of the town. A finger skateboard is a tiny skateboard your kid can use with their fingers. Just like a real skateboard, your child can become skilled and learn some cool tricks on their finger board, and there are many tiny ramps for a finger skateboard to go up and down with. 

Just like a real skateboard as well, the finger board has all sorts of decorations, boards, and wheels to choose from. Your kid can customize their finger skateboard to suit their own style and appearance. The finger board can become a collector’s item, and a finger board is also a great way to get your child interested in real skateboarding. 

The finger skateboarding makes for a cool school toy as well. Your child can’t skate around during lunch, but they can whip out their finger skateboard and have a good old time. 

Source: flickr.com

Types Of Tech Deck Ramps 

Let’s take a look at some Tech Deck Ramps you may run into whenever you’re purchasing them. There are quite a few Tech Deck Ramp Parts, as you’ll soon realize. 

  • The Skate Park 

Ah, the skate park. It’s where all the cool kids meet, and where you can show off all your sweet moves. The skate park in the Tech Deck World can be just as awesome as the skate park you used to know about. It can fold out, and be quite portable. The skate park boasts all the ramps, rails, and other things you’d expect at a skate park. Try out one of the many types today. 

  • The Starter Kit Ramp

The starter kit is always a good purchase when your child is interested in a type of toy, but doesn’t know where to begin. The starter kit in the Tech Deck world means that your child gets a starter kit ramp and a skateboard. This allows your child to test out the basics of the Tech Deck universe and see if it’s a good fit for them. Any starter kit ramp with Tech Deck should be useful. You can find a starter kit on Amazon or in most stores. If your kid likes what they see in the starter kit ramp, you can then add on to it with more ramps and finger skateboards. Otherwise, you haven’t invested too much. You can buy a starter kit for a little over $10, so the starter kit ramp is no financial risk. Purchase the starter kit today, and if your kid loves the starter kit, they’re in for an addictive time. 

  • Ramp Parts

You’ll notice that the park is always growing, and there are many ramp parts you can buy. You can add these ramp parts to the park, or buy some ramp parts that allow your kid to be on the go. Having a nice set of ramp parts is always good if your kid wants to grow his or her park. Just make sure the ramp parts are stored in a place where your kid won’t use them. There are many ramp parts to choose from, so buy some today.

  • The Transforming Sk8 Container With Ramp Set And Skateboard

You know it’s cool when it has an 8 instead of “ate.” The Transforming Sk8 Container With Ramp Set and Skateboard is a cool little ramp set that is good for kids on the go. The  Transforming Sk8 Container With Ramp Set and Skateboardappears as a box beforehand, but then folds out into a skate park. It’s a great way to have fun during an off day at school, or while on a trip. The  Transforming Sk8 Container With Ramp Set and Skateboard is easy to set up and transform, so it’s worth a purchase. Currently, the  Transforming Sk8 Container With Ramp Set and Skateboard is available through third party sellers only, but that’s all good. The  Transforming Sk8 Container With Ramp Set and Skateboard is still worth the price. 

  • Trainer Clips

Just like how a bike has trainer wheels, a Tech Deck fingerboard has trainer clips you can put over the skateboard. These keep your child’s fingers secure as they play around on the Tech Deck fingerboard, allowing them to do some tricks without the board flying away. The trainer clips are good for a beginner player, or just for a child who wants to have some fun, and there is no shame in using trainer clips. With that said, eventually, the trainer clips come off, and your child will then love to use their Tech Decks without those clips. When that happens, watch out. There are killer fingers on the loose, and they know how to use Tech Decks!

  • Sk8shop Bonus Pack

Does your child want more Tech Decks? The Sk8shop Bonus Pack can give them more Tech Decks! The Sk8shop Bonus Pack comes with six types of Tech Deck finger boards. These Tech Deck finger boards have some unique, edgy styles. In addition to that, the Sk8shop Bonus Pack  comes with extra nuts and bolts, along with a hidden golden truck. Many kids love collecting these fingerboards, and the Sk8shop Bonus Pack has all of them. Buy the Sk8shop Bonus Pack today if your kid loves collecting Tech Deck finger boards. The Sk8shop Bonus Pack is one of those toys you can’t go wrong with. At around $16 USD, the Sk8shop Bonus Pack is a good deal, too. 

  • Tech Deck Build-a-Park

Sometimes, your child wants new parts to add onto their park, and the Tech Deck Build-A-Park series is a good place to start. So what is the Tech Deck Build-A-Park? It’s simply a series of ramps, steps, and other park parts. 

Your child can use the Tech Deck Build-A-Park on their own or combined to make a big park, which is the spirit of the Tech Deck Build-A-Park. If you’re curious, the Tech Deck Build-A-Park is a great little way to expand on your child’s park. The Tech Deck finger board won’t be left unused with these skate part kit add ons. 

  • Tech Deck – Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp and Exclusive Primitive Pro Model Finger Board

This is a cool little Tech Deck finger board set to buy for your kid. As you know, the half pipe is a staple of any skate park, and it works well with a Tech Deck finger board, or many Tech Deck finger boards. The Tech Deck – Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp and Exclusive Primitive Pro Model Finger Board comes with the ramp, and with a pro board. The Tech Deck – Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp and Exclusive Primitive Pro Model Finger Board costs about $25, but it’s a good investment for a Tech Deck fingerboard pro. Try the Tech Deck – Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp and Exclusive Primitive Pro Model Finger Board today.

  • Flat Grind Rail

In any skate park kit, a park ramp grind rail is always important. You can grind on the  park ramp grind rail and do some cool tricks on it. This is a good add on for any Tech Deck fingerboard. It goes well with an established skate park kit, adding some new life to your fingerboard ramps. It goes well next to a quarter pipe, too.

What To Look For In Tech Deck Fingerboard Skateboard Ramps

If you are looking for fingerboard  ramps for your Tech Deck finger skateboard, here are some features to look out for. These fingerboard ramps should have features like:

  • Good material. Your fingerboard ramps should allow your Tech Deck fingerboard to glide across the ramp with some grace and ease. Many ramps have that ability, especially if they’re Tech Deck Fingerboard official. 
  • Easy to carry. Many Tech Deck Fingerboard skateboard ramps have storage containers, or these skateboard ramps can fold in and out to make the process much easier. You can often purchase a container with ramp if you so wish, and this can make the process a whole lot easier for you.
  • These Tech Deck fingerboard skateboard ramps should not cost that much at all. You can find most for fairly cheap, usually around the $20 range. If you find skateboard ramps for too much then you’re getting robbed.
  • Tech Deck Fingerboard skateboard ramps may snap-on or be an add-on to a bigger part of a skate park kit or other accessories. Having ramps you can add on to is always fun, so try them out. 
Source: flickr.com

Mini Fingerboard

The Tech Deck Fingerboard is already quite small, but what if you want a smaller Tech Deck Fingerboard? Meet the mini fingerboard. The mini fingerboard is even smaller, and is good for younger children or for use with one finger. The mini fingerboard makes for a great keychain, or the mini fingerboard can be a part of an already diverse Tech Deck finger skateboard lineup. Whichever you choose, these finger boards can add a lot of fun to your child’s skating adventure. 

What To Look For In A Skate Park Kit

If you want to purchase a skate park kit for your Tech Deck finger skateboard, here are some things to look out for. 

  • A skate park kit should have a diverse amount of ramps and rails in your set. This allows your child to have lots of fun with their Tech Deck Finger Skateboard. Try a quarter pipe, too.
  • A skate park kit for your Tech Deck finger skateboard should come with a carrying case. Or if you have a container with ramp, you can put everything in there.
  • Your skate park kit should once again have room to grow if your Tech Deck finger skateboard is not satisfied with what you have. Sometimes, that is the case. 

Tech Deck BMX Bike 

If your child has grown tired of their ramps, boards, and their finger boards in general, the Tech Deck Bmx bike is a good alternative to these finger boards. As you know, the BMX bike is used in extreme sports, and it can do quite a lot. Chances are, your child isn’t quite ready for the BMX world just yet, but have no fear. This BMX bike can go up ramps, boards, and all sorts of courses. It’s a great gift for kids. 

Source: flickr.com

Are There Any Tech Deck Video Games?

After spending so much time going up all the ramps, boards, and other obstacles in the Tech Deck world, you may wonder if there are any video games? When your child is done with their finger board, skate away with a game. 

There are a few. There was one for the Gameboy Color and an unreleased one for PC. In modern times, you can get a Tech Deck Skateboarding game for Android and iOS.

TECH DECK – SLS Pro Series Skate Park – Fun Box with Rail And Signature Pro Board

If you’re looking for some cool ramps for Tech Deck, why not get some ramps for Tech Deck that are an awesome park? We will be referring to this set as the Signature Pro Board for short. The Signature Pro Board uses SLS courses. SLS stands for Street League Skateboarding, and these sets capture the fingerboarding feel with ease. It includes stickers, which you can use to customize the Signature Pro Board coarse.

What about the park ramp? This park ramp set has a park ramp for all occasions. You can build your own awesome course using the included park ramp set. The Signature Pro Board is great for those kids who want to build. 

In addition, the Signature Pro Board park ramp set has some other features as well. The  Signature Pro Board park ramp has a couple of funboxes, some barriers and rails, and all sorts of features. The Signature Pro Board is recommended for the Tech Deck pros. If your child is new to the Tech Deck world, the Signature Pro Board may be a purchase down the road. 

Ideas To Keep Your Park Ramp Parts Neatly Stored

With all that said, the park ramp parts can be a bit difficult to keep stored if you’re a kid. Luckily, we have a few ways to keep all your park ramp parts stored in a nice little place. If you don’t have a kit, here are some ideas. 

  • Put the park ramp parts in a baggie. That way, you don’t get them mixed up with your other toys. Then, put it in the toybox. 
  • Your park ramp parts could be stored in their own little chest. You can buy a small chest for your kid for them to put the park ramp parts in. 
  • Organize the park ramp parts by type. Sometimes, you want park ramp parts to grind on, and other times, you want park ramp parts to ollie on. It all depends on your mood. 
Source: flickr.com


There is a kit ramp, finger board skate, and park ramp parts for all sorts of occasions. The Tech Deck finger board skate world is fascinating, and quite a rabbit hole for your kid to fall into. The Tech Deck finger board skate has so many types to choose from, be it the skate park or the boards your kid chooses. 

If your kid wants to be the coolest kid, try out the Tech Deck finger board skate. It’s something that can provide hours upon hours of fun, guaranteed. Don’t leave home without it. Buy the Tech Deck finger board skate starter kit to get you started, and then go from there. 


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