The Top Minion Toys Kids Will Enjoy

Even if you’ve never seen a Minions or a Despicable Me movie in your life, you recognize these yellow creatures. Their merchandise is everywhere. You see them on billboards, on cars, and they’re the subject of memes for aunts everywhere. If you have a child, chances are that they love the Minions as well. So here are some toys that they may be interested in. With so many Minion toys, which are the best? We’ll find out.


Minions Action Figure Set

This is an 8 figure set that includes all the characters of the Despicable Me world. These are mini figures that include the Minions as well as Kevin, Bob, and Stuart. These PVC toys are smaller, but they’re filled with lots of fun. Your kid will spend hours making these figures go on many adventures. They’re great to carry around, too. Just don’t be too rough on them, as their arms are a little delicate.

Play-Doh Minions

Play-Doh is a staple of kids for many generations. It’s a great way for your kids to learn how to be artistic without too much of a hassle. This set allows your kid to make their own Minion and customize it. They can give the Minion a new hairstyle, create different scenes from the movie, and then tear them down and recreate them once again. This set comes with everything your kid needs, and they will love every bit of it. Great for creative minds, the only thing you need to be mindful of is the mess it creates.


Minion Hasbro Memory Game

The memory game is a lot of fun when you’re a child. Chances are, you’re familiar with how the memory game works. You have many different pairs of cards. In this set in particular, there are 48 pairs. Players take turns flipping cards, and if two cards match, they get the cards. Whoever has the most cards wins. Great to play on your own, too. This card set comes with lovable Minion characters and it helps improve a kid’s memory. Easy to play, hard to master.

Mega Construx Minions Shark Bait

This is part of the Mega Bloks universe. An alternative to Lego, these setpieces are a great way to show kids the value of building. This set includes a shark scene and has a shark they can put together. This shark isn’t dormant, either. It opens its mouth and moves around its fin. You can move around a fishing rod for even more fun. It comes with many different props as well, including the iconic banana. This set has a lot of pieces, but an older kid should have no problem putting it together.

 Interacts With Teddy Bear

Who doesn’t love Bob? Bob has his own teddy bear, and this set has both of them. It can talk, sing, and interact with your child. You can put the teddy bear on Bob and Bob will interact with it quite well. It’s a smaller Minion, but one that gives your child the most authentic experience possible. It’s one Minion toy that every child is going to love, and you’re going to love watching your kid interact with it. It’s soft, can react, and your kid will love it. With that said, it’s smaller than you may think, so beware of that.


Minions Tumbling’ Stuart

When a plush falls down to the floor, it rarely gets up. However, this Minion actually does get back up when it falls. Meet Stuart. Stuart is a bit childish, making flatulence and laughing at everything, but boy, does he entertain your children. It has all the features of the Stuart in movies and it’s so soft that you’re going to love it. It looks and feels like a real Minion. It’s one toy your child won’t want to take off anytime soon.


Mattel Games Kerplunk Despicable Me

The game of Kerplunk has been popular as of recently. It’s similar to other tower games like Jenga, where you must remove pieces without anything falling. In this game, there are 30 Minion pieces, and they’re all in the tower. Players must take the sticks out and be mindful the Minions don’t come tumbling down with them. Whoever has the least amount of Minions falling in the end wins. Try it out and see the fun. It’s great for your kids, their friends, or for a family game night. Check it out today. With that said, it may be recommended to older players, as the setup is a hassle.

Despicable Me 3 FART BLASTER

Ah, fart jokes. Kids love these jokes, and so do children at heart. Luckily, this fart blaster doesn’t stink. It’s a horn that plays different fart noises, and it can be used as a whoopie cushion of sorts. You can press a button, and the fart sound will be delayed, allowing kids to be pranksters while not harming anyone. The only downside is that you can’t control the volume, so some parents may be annoyed by your kids’ constant use of that.

Plush Buddies

This is another Minions plush, and this one has Bob and Stuart as characters. These Minions are under a foot tall, but they are soft and cuddly. Great for a kid who needs a friend while sleeping, or someone who needs a companion while they travel. Check out these buddies today and your kid will love everyone. With that said, they are a bit pricier, but you get what you paid for. These are high-quality plushies that your kids will love.


Minions: Seek And Find

Who doesn’t like a seek and find game? This is available in physical or digital formats, making it good for any occasion. Kids of reading ages will love finding everything and looking for all the items the Minions are searching for. It’s great for kids who are waiting at school or in the doctor’s office. However, this book is a bit short, so be mindful of that.

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