Wooden Play Kitchen Sets Your Child Will Love

For many years, the pretend kitchen set was a staple of any childhood household. What kid doesn’t like pretending to be a cook and playing with fake appliances? These kitchen sets can teach the value of working in a real kitchen using sets that are safe and easy to use.

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Many kitchen sets are made from plastic. Today, we’ll be looking at sets that are made from wood. Wooden kitchen sets can be much more sentimental, more aesthetically pleasing, and last much longer. Here are a few sets that can do all of that and much more. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Coco & Michelle Faux Wood Refrigerator, Brown

This is a refrigerator that’s not made of true wood, making it a little less expensive. However, the finish looks so good, you or your child won’t care. This is a beautiful mini wooden fridge that has an open and shut door. The set also includes a sink as well. Your child can pretend to store items and other goods in that fridge, and then take them out when they’re ready to use them. It’s one set that your kid will love for a long time.

KidKraft Let’s Cook Wooden Play Kitchen

This is a set that includes a stove, sink, and storage cabinets. Your child can pretend to wash dishes, store their belongings inside the cabinets, and pretend to cook a meal with the stove. It’s a set that looks beautiful and has a lot of room for imagination. Your kid will spend hours trying to create the best recipes in their heads. Here’s hoping the mini chef of the household will grow up to one day be a real chef. Anyway, now for the next item on the list.

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen Set

The kitchen sets of the 1960s era are out of this world. What better way to recapture the magic of this time than with a wooden set that looks like something from 50 years ago? This set comes with a microwave, stove, fridge, and everything else you need for a great meal. This set also comes in a variety of colors. Blue, pink, the list goes on. It can blend in with their room quite well. Get the feel of a time long past with this wooden vintage set. You and your kid will both love what it has to offer.

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Childcraft Korners For Kids Deluxe Kitchen, Set of 4

This is another wooden kitchen set with a lot to offer. It comes with a wooden finish and quite a bit of appliance to choose from, along with lots of storage space. Your child will spend hours and hours trying to cook the best meal possible, and you’re going to love how it can keep your kid more organized. It’s one kitchen space that your kid is going to use again and again, guaranteed. Try it out today and see what we are talking about.

What To Look For In A Kitchen Space

When buying a kitchen space for your kids, here are some factors you should consider when making your decision.

Real Or Fake Wood?

Some sets are crafted from real wood from real trees, and others may be created from faux wood. When choosing a wooden set, you may wonder which you should be. The real thing may cost more, and the faux set may cost less. But let’s be honest, your kid probably won’t be able to tell the difference between real or fake sets. The choice is up to you in the end.

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The Color

Some wood sets have a wood color to them, looking like they were sculpted from a real tree. Other sets are more colorful and come in a variety of choices to choose from. The vintage set is the perfect example. Some people will love the variety of colors, while others will look for a more wooden finish. In the end, the choice is up to you. Talk to your kid and see if they are picky about colors. If they aren’t, maybe you should give them a set with more wooden features. If they are, get them a more colorful set. It all depends on what they like.

What Does It Include?

You may base your decision on what appliances are included in the set. Some will have a fridge, others will have a stove, and some will include an entire kitchen. Obviously, more appliances mean more imagination and more play time, but they may cost more. It’s another thing that you may need to think about before you make a decision. If your child is just happy with a stove and nothing else, get them that. Otherwise, look for something with a bit more accessories to it.


Some sets may have accessories to bring more fun to the kitchen. For example, they may have skillets, fake food, pots, pans, and all the other stuff. Others may have sets that are sold separately. If your kid has accessories already, a set without accessories may be a greater value. Otherwise, you should buy them a set that has accessories.

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Storage Space

Finally, think about the storage space. Some sets have shelves and drawers to store your accessories and even other toys in the room. If your child is mindful of picking up and putting things back where they belong, more storage space is always ideal. Otherwise, you may want to pick a set that has more places to play and fewer places to store.

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There are quite a few wooden kitchen sets to pick from, and they all have their own pros and cons. If you’re looking for a good set that can showcase your kid’s talent for cooking, take a look at a few of these sets and see what they can offer you and your kid. Chances are, your kid is going to love each and every one of them. Try them today.


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