Setting Up A Room With Bean Bag Chairs For Kids

Are you one of those who are debating whether a bean bag chair is a good investment? You are not alone! Bean bag chairs are not exactly cheap. On the other hand, they do have their benefits. Fret no more. Reading below may finally put an end to your internal debate. You can finally decide whether you want a bean bag or not.


What Is In A Bean Bag

Most people do not worry about what is inside a bean bag. They primarily look at what these look like outside. Are they cute or are they pretty to look at. Still, there are those who consider how long they will last. They also ask if these bean bags are safe, depending on what is inside of them. A lot of bean bags may contain any one or a couple of the following materials.

Expanded Polystyrene

Some bean bags may contain expanded polystyrene (EPS). These are hard-celled plastic. They are commonly used to make disposable coffee cups, among other things.


Expanded Polypropylene

Some other bean bags also contain expanded polypropylene (EPP). These are a thermoplastic polymer. One benefit of using EPP is that they are like memory foam. You can compress them, and they will return to their original shape.

Some uses of expanded polypropylene are in making plastic furniture. They are also used in making plastic lids with living hinges.

Beans, Rice, and Natural Fillers

Do not forget that they are called bean bags! Of course, some bean bags also contain beans or rice as natural fillers. You do not need to worry about chemical gases escaping from the materials.


Bean Bags As Furniture

True, you will not automatically think of a bean bag when you think of furniture. It may not even be on your list when you write down what to buy. However, there are a lot of instances when you will definitely think of them.

Decorate A Small Space

A bean bag is a good option when you have limited space. It can be both functional and decorative. Bean bags come in different designs and color. For example, Target has a Jumbo 40″ Two-Tone Removable Cover Bean Bag. It comes in “daydream pink,” which is perfect for a little girl’s room. This bean bag is only 12.5 x 35.5 x 35.5. It can fit in between the heater and the bed of a bedroom. It can also be a good accent on a corner beside the window.

Easy To Clean

Most bean bags are made of cotton. These have covers that can be removed. You can easily put them in the washing machine, and they will be as good as new!

Target, too, has the “Cocoon Bean Bag Chair” that comes in aqua or gray. To clean, you can simply wipe it down!

Any Day, Any Time and Any Way Relaxing

Bean bags are very versatile. You can lie on them while reading a book. Put them in front of the couch so you can put your feet up while watching the news. You can even put them beside your study table and chair, so you can rest your legs while studying!


Yes, it is true. You can use these bean bags so many ways. They also come in different designs, sizes, and colors, so you can easily find one to match your room or your taste. Head to Walmart, and you can find one in elephant, dolphin or cow designs. Go to Amazon, and you can find them in chevron, polka dots or star patterns.


There are also bean bags that double as storage bags. In Amazon, you can find a stuffed animal storage bean bag. These come in stars, flags or flower prints. Just unzip the bag and use it to store stuffed animals when these stuffed toys are out of control. You can also use it to pick up clean and soft toys and put them outside the room when you are cleaning your child’s bedroom.

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